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[ Movie] The loved one 1965 DVDrip x264 612 MB | Megalinks MegaDB [ Movie] The loved one 1965 DVDrip x264 612 MB

deocde with base 64


HC with englidh subtitles

Dennis, a young, aspiring British poet visits his voice coach uncle in Hollywood. When he's abruptly fired, the uncle hangs himself. At the funeral parlor, the nephew meets a gorgeous gal who totally infatuates him. He takes a job with a pet undertaker so he'll have money to wine and dine her, and tries to charm the girl with plagiarized poetry. An embalmer at his new employer also vies for the lady's affections, plus Dennis is ashamed that he works at a pet memorial home.

The great ensemble cast includes: Robert Morse - Dennis Barlow (our hero) Jonathan Winters - Henry & Wilbur Glenworthy Anjanette Comer - Aimee Thanatogenos (Dennis's fantasy girl) Rod Steiger - Mr. Joyboy (also in love with Aimee) Dana Andrews - Gen. Buck Brinkman Milton Berle - Mr. Kenton Ayllene Gibbons - Joyboy's mother James Coburn - Immigration Officer John Gielgud - Sir Francis Hinsley (the uncle) Alan Napier - British club official Tab Hunter - Whispering Glades tour guide (wha?) Liberace - Mr. Starker (Whispering Glades funeral salesman... UNbelieveable!) Roddy McDowall - D.J., Jr. (the uncle's employer) Robert Morley - Sir Ambrose Abercrombie Lionel Stander - Guru Brahmin (great character actor) Bernie Kopell - Brahmin's assistant (he of THE LOVE BOAT) Paul Williams - Gunther Fry (yes, the diminutive songwriter) Jamie Farr - Waiter at English Club (Corp. Klinger on TV's MAS*H)