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Hellish- | 83 points | Dec 04 2017 09:05:07

[ANIME] Steins;Gate + OVA [Bluray 1080p 10bit Dual Audio FLAC] [36.96 GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Steins;Gate + OVA [Bluray 1080p 10bit Dual Audio FLAC] [36.96 GB]


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Steins;Gate - Alternate Episode 23 β


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[-] omni461 | 11 points | Dec 04 2017 18:24:24

This is my favorite anime. First few episodes are slow but the ending is totally worth it.


[-] JumaAm | 11 points | Dec 04 2017 19:50:24



[-] ixMarcel | -13 points | Dec 04 2017 15:46:14

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to give this a shot: keep in mind this is a romance/harem comedy, NOT a time travel show with a convoluted plotline of epic proportions. Made that mistake before.


[-] Yashirmare | 15 points | Dec 04 2017 16:51:13

Did you actually finish it, the first half is like that but it's character development so you actually care about the characters. It is very much a time travel story.


[-] ixMarcel | -8 points | Dec 04 2017 17:42:33

It's a pretty good romance comedy I guess. I'm not into that kind of shows though.

I know the show is super ~~overrated~~ popular, so you guys are defensive. Just don't spread misinformation.


[-] Yashirmare | 9 points | Dec 04 2017 18:22:26

I could say the same to you, what I said isn't misinformation, it's literally a story about a guy and his friends discovering how to send text messages and later their memories into the past.


[-] placuaf | 1 points | Jan 26 2018 20:10:13

Umm, spoiler alert?


[-] Yashirmare | 1 points | Jan 26 2018 22:02:51

Just a tad.


[-] ixMarcel | -8 points | Dec 04 2017 18:49:12

Just wanted to stress out that time travel in this show is used for sexual innuendos, not for telling an interesting and complex story.


[-] Yashirmare | 5 points | Dec 04 2017 18:51:34

Did you finish it?


[-] ixMarcel | -2 points | Dec 04 2017 18:56:55

Yeah. I hope you have some better arguement for this show being of any value in terms of storytelling other than "see, they actually did travel back in time once in the last episode!".


[-] Yashirmare | 7 points | Dec 04 2017 19:01:11

You mean other than the constant time leaping in the later half of the series?


[-] ixMarcel | 1 points | Dec 04 2017 19:18:01

That was a cool moment, I'll admit. An interesting idea.

But was one moment worth sitting through an entire series of lewd jokes and watching some people put bananas in a microwave. Not really.

There are other shows that would take an idea like that, build upon it and do an interesting episode based upon that concept.


[-] Yashirmare | 8 points | Dec 04 2017 19:33:30

A cool moment? Okabe uses it countless times trying to save his friends. I'm not going to argue about it further, you don't like the show and I can't force you to but I'd prefer if you didn't spread mis-information about the show, it is about time travel and is a rom-com type of thing for the first half.


[-] SavageAlien | 1 points | Dec 04 2017 20:25:04

I don't know anything about this show, but I found reading the comments between you two funny, sad, and frustrating. It's like you both watched a different show.


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Dec 05 2017 00:14:52

Not every time travel story has to be the same genre (action/thriller/etc.). I enjoyed this series and the unique take on time travel it presented.