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mc2memes | 97 points | Dec 01 2017 20:52:13

[Anime] [AnimeRG] One Piece 1-782 Partially Dual Audio HEVC 720P | Megalinks MegaDB [Anime] [AnimeRG] One Piece 1-782 Partially Dual Audio HEVC 720P

So, I've seeded this to about a 1:16 (~1.5TB uploaded in 3 days) ratio - sadly the torrent just kept giving me errors now, so I figured I'd keep spreading the love!

This includes both Japanese and English audio + English Subtitles (up to where the dub's gotten to), but it's about 30 episodes backed up. Once AnimeRG does a compilation for these episodes, I'll gladly include those. Early episodes are the high-quality Special Edition episodes (widescreen, no rainbow artifacts like Funimation, etc) with English audio as a 2nd track

How to get the download links: 1. Go through the snahp.it link like normal (enter the captcha) 2. Go to the Pastebin Link and copy the Base64 3. Decode using the Base 64 Decoder of your choosing.


This was a good task to keep me busy while I was sick, hopefully you guys enjoy it (even though there's several other One Piece post on the sub, but this one's the smallest for the quality)

EDIT: Not trying to jinx it, but if for some reason these links get nuked, PM me and I can hook you up with a Mega link or a download directly from the server I store this stuff on

EDIT 2: This is months later, but please stop messaging me. Follow the instructions, I dread opening Reddit because I get messages asking for the links so much. People who message me will be referred to this post and promptly blocked.


[-] Kensik | 5 points | Dec 01 2017 21:03:00

Thanks, man I only needed season 17 and 18 but it helped :P


[-] mc2memes | 3 points | Dec 01 2017 23:51:16

Glad I could help - I won't be doing single episode releases right now, but it's something I'm considering down the road if you want to stay on top of that (I normally download every copy of a new episode I find and seed them for 24 hours on a 10GBPS server to get it distributed quickly so the original uploader isn't strained super hard, so I could upload an episode provided I'm not out of town)


[-] FalloutGuy91 | 4 points | Dec 01 2017 21:03:44

Holy Moley, I won't be able to retrieve this, but man, That's a lot of One Piece!


[-] mc2memes | 2 points | Dec 01 2017 23:46:28

No problem man, it's only ~85GB for the complete thing (which don't get me wrong, it's still alot, but if you've got an external hard drive it's not much concern), but if you can't fit it all I'd recommend grabbing season 1 - about 50 or 60 episodes (6-7GB unpacked), enjoyable but the first few episodes are slow


[-] Fortune_Cat | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 06:04:31

Is there a hevc version with English audio stripped out?


[-] mc2memes | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 12:41:11

Japanese Audio is an option on every episode, it's probably your best bet to keep these dual audio episodes and just change to the Japanese track and English Subtitles (included in each episode, use your media player to select them)


[-] bert0ld0 | 2 points | Dec 01 2017 21:46:01



[-] mc2memes | 4 points | Dec 01 2017 23:48:17

This is the unpacked content on the server I downloaded/RAR'd it on, so expect this if you download it all and uncompress: https://i.gyazo.com/ae59f6bac0438680268551220068c194.png


[-] BestUserName007 | 1 points | Dec 03 2017 01:10:27

88.7gb for the lazy


[-] mc2memes | 2 points | Dec 03 2017 01:12:04

88.7GB is for the people saving space with HEVC ;)


[-] bert0ld0 | 1 points | Dec 03 2017 08:14:30

big thanks indeed


[-] Jeromes-in-the-House | 2 points | Dec 02 2017 21:23:18

Episode 49 and 464 are missing
edit: added episode


[-] bert0ld0 | 1 points | Dec 03 2017 08:37:10



[-] mc2memes | 1 points | Dec 03 2017 14:05:28

Alright - I'll see if they weren't initially with AnimeRG's release, if not I'll do other copies of the episodes


[-] Rhinofreak | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 04:30:17

Thanks a lot! I got it from torrent few months ago but I'm so glad someone uploaded it here!

Spread the One Piece love! <3

EDIT: Can you do the specials/movies for One Piece?

EDIT 2: Another question, can you check real quick upto which episode number do you have dual audio? Is it upto 552?


[-] mc2memes | 2 points | Dec 02 2017 12:43:56

I can do the specials/movies in h264 (maybe x265) since I have those. EDIT: Dual Audio is up to 468, which I'm disappointed about. I might try to find more dubbed episodes, or just batch WEB-DL, extract audio and then merge episodes


[-] Rhinofreak | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 19:52:33

Yeah I have dual audio up until 468 as well. I believe we can just wait till animeRG uploads a new batch with more dubs.

Also I'd love if you do the movies/specials. Especially the specials like Episode 0 and all. Many thanks if/when you do!


[-] AmazingAnagram | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 06:26:09

Love the upload but I really need episodes 747-760 and I cant find them anywhere! What seasons are they in?


[-] mc2memes | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 12:44:47

Season 18 is episode 747 and onwards (according to Wikipedia, will check my copies in a few minutes)


[-] sirber | 1 points | Jan 05 2018 19:10:55

It's still up. Thank you!