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valarmorghulisguy | 45 points | Nov 30 2017 04:30:55

[COMICS] Marvel Civil War II (5.95GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Marvel Civil War II (5.95GB)

Marvel's Civil War II story arc.

Includes all the tie-ins and main comics. 147 comics in total covering absolutely everything regarding the event.

All files are numbered in the reading order.

The files are in cbr, cbz and rar formats.


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[-] hashtagpow | 3 points | Nov 30 2017 18:42:29

appreciate them being numbered in the order to be read. i had no idea there was a civil war TWO, but i don't really keep up with most comics. will be downloading this, though.


[-] akkbar | 2 points | Dec 01 2017 06:20:25

it wasnt very popular actually


[-] akkbar | 3 points | Dec 01 2017 06:20:57

Also, that infinity war trailer!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


[-] blueturtle00 | 2 points | Dec 01 2017 12:45:26

any plans for secret empire? i'm half way through all of it and its awesome.


[-] valarmorghulisguy | 1 points | Dec 01 2017 12:47:11

I don't have it. Will download it though if I find it interesting


[-] tooj | 1 points | Dec 01 2017 19:41:42

Thanks for the numbering. That is a huge plus for me so I know I read them in the correct order. Any chance of getting the Infinity War story arc in the same type of format?


[-] valarmorghulisguy | 3 points | Dec 01 2017 19:49:23

The infinity comics are a bit confusing, first it's the infinity war story with it's tie-ins, then there's more like infinity gauntlet infinity crusade. So it's never in a proper reading order


[-] tooj | 1 points | Dec 01 2017 19:55:54

Shit. Why can't Marvel create a compendium for these story arcs and sell that? Guaranteed they sell well before the tentpole Disney films and it's an easy way to get casual fans into their original product.


[-] valarmorghulisguy | 1 points | Dec 01 2017 19:58:14

It would take the fun out of collecting all different comics at different times just so you would have a complete set.

It'll be more like a novel rather than comic.