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SourceDetective | 89 points | Nov 29 2017 22:20:29

[ANIME] Monogatari Series [1080p][Jap Audio/FLAC][English Sub/Multi-Sub][x264][129.51GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Monogatari Series [1080p][Jap Audio/FLAC][English Sub/Multi-Sub][x264][129.51GB]

Requested by a user on /r/MegaAnime.

These are the folder links so you can download the episodes you need, at your own pace. MEGA's download limit should be less of an issue this way.

Monogatari (all series)

Link| Key (REMOVE <em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGA) |Quality|Audio| Size |Subtitles (Softsubs) ---|---|----|---|---|--- Bakemonogatari|!O0poFm<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAlgLSNv8_c9uttKGg|1080p x264|Japanese (FLAC)|17.82 GB|English Kizumonogatari|!aDnba30W<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAubiqQvvIUUfc5w|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 16.21 GB |English Nisemonogatari|!x1XKjGsagcGcUQ<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAXbPqQRsg|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 12.24 GB |English Nekomonogatari|!AMGhdpvSWzg<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGACDQZNjWvP_g|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 5.52 GB |English Monogatari Series Second Season|!-eiykbu_WGyr<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAFJ448i8yow|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 30.68 GB |English Hanamonogatari|!4JFeE-qIfckld_dMwl<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGANyIw|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 8.06 GB |English Tsukimonogatari|!Ml791CcH5SU<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAT8GENLEvnjQ|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 4.67 GB |English Owarimonogatari|!llRNOqk<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAGXLZ15xH-Yl5tfw|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 12.77 GB |English Koyomimonogatari|!rxrw1f3mYZCcUF<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAHPTau91g|1080p x264 | Japanese (FLAC) | 7.67 GB |English Owarimonogatari 2nd Season|!-vI3YZSTQn<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAM8KB51pyo5sw|1080p x264 | Japanese | 13.87 GB |English, Spanish, Portuguese

Sources (Release Groups)

Name|Source | ---|---|----|---|---|--- Bakemonogatari|Coalgirls Kizumonogatari|Edo Nisemonogatari|Coalgirls Nekomonogatari|Coalgirls Monogatari Series Second Season|Coalgirls Hanamonogatari|HAP Tsukimonogatari|Coalgirls Owarimonogatari|Coalgirls Koyomimonogatari|Sajamba Owarimonogatari 2nd Season|Erai-raws



[-] [deleted] | 6 points | Nov 29 2017 22:43:18



[-] SourceDetective | 3 points | Nov 29 2017 22:44:10

I love you too


[-] subaru_emilia | 3 points | Dec 05 2017 05:06:15

could someone make the x265 edition?


[-] OtochimarU | 1 points | Mar 14 2018 19:34:08

I second that, meanwhile, I'll grab these and finally watch it as God intended.(with all the quality and in sequence)


[-] fenchai | 2 points | Nov 29 2017 23:30:20

It's tempting... but I have already watched them all...but it's tempting me...will download!


[-] Icycookies | 2 points | Nov 30 2017 00:01:17

How to plex organize this?


[-] chippou | 3 points | Nov 30 2017 02:20:46

For my Monogatari collection in plex, I use HamaTV Agent + Absolute Series Scanner.

When Plex finds all the folders and matches them with the database (AniDB not MAL), I use the "Sort Title" tag to label them as Monogatari 001 to 010 (release order), then I lock that tag. Now they'll appear side by side.

Also, I made a release order playlist and chronological order playlist.


[-] fenchai | 2 points | Nov 30 2017 03:17:10

oh god, that seemed complicated, any video guide?


[-] chippou | 6 points | Nov 30 2017 04:55:32

I don't know the problem with the normal plex scanners with the Monogatari Series. But I can guess that not all of the series are listed in TheTVDB I suppose? I don't really have the resources to make a video guide, so ill explain it in further detail instead.

For my plex. I've made a library that is anime only. The scanners I use are customized so that they will take metadata information from AniDB.net

Click on the "..." button on your library and click Edit to change your settings. Click Advanced, on the Scanner choose "Absolute Series Scanner" and for the agent choose "HamaTV".

Put the folders where your Plex can scan them files. Wait for it to match or manually do so

Once, everything is matched, clicked on the 'Edit' button in each Monogatari Series poster (pencil icon on the lower left of each poster). Edit the "Sort Title" entry, label them based on order if u want. Make sure to click on the orange lock button (so it won't change whenever plex scans and re-matches your series)

Additionally as I've mentioned above, so that I can watch on a chronological order if ever I want to, I just made a playlist for it instead.


[-] OtochimarU | 1 points | Mar 12 2018 04:22:17

This is great but I don't seem to understand how to do this, is there some sort of step by step that you could link to? please and thanks. Edit: Finally installed, now to do the rest.


[-] rune3132 | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 02:55:36

I use the normal tvdb agent and put everything under the general series name "Monogatari". You will probably have to do a bit of manual work to figure out what series goes under what season, but it's IMO much better than having 10 different folders for what is technically the same series.


[-] ChrissZero | 2 points | Jan 17 2018 15:25:46

Wow! Thank you sooo much for this!


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Jan 21 2018 05:35:31

[-] Undevme | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 01:07:15

Does plex even support Ordered Chapter release?


[-] ligh7c | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 01:28:43

what are the xdelta files in Nekomonogatari? xdelta.exe is used to do what?


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 01:38:24

That's for adding an extra audio source to the video files. You put the video files (episodes) inside the folder containing the xdelta files and you run the .bat file. It will automatically patch the episodes adding the commentary audio. And you delete the old ones.

If you care about commentary anyways.


[-] ligh7c | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 02:40:27

thanks for that explanation!


[-] MrPonty | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 12:48:06

Not really worth it, bloatgirls are not good. Not like there are that many nice options (which luckily i have in italian).


[-] OtochimarU | 1 points | Mar 14 2018 21:59:36

SO is this like Monogatari season 1 has Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari. then : Monogatari Series Second Season with Hanamonogatari, Tsukimonogatari, Owarimonogatari, Owarimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari 2nd Season ? I'm Just curious.