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doctorwho6904 | 54 points | Nov 29 2017 10:35:29

[Anime] Monster Complete Series Ep's 1-74(MKV) | Megalinks MegaDB [Anime] Monster Complete Series Ep's 1-74(MKV)

This folder contains all 74 episodes of the anime of Monster. All the files in MKV format and the quality is 480p. Plus thanks to Sygmus1897 for giving this to me! I hope you all enjoy. Use Base64Decode to decode and please decode both the link and key.


Key: IWhZZHJ2cEc2VEhScTVjQXRjX213Snc=


[-] [deleted] | 8 points | Nov 29 2017 19:54:00

One of the best Psychological adult cast anime around, thanks


[-] ButtsMcCracken | 5 points | Nov 29 2017 11:27:45

What language is this in? Or can you just post the mediainfo of a random episode?


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Nov 29 2017 14:53:28



[-] doctorwho6904 | 2 points | Nov 29 2017 17:55:06

It is Japanese.


[-] QSCFE | 3 points | Nov 30 2017 01:51:40

great job man, I love that anime.


[-] Get_Jhinxed | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 02:59:19

Is 480p the best we can get? And how many Gigabytes is it all?


[-] Rhinofreak | 2 points | Dec 02 2017 04:46:01

It's 7.4GB. I have it in around the same size as well but in dual audio.


[-] doctorwho6904 | 2 points | Dec 03 2017 02:23:48

I thought so. I was guessing it was about 7-7.5 GB.


[-] -hell_boy- | 1 points | Dec 04 2017 15:03:13

Is there any chance you upload the dual audio version?


[-] Rhinofreak | 2 points | Dec 04 2017 15:50:52

My Internet is pretty shit honestly but in a month or two I'm getting a better connection so maybe then.

However the torrent for it is still alive and there are lots of seeds, you can get it from there (if you can't find it, I'll pm you the link)


[-] doctorwho6904 | 1 points | Nov 30 2017 19:42:10

Yes it is. And i honestly don't know. When i was given it he did'nt tell me. Besides what's wrong with 480p? I don't mind it. I've seen worse quality. Besides if you want to know a fun fact i got my first 1080p TV last week. The last TV i had was 720p. But because of the size of the screen 720p looked awful on it. So i usually just watched on it in 480p. And you used to it. So because of that i can handle any quality as low as 360p.