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ctc_upload | 21 points | Nov 26 2017 00:19:23

[ANIME] Space Battleship Yamato (1974) [Kagura] [1080p 10-Bit x264 FLAC 2.0] [46.2 GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Space Battleship Yamato (1974) [Kagura] [1080p 10-Bit x264 FLAC 2.0] [46.2 GB]


L: I0Yhc1dSRlRMQ2I=




Edit: u/CounterclockwiseCat has just informed me that there are video errors in episodes 1, 8, & 10. Here are alternate (lower bitrate versions unfortunately) of those episodes:

L: I0YhRkdnaVJScUM=

K: IU9FRjlydW4ycVU2ZFZnaWM4S3NjS0E=

Edit 2: Here are the uncorrupted | Megalinks MegaDB uncorrupted Kagura versions of episodes 1, 8, & 10:




[-] HeWhoMustNotBDpicted | 1 points | Nov 26 2017 03:10:39

Wish there was an x265 version around. Pulling 46.2 GB through a free mega account takes days.


[-] deleuex | 2 points | Nov 26 2017 05:54:33

if you use a vpn its much quicker


[-] HeWhoMustNotBDpicted | 2 points | Nov 26 2017 23:00:43

I guess I'll have to. To be fair, 2 GB per 25 minute episode of animation seems like overkill.

But I always appreciate content providers like OP.


[-] bonkai77 | 2 points | Dec 01 2017 22:05:37

I've encoded the first 4 episodes so far in x265, added the FunDub to the JP BD's. Have a look here https://anidex.info/user/5589


[-] TreyWait | 2 points | Dec 07 2017 00:32:54

Those episodes are from the reboot from a couple of years ago. This is the original from the 70s.


[-] HeWhoMustNotBDpicted | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 00:46:25

Dude! You're awesome! I remember watching this in the early '70s.


[-] Tagliavini | 1 points | Nov 27 2017 17:52:31

For years I wondered what this show was called. I remembered watching it avidly growing up, and being mesmerized by the story line and character growth. I look forward to watching a few eps to see if they still capture my imagination.

Have you watched any of the reboot? I went through Amazon last night and noticed an updated version of this. Some of the comments mentioned a different story line, and characters, but I don't know. Considering the set comes in at around $350 I was hesitant to drop that much dough on a show that may totally blow.

Have you watched it? If so, what did you think?

Thanks again!


[-] ctc_upload | 2 points | Nov 27 2017 20:57:51

The reboot is quite good, but fairly different (same characters for the most part, but different story, particularly towards the end.) It's worth watching if you like the original/vice-versa.


[-] Numinak | 1 points | Dec 07 2017 17:47:36

I've been watching it via Crunchyroll. Its not bad at all, and I actually am eager to see where it goes.


[-] rhunter99 | 1 points | Dec 04 2017 06:02:20

Thank you so much for posting this!!

Does anyone have a similar quality for season 2 or any quality for season 3?


[-] ctc_upload | 2 points | Dec 04 2017 12:55:30

Only the movies have been released on Blu-Ray, so no. All I've got is DVD rips of the 2nd season.


[-] rhunter99 | 1 points | Dec 04 2017 13:29:26

The quality on this release is just amazing.

Can you please post the movies? I'm trying to build my classic anime collection from my youth. :) Still desperately trying to find Bolar Wars :'(


[-] ctc_upload | 2 points | Dec 04 2017 22:41:32

Alright, I only have the 2nd & 3rd series (DVD quality) on hand, but I'll look for the rest of the franchise. Might be fun for me to watch, since I haven't seen them in over a decade either.


[-] rhunter99 | 1 points | Dec 05 2017 02:07:42

i would love you forever if you could post those and anything else you can find!


[-] feldup | 1 points | Feb 18 2018 16:05:55

1080P? is this the original TV material upscaled

or was there a higher-res remastering from the originals?

The the originals surely must have been 360p at best.