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Tuner-Kid | 20 points | Nov 23 2017 21:22:07

[Anime] - Yugioh 5D's Full Dub S1-4 [Webrip-KissAnime] "Resubmit" | Megalinks MegaDB [Anime] - Yugioh 5D's Full Dub S1-4 [Webrip-KissAnime] "Resubmit"

This is a mass rip from KissAnime. It Includes seasons 1-4 in dub only. It is compressed in .7z to minimize Bandwidth Consumption "7zip". All Files are MP4 and are 28.3 GB together.

Link- "aHR0cDovL2xpbmtzLnNuYWhwLml0LzUzQU5JTUUjNzVkJ3M="

1) Visit "https://www.base64decode.org/"

2) Decode

3) Remove "ANIME#"

4) Pass -Name of subreddit "Exlcude /r/"

5) Copy/Paste link,

6) Remove "ANIME#"

7) Key -"!m3AdyTxrzphFX0VrSZuAJjyRdGqEmOxn2y_Fgfgrkk0"

Sorry for the Repost i wanted to make sure this stayed up as long as i could. "With recent crackdowns it would behoove everyone not to neglect people whom are paid to take these down, and the security needed to keep them at bay." If better work can be done please don't hesitate to make recommendations. Have fun - Tuner Kid


[-] obamas_arsehole | 4 points | Nov 24 2017 01:27:01

Kissanime steals from other sources with water marks and compression, recommend looking to other sources like horriblesubs for a better time.