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Mortos3 | 105 points | Nov 22 2017 16:06:22

[ANIME] Ghost in the Shell (1995)(Judgment v2)[HDTV][x264][1080p][10.69GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Ghost in the Shell (1995)(Judgment v2)[HDTV][x264][1080p][10.69GB]

base64: aHR0cDovL2xpbmtzLnNuYWhwLml0LzQyNEdJVFMxOTk1

edit: Zippyshare courtesy of /u/Blue-Thunder


Jap+Eng audio/Eng subs

This is the new Judgment version 2 release. It is based on the same source as the previous one but has gone through extensive cleanup and various issues have been fixed. Looks much better than any other version out there including the blurays.


[-] beefymeatloaf420 | 9 points | Nov 22 2017 17:27:54

In case anyone was curious about why HDTV over BD :

This release uses a HDTV stream as source instead of BluRay. Simple reason for that decision is, the BD is fucked up in many different ways and I deem HDTV as the superior source. For my claims please see the comparison on my comparison page. This is not my own encode, it is quite an old raw that uses WMV9 as video codec. As subtitle source I used the official subs. I fixed a lot of scene bleeds, retimed many lines, split a lot of three liners, added some proper typesetting, and much more. The whole specs of this release are: Video: 1920×1040 WMV9 Audio: Japanese 5.1 DTS Subtitle: English ASS Subs


[-] kolt54321 | 5 points | Nov 22 2017 23:56:30

Yo! You're back? Anything else on the queue?


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 02:47:25

Haha I'll see what else I got. You looking for anything in particular?


[-] kolt54321 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 03:21:56

Can't say anything comes to mind. I didn't even know this existed! I'd love to download it but mega is giving me trouble with files over 5gb, even with a VPN. If you do future uploads, would you mind splitting them into parts? If it's not too much trouble, of course.


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 14:45:40

Someone has already split this one and put it on Zippyshare here. I'll consider it for future uploads though.

Right now, as far as anime goes, I have Boy and the Beast and Summer Wars (both have been posted here before but I have higher quality versions), Texhnolyze, Recollections of a Certain Pilot, SF Shin Seiki Lensman, Cyber City Oedo 808, The Cockpit, X (series+movie), and Highlander. Let me know if you're interested in any of those and I can prioritize it


[-] kolt54321 | 2 points | Nov 23 2017 15:14:57

What version of Texhnolyze do you have? I heard it was never released above 480p, but if there's a cleaned version out there, I'd love to see it!

The rest are great recommendations, I haven't heard of them before. Definitely going to add them to the list. Thanks!

Not sure if there are any superior versions of Monster. The only one I've seen was an upscale...


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 15:26:17

For Texhnolyze it's a 10-bit 480p DVD rip, 2.5GB total including extra features. Haven't watched through yet so I don't know what the quality looks like.

I can only find 480p versions of Monster as well, the largest is 25.6GB total.


[-] kolt54321 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 15:27:08

Great, that's the version of Monster I have. Whatever you decide to upload, I'm looking forward to it! :D


[-] Mortos3 | 3 points | Nov 22 2017 16:06:48

Copy-paste of the encoder's comments from the BakaBT page:

first of all i thank the_E_y_Es for his help. he spotted and marked lot of spots for me, which i could fix in return.

this is a re-encode of my original release, since the source/MPEG2 stream is not available anymore. this is a huge improvement over the original video and as before a lot better than the BD source.

this encode is not completely issue free and perfect. not all of the MPEG2/WMV artifacts could be fixed completely without damaging other areas of the video. the video is still quite dirty in places and not all spots have been fixed. tbh one could probably sit on this for an eternity and won't be able to fix them all.

- Several 1000 frames (severely damaged by MPEG2/WMV artifacts) were restored (per frame)
- Several 100.000 spots on several 10.000 of frames were removed and fixed (per frame)
- Frames edges were fixed (per scene)
- Remnants of the Logo have been removed
- Colour and range correction have been made (red/yellow tints etc.) (per scene)
- Some combing remnants were fixed
- Heavy sharpening artifacts were removed as good as possible (ringing/haloing)
- Chroma bleeding has been fixed
- Everything was cleaned up to remove encoding artifacts
- Everything was stabilised
- Banding was removed (per scene)
- Frames were matched to the BD source (audio matches properly now)

- Japanese audio: Sourced from a DTS-HD MA track
- Japanese audio: Cut to make it properly sync with the video (bad mastering, BD audio wasn't in sync on the BD)
- Japanese audio: A missing dialogue line was added
- Japanese audio: The original Japanese ending theme was re-inserted (U2's "One Minute Warning" replaced with "Reincarnation")
- English audio: Sourced from the 6.1 DTS-ES track instead of the UK BD's DTS-HD MA track because of severe mastering problems, same problems on the US DTS stream
- English audio: Problems were missing sound effects and bad mixing (more infos here and here)

- The opening Sign was redone
- Song lyrics were added
- Dialogue styling was adjusted
- Some lines were fixed

for some history of the several stages of my filtering you can look at these two comparisons.


[-] staygroovy57 | 3 points | Nov 23 2017 02:33:06

Just wanted to say thank you... Looks beautiful!



[-] ecchh | 2 points | Nov 22 2017 22:11:32

Any way we could get a Zippyshare mirror, please?


[-] Blue-Thunder | 5 points | Nov 23 2017 01:42:41



[-] ecchh | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 01:44:48

Thank you so very much!


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 02:44:54

Thanks for that, I'm not really familiar with zippyshare


[-] Blue-Thunder | 2 points | Nov 23 2017 02:46:38

It's fantastic. No daily limit, 500 meg chunks allowed, and it's free. Check er out :)


[-] Mortos3 | 2 points | Nov 23 2017 02:52:07

Cool. Is it becoming common for megalinks posts to have zippyshare mirrors?


[-] Blue-Thunder | 3 points | Nov 23 2017 02:54:56

Only from the most awesome of posters :) the 5-6 gig limit is a real hassle to users who don't have premium accounts and some users don't split their files so they are unable to download large files from mega when this happens. Zippy allows you to grab everything. Though it does mean the poster has to rar or 7zip files to 500meg chunks.


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 03:16:44

I might look into that next time I upload something then. Forgot about all the limits and MEGA closing up some of the loopholes recently.


[-] Blue-Thunder | 1 points | Nov 22 2017 23:28:51

I'll post it in the usual place once I have it.


[-] Tru3Patr1ot | 1 points | Nov 22 2017 21:04:43

Thanks a lot!

I wonder if there is a release like this for Innocence


[-] Mortos3 | 2 points | Nov 22 2017 21:31:18

Well I [posted a bluray rip of that one] (https://www.reddit.com/r/megalinks/comments/5tajfs/anime_ghost_in_the_shell_2_innocence/) a while back. I don't think the blurays for the second movie had all the issues that the first one did so it should be fine.


[-] Tru3Patr1ot | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 01:00:19

thanks a lot!


[-] ZeBernHard | 1 points | Nov 22 2017 23:26:56

I’ve been looking everywhere for a japanese audio, thank god


[-] Satamata | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 02:06:36

I love the work that went into this, thanks!


[-] MrTattyBojangles | 1 points | Nov 23 2017 23:51:37

Seen this talked about on the GitS subreddit. Good to see it turn up here.


[-] biwinning12 | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 13:39:10

I downloaded this file but I can't actually play it, do I have to compress it?


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 14:38:20

Should be able to play it as is, it's a normal .mkv video file. What player are you using? I'd recommend VLC or MPC-HC


[-] biwinning12 | 1 points | Dec 02 2017 15:08:22

Oh, alright, I see. Yeah I was just planing to just connect a USB to my Smart UHDTV but of course it won't be able to play it due to the file size, thanks for the help!


[-] boundedwum | 1 points | Mar 12 2018 19:01:04

Hi, don't know if you still check this, just wondering how is the subtitling in this one? I read that some of the releases have awkward subs.



[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Mar 13 2018 23:07:20

Hmm, I actually haven't watched through this specific release yet, but it's been awhile since I've seen the movie so I may have to watch it and get back to you on that. Should be pretty good though considering he used official subs and then cleaned them up further