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summerphoenix | 20 points | Nov 16 2017 07:53:12

[EBOOK] Cirque du Freak Series (Books 1-12) - Darren Shan | Megalinks MegaDB [EBOOK] Cirque du Freak Series (Books 1-12) - Darren Shan

All books are retail epub. All 12 books in the Cirque du Freak series are included. Titles are below:

A Living Nightmare

The Vampire's Assistant

Tunnels of Blood

Vampire Mountain

Trials of Death

The Vampire Prince

Hunters of the Dusk

Allies of the Night

Killers of the Dawn

The Lake of Souls

Lord of the Shadows

Sons of Destiny





[-] Apodacaac | 4 points | Nov 16 2017 14:35:02

I loved these books back in middle School, then I saw the aweful movie...

Thank you for the upload! Any chance you could also have the Demonata book series by Shan?


[-] westlife2206 | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 15:40:42

Any chance for audiobook version?


[-] cry0sync | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 16:16:47

Awesome, thanks