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indigo6alpha | 21 points | Nov 13 2017 03:20:02

[DISCUSSION] Weekly General Discussion Thread [12/11] | Megalinks MegaDB [DISCUSSION] Weekly General Discussion Thread [12/11]


[-] iPhunwa2 | 26 points | Nov 13 2017 06:29:04

For anyone who uses ZippyShare, they just increased their file size upload limit to 500MB.


[-] ecchh | 4 points | Nov 13 2017 18:08:43



[-] IgnoreMyName | 3 points | Nov 13 2017 22:50:37


Excellent news!

Although, it takes forever to download a ZippyShare file so downloading 20 at a time has been working out great in that regard. If a 5 gb file will now be split into 10 parts, it will take longer no?

Still, better and easier for uploaders I assume?


[-] iPhunwa2 | 3 points | Nov 13 2017 23:45:07

Probably, yes, which is why I’ll personally still continue with 200MB splits. Besides if a RAR gets corrupted during the download, you’d only have to re-download 200MB, which is good for people with bandwidth restrictions or slow internet.


[-] Sportfreunde | 11 points | Nov 13 2017 03:25:27

Please put the Decode64 link in the sidebar.


[-] iPhunwa2 | 11 points | Nov 13 2017 11:13:16

Added under Rule #1


[-] IgnoreMyName | 5 points | Nov 13 2017 22:57:34

With all that is going on with EA and Battlefront 2, I feel like nothing will change which is a shame really. I love me some fps multiplayer but there really hasn't been a good one in a while (Overwatch being the exception). CoD runs like shit and has it's own "supply drops" problems, Take 2 has said all future games will have micro transactions (super worried about Borderlands 3), and with BF2, I'm worried about Battlefield titles as well.

I HOPE that Battlefront 2 dies out like Hardline did (although that died out for different reasons) if not worse. Then MAYBE we will see a change.


[-] Himechi | 5 points | Nov 16 2017 01:44:09

The Handbrake Nightly client (which I use for x265 10bit encoding) now has x265 12bit available so I thought I would do a rip comparison as a general fyi for both encoders and their audience.

At first I was going to rip a full movie three times but I decided that doing a long preview might serve the same purpose well enough. I chose Captain America: The Winter Soldier for my source as it has a fair selection of shots that vary from still to moving, dialogue to action. The preview starts when Nick Fury is talking to Robert Redford inside SHIELD headquarters, then moves to indoor dialogues with Steve and Sam and ends as Fury begins the street battle from his SUV with the fake police. Four minutes, the longest preview that Handbrake offers.

I did three encodings and I'll list the time elapsed, final file size and the overall bitrates. The most surprising result was that x265 12bit took less than half the time that x265 10bit needed. I can post the activity logs if requested.

I chose my typical settings for my Megalinks submissions. I left out the commentary track as I felt it would deceptively bulk up the final file size. All files were encoded as .mkv with:

Framerate: same as source
Constant Framerate
Encoder Preset: Slow
Constant Quality: 20
Audio: DTS-HD passthru
English Subtitles

232MB 5m04s 8140kb/s

x265 10bit
191MB 29m16s 6701kb/s

x265 12bit
179MB 13m19s 6276kb/s

[edit] I should have mentioned that this was encoding directly from the disc and so the times may be a little longer than someone ripping from a disc image.


[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Nov 16 2017 14:38:57

It's had 12bit for a while if you downloaded the DLL files from the handbrake site. I seem to recall reading a bunch of stuff about why you shouldn't use it but that was at least a year ago and a lot has changed since then. I'll try to find the stuff I read back then..


[-] exhippy | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 02:28:40

Interesting.Just goes to show how overly compressed a lot of the x265 stuff on here is.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 16:30:54

x264 232MB 5m04s 8140kb/s

x265 10bit 191MB 29m16s 6701kb/s

x265 12bit 179MB 13m19s 6276kb/s

I get what you're saying. People seem to fall in love with small (1-3GB) x265 encodes when there's been lots of discussion about actual x265 vs x264 savings for equivalent bit rates (if I recall, it's about expected you can save about 22% all things being equal, but encode time is longer)

The #s /u/Himechi have provided here show from his sample that x265 encodes in more time with a roughly 22% size savings off x264 but at a lower bit rate. So we'd be looking for ~6GB x265 encodes off of equivalent 8GB x264 encodes. I'm not sure how many of those we actually get around here though


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 18:55:21

x265 encodes in more time with a roughly 22% size savings off x264 but at a lower bit rate.

I wouldn't conclude a summary there. It should also be pointed out that x265 does a better job of handling motion and gradients while at those lower bitrates. The advantage goes beyond space savings.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 21:43:18

Are these really that low of bit rates? Those are in the neighborhood of good x264 rips and way above the normal sub 1k to 2k x265 bit rate rips that get posted here.

So, based on an eye test, is 6k x265 about as good as/better than 8k x264?

Is it even that perceivable at these bit rate levels


[-] Himechi | 2 points | Nov 17 2017 00:43:27

Are these really that low of bit rates?

If I understand this correctly, then I think this page has a good example as it compares x264 and x265 10bit encodings of animated rainfall. The lowest bitrate used is 1000kb/s and the x264 spit out junk. We can at least say that there is a soft floor on what each codec can do well. The floor is generally lower for x265 10bit.

It has been said that x265 performs specifically well at two things: Very high resolutions (which we don’t have here) and low bitrates. And yep, it shows. When comparing the 1Mbit shots, it becomes clear pretty quickly that x265 manages to preserve more detail for the parts with lots of motion. x264 on the other hand starts to wash out the scene pretty severely, smearing out some raindrops, spray water and parts of the foliage. Also, it’s pretty bad around the outlines as well, but that’s true for both encoders. You can spot that easily with all the aliasing artifacts on the raindrops.

So, based on an eye test, is 6k x265 about as good as/better than 8k x264?

I believe so. I have a 7GB x265 10bit rip of WarGames and an 8GB x265 10bit rip of Spielberg's War of the Worlds and I can't tell them from the blu-rays.

Is it even that perceivable at these bit rate levels

I don't know. I suspect that the further we get from each codec's floor the more it turns into a wine tasting contest where the opinions are more a reflection of the person tasting rather than what's actually in the glass.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 18:23:43

So what do you prefer for your collection? x264 or x265? Genuinely curious as everyone's got different requirements, so I'd like to hear your perspective on which encoding you feel is "better" (for your needs/etc)

I've got the local and cloud storage space avail, so I tend to grab high bit rate x264s for movies I want to see, x265 UTR movies for older dvd rips I'm replacing and dont feel like "spending" the space to hold and x265 for long running TV series (more than 4 or 5 seasons and no way am I holding onto x264 rips) mostly leaning towards UTR or the like. For shorter seasons, I'll go x264 but it's gotta be something I'm interested in. Also recently I've been leaning x265 for anime/cartoons/animation as I've noticed animated stuff hides (is that a proper term?) the lower bit rates better and don't really notice much difference with higher bit rate x264 stuff


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 18:43:47

My preference is for rips that look good. x265 10bit seems to achieve that with slightly smaller file sizes, so that's what I look for but only if the filesize/bitrate is high enough. For a 2-hour, 1080p movie I prefer to see an x265 in the 5GB neighbourhood. I say that knowing that I've posted a few 3GB-ish submissions but I was confident that they would hold up. The one thing that reliably ruins a viewing experience for me is banding and regions of the screen turning into blocky mush if there's sudden motion.

I will download x264 if there's no x265 alternative or if the alternative is too poor. I'm not worried about raw storage space. The only thing about x265 that makes me hesitate is mobile. My tablet can't play it at all. My phone can but the bitrate has to be low and the extra cpu load drains the battery. So I switched back to x264 for that. For htpc purposes it's x265 when available.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 21:39:38

Cool, thanks for the feedback. For 5GB x265 movies, what would that bitrate be in the neighborhood of? I don't see too many x265 movies of that size (and I suppose quality) floating around here. Are you aware of specific encoders/groups that tend to meet your x265 requirements?

Thankfully I don't have many use cases for mobile/tablets at the moment. Will probably come back around and bite me later, but it is what it is.


[-] Himechi | 2 points | Nov 17 2017 00:24:40

For 5GB x265 movies, what would that bitrate be in the neighborhood of?

For x265 10bit, I use Handbrake's Preview and adjust the cf until I hit roughly 5-6MB/s. After that you've got to allow for the size(s) of the audio track(s) which can be up to a GB or more.

Are you aware of specific encoders/groups that tend to meet your x265 requirements?

Nope. We've got Tigole who seems to be acting as Yify 2.0 and the rest are remuxes and 10GB-ish x264. I seem to be the only one doing what I do and judging by the feedback there isn't much of an interest in it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


[-] x5m | 4 points | Nov 14 2017 04:19:11

I am thinking about going pro...the 10 a month plan.

Does Mega do a black friday deal? ...or have they ever?


[-] bpfn | 3 points | Nov 13 2017 14:48:13

What does the HC code mean, as in "720p HC | Megalinks MegaDB HC HDRip x264 AC3-EVO"?


[-] ne0f | 5 points | Nov 13 2017 14:51:41

It generally means there are hardcoded subtitles. Meaning you can't turn them off. Most of the time they're Chinese/Korean/etc, but you can probably find out what language from the movie's NFO file.


[-] bpfn | 3 points | Nov 13 2017 14:53:56

Ohh right, thanks!


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 3 points | Nov 15 2017 07:30:23

I used to collect EDM songs (either FLAC/MP3s or Youtube Audio Rips for the obscure ones) and I stopped last year after I got Apple Music.

Would anyone be interested in them? I can upload them for you.

Let me know, thanks! :)


[-] horrayimuseful | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 03:16:23

I would be super interested to see what you got, I'm sure others would as well. :)


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 03:58:08

I will upload them and let you know. Just let me finish my exams. :)


[-] loganstevens55 | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 12:30:10

I would also be interested in these!


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 13:32:37

I will upload them after my exams, and tag you when I do. Just give me some time.

I hope people can update their collections with whatever music I had. :)


[-] dexter_in_pajamas | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 18:37:19

Tag me too


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 1 points | Nov 17 2017 03:27:22

I definitely will! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Nov 14 2017 17:56:00



[-] juditasdude | 5 points | Nov 14 2017 18:50:49

Here you go:


Also, this thread contains alternative sites which contain MegaLinks, I recommend checking them out:



[-] Zodep | 2 points | Nov 15 2017 16:52:21

I am super excited to see all the new audiobooks going up lately!


[-] Numinak | 2 points | Nov 16 2017 20:59:39

I have a few older TV shows (direct rip from disk, so not compressed or converted yet) and I would love to share some of them and give back something since I found this place.

I'll have to figure out handbrake first, but would anyone have any interest?

Gilligan's Island


Three's Company

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy



Mork and Mindy

And others.


[-] exhippy | 1 points | Nov 17 2017 01:13:09

Bound to be people who want them.Some great shows there.


[-] IgnoreMyName | 1 points | Nov 13 2017 05:25:29

I can't download ~~anything~~ 3 different files. I've tried Megadownloader and JDownloader 2. I can download from the site directly but no go for the applications which means nothing over the size of download limit.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Hellsing Ultimate. The links still work but just can't download these files. I tried downloading Superman Animated Show and it's downloading perfectly fine.


[-] MakoRuu | 1 points | Nov 14 2017 09:00:34

Is there a subreddit we can go to where we can make requests?


[-] chainmail_bob | 7 points | Nov 14 2017 15:53:17

There is a stickied weekly request thread


[-] deleuex | 1 points | Nov 14 2017 23:54:16

Is there any other recommended tools other than winrar? reason for asking is sometimes when i extract I have to redownload segments and try again


[-] exhippy | 3 points | Nov 15 2017 17:43:42



[-] shadywhere | 1 points | Nov 15 2017 02:25:58

I'm looking for the last Michael Vey ebbok for my son. No luck so far. Anyone?


[-] AvidVideoGameFanatic | 1 points | Nov 15 2017 17:03:40

What happened to allrls? It just kind of looks like an el generico wordpress site.


[-] fenchai | 1 points | Nov 15 2017 23:45:45

Hello! Hopefully, someone is here...

This is a question about Jdownloader 2


[-] exhippy | 2 points | Nov 17 2017 01:16:41

Click on settings,next to linkgrabber.You need to install scheduler about 2/3 on the way down the panel on the left.


[-] fenchai | 1 points | Nov 17 2017 02:05:40

awesome! didn't know about that.


[-] ThePixelHunter | 1 points | Nov 16 2017 04:20:57

Probably important for those who don't know, I just stumbled across this.



[-] deleuex | 0 points | Nov 14 2017 00:52:13

How do you go about upscaling a dvd ? I have a directors cut dvd that doesn't seem to exist in 1080 but I want to make a copy in at least higher than 540p. Is there a way to do this ?


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Nov 14 2017 23:10:06

You can do it, but you may be better off leaving things alone.


I have old videos recorded from VHS. Their resolution is 320x480. That means there are 153600 pixels available to me at any time. My computer runs at 1920x1080 resolution, or 2073600 pixels. The way the player makes that VHS video format fit my current screen is by making each pixel from the video occupy 13.5 pixels on my monitor. This is done without my knowledge, but means everything on my monitor is blurrier than the original video at the original resolution (yes I am aware of ratio variance, but lets just put that out of our mind for now).

DVD and Blu-ray players feature 1080p "upscaling" for DVDs. They do this exact same thing, simply stretching the content to fit the screen. Now since you can't have a pixel be half one color, and half another, they need to determine which color goes to which pixel. High end players run an algorithm to determine when a pixel is one color or another, which requires a mathematical comparitor operation. This requires extra processing, but again is transparent to the user.

Now, why shouldn't I upscale my videos? First, this isn't upscaling. This is permanently adding what is effectively junk data, in order to artificially increase video size. If you were to then play the video back at the original resolution it would be distorted, because the player again has to filter out data in order to shrink the video. Some of that filtered out data is the interpolated values, but some of it will be the original good data. This lost data, in the colloquial, will make the video look like crap. This is why memes look like crap after 3-5 reposts, because people start messing with the data and degrading the images.