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Luigi_Gamer | 47 points | Nov 11 2017 22:55:38

[ANIME] [bonkai77] Bleach (Season 1) [1080p] [x265] [HEVC] [AAC] [10bit] (4.20 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [bonkai77] Bleach (Season 1) [1080p] [x265] [HEVC] [AAC] [10bit] (4.20 GB)


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[-] Scolder | 3 points | Nov 12 2017 01:43:47

Now we're talking, ty!


[-] Zodep | 3 points | Nov 12 2017 02:54:18

As someone who can’t get into anime, would this be worth my time?

Edit: and thank you!


[-] Angrathar | 6 points | Nov 12 2017 09:49:16

Try Cowboy Bebop or Full-Metal Alchemist.


[-] Strosses | 5 points | Nov 12 2017 14:55:20

FMA brotherhood! ftw


[-] Strosses | 5 points | Nov 12 2017 05:37:04

pew, that's a hard one I'll try to give you MY PERSONAL | Megalinks MegaDB MY PERSONAL opinion on it! (I already see those cavetrolls rushing to this comment screaming fuck what you said... man is the anime communtiy toxic at times)

The first few story arcs are really awesome you get a lot of plotwists awesome fights good flow overall, at a certain point the anime and manga get kinda weird and Dragonball like everything it over the top but still watchable. In my opinion bleach isn't something for the absolute beginning, try Deathnote if you are up for some really well written Plotwists and fun overall, but Deathnote is not a no brainer, this one gets you thinking. also you wont need 2 years of your lifetime to watch it that one you can binge in a weekend.

For the no brainer department and some feels with good fights you should really watch Naruto. Now that the normal show and shippuden is done you can skip all that filler story shit and skip right to the good parts. For me this my the start of my anime career also Detective Conan and some other older Animes. Black Lagoon is something that is quite beginner friendly has a lot of action boobs and revy :D And if I'm not misktaken it was uploaded here a while back. And also One piece haven't watched 2 years now nor read the manga but it was always fun to watch with great humor at times and also really touchy.

But when you ask 10 people on that topic you will get 10 answers some hate some some love some you just gotta give it a try...

edit: hah was right: Black Lagoon 720p @megalinks


[-] Strosses | 3 points | Nov 12 2017 05:54:51

one i forgot!

Hellsing OVA | Megalinks MegaDB OVA those are really nice lots and lots of blood :D and also some good jokes and really well written overall but only in the OVA the normal Hellsing episodes differ from the manga and are really quite shitty!


[-] bluepandaice | 0 points | Nov 12 2017 11:55:51

Not death note. For someome who wants to try anime i would not recommend bleach over death note. I would reserve and code geas and steins gate for after he is used to anime. Gurren laggan should be a good place to start too.


[-] Leafshade | 3 points | Nov 12 2017 15:34:42

I think it'd e pretty safe to say, no.

Bleach while not bad, doesn't have any specific appeal that is uncommon to anime, so if other anime aren't your thing, I fail to see why Bleach would be the thing t break the mold for you.

The most common things people consider worth non-anime-fan's time would be:

Almost anything by Studio Ghibli.

Cowboy Bebop (Closest thing there is to Firefly?).

Death Note. (Classic.).

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. (Highest rated series, just about everyone loves it.).

One Punch Man. (Everyone loves it.).

Personally I'd also add:

My Hero Academia (I just really like it...).

Steins;Gate (Sci-Fi).

Gurren Lagann (Over the top, badass, more words.).

Hunter x Hunter (2011).

Spice and Wolf (Economics?).

Your Name (Romance/Highest Rated anime, that's movies and shows/Good even if you don't like Romance, like me.).

Those being anime (that I immediately thought of) that bring something to the table that the typical anime does not.

Although, I guess this would all depend on why it is you can't get into anime, and what non-anime shows you do like.


[-] Zodep | 1 points | Nov 12 2017 15:36:43

Thanks for the list. I keep trying anime, but I really can’t get into it. School of the dead was really cool for that first episode and then I just kind of got lost.


[-] Leafshade | 2 points | Nov 12 2017 15:39:25

Know the names of a few other things you've tried? Or the genres of shows you typically like?


[-] Zodep | 1 points | Nov 12 2017 16:06:44

I’ve tried:

Bubblegum Crisis


School of the Dead

Vampire Hunter D

I liked:

First episode of School of the Dead

Vampire Hunter D (both movies)

Edit: I’ve tried more, but can’t remember any beyond these at the moment. Edit2: Formatting


[-] Leafshade | 2 points | Nov 12 2017 16:18:43

Of those, personally the only one I've liked is Vampire Hunter D.

Seeing as you liked it too, maybe for the rest of it, you're just not watching the right stuff? xD

One of the main differences between anime and (other) cartoons, (in my opinion) is that there is just so many more anime than other cartoons, and Sturgeon's law dictates that 90% of everything is crap, so more shows, means more crap shows, you've just got to get good at sorting through it, like you probably already do with everything else.

(I'm sure plenty of people would come to the defense of those other shows, and it's just my personal preference, but I doubt there's anything people WOULDN'T come to the defense of.)

I still stand by my suggestions, although I feel like Spice and Wolf is probably quite hit and miss, it's kinda a weird/unique genre.

The rest are pretty generally appealing and I think most would be good gateway anime.


[-] jman009 | 2 points | Nov 12 2017 02:33:46

Thanks man! Would u be able to upload naruto shippuden sometime?


[-] Chokezilla | 2 points | Nov 12 2017 02:36:28

Yesss. Thank you! I'll download as much Bleach as you upload. This is so much better quality than what was available weekly subbed.