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spiritatbay | 37 points | Oct 16 2017 20:31:57

[COMIC] Frank Miller Collection (Batman, From Hell, Sin City, Watchmen) [3.39GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [COMIC] Frank Miller Collection (Batman, From Hell, Sin City, Watchmen) [3.39GB]


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These are all collected editions, so each one contains all individual issues.

Batman | Megalinks MegaDB Batman

Year One

The Dark Knight Returns (10th Anniversary Edition)

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

The Last Crusade

All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder

Sin City | Megalinks MegaDB Sin City

The Hard Goodbye

A Dame to Kill For

The Big Fat Kill

That Yellow Bastard

Family Values

Booze, Broads, & Bullets

Hell and Back

Absolute Watchmen | Megalinks MegaDB Absolute Watchmen by Alan Moore

From Hell | Megalinks MegaDB From Hell by Alan Moore



[-] tiiiiimmmm | 11 points | Oct 16 2017 22:11:06

Awesome collection, but what do Watchmen and From Hell have to do with Frank Miller? They were both written by Alan Moore.


[-] bigbadbibbins | 7 points | Oct 16 2017 22:21:59

I was wondering the same thing.


[-] zbxr81 | 2 points | Oct 17 2017 11:50:46

I dunno, but I was just thinking, an Alan Moore collection would be really cool also, if anyone has one on hand.


[-] spiritatbay | 1 points | Oct 19 2017 15:26:49

That one's on me. I lost my external hard drive with all my graphic novels and went downloading for the past few days. I just grouped these all together and uploaded. I meant to separate them but I uploaded this right before I went to work in a rush.


[-] Zodep | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 20:33:26

Awesome! Thank you!


[-] jaykhunter | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 22:14:50

I love you!