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indigo6alpha | 22 points | Oct 16 2017 05:10:28

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[-] tonyd9 | 14 points | Oct 16 2017 08:28:27

What kind of hard drives do you guys use? My laptops got a tb of storage and that's been filling quickly since I found this sub haha.

Shopping around for one but I thought I'd ask what the fine people of this sub are using first.


[-] [deleted] | 9 points | Oct 16 2017 17:49:33



[-] Hable061 | 4 points | Oct 16 2017 19:25:11

You know a hard drive model is popular when they have a subreddit about it.


[-] tonyd9 | 2 points | Oct 17 2017 08:43:58

Sounds like a great deal for 8tb. Thanks i’ll watch for a sale


[-] Axelstrife | 3 points | Oct 16 2017 09:39:46

1x5TB seagate External HDD

1x4TB seagate portable HDD

1x3TB WD green Internal 3.5" HDD

So far


[-] tonyd9 | 1 points | Oct 16 2017 12:21:02

Nice, ever had any problems with em? Looking for something reliable.


[-] Axelstrife | 3 points | Oct 16 2017 12:46:47

Yeah they fill up too damn fast lol

they have been fine for me


[-] tonyd9 | 1 points | Oct 16 2017 13:08:13

Haha i bet. Least these things arent too expensive.



[-] Axelstrife | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 13:20:48

You say they are cheap now but after you spend some time here you come to realize the 10 or so TB you have isn't much at all.

I have a mega account that ive imported from past uploads (not including my uploads) in the last 3 months with 14TB worth of TV shows and movies non of which ive downloaded and have stored on my own HDD's

My next HDD will be either a Seagate or WD 8TB https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=8TB


[-] tonyd9 | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 08:49:41

Damn, thats a lotta shtuffs lol...

Yeah i’m sure i’ll end up with multiple hard drives soon enough. I used to just stream or temporarilly download from sites like watchseries or solarmovies. But everything i get from here is stuff i wanna keep.

Probably stock up around black friday haha


[-] Himechi | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 16:07:03

If you want reliability, I think you want HGST. Backblaze.com runs a cloud storage server farm and they publish their hdd reliability report annually, which includes failure rate by model. The HGST models tend to come out on top or near to it.


HGST drives from 2TB to 6TB regularly go on sale on Newegg.


[-] tonyd9 | 2 points | Oct 17 2017 09:07:10

Sweet thanks man. This is the kinda stuff i wanted to see.

probably a dumb question haha... can we use an internal hard drive with a laptop?


[-] sergiomomos | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 11:11:21

You can, but you would need an enclosure. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00LS5NFQ2/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1508238634&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=hdd+enclosure&dpPl=1&dpID=51esvORnyvL&ref=plSrch


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 16:09:34

Absolutely. You just need an external dock.



[-] GhostHawk666 | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 17:59:47

I prefer the WD My Passport Ultra or Elements drives (2 or 3 TB). They come with either 2 or 3 year warranties and are very reliable. I avoid Seagate garbage at all costs. Thrown enough of them (Portable and Internal) into the trash over the years. They will never see another dime of my money.


[-] tonyd9 | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 09:09:38

I think i actually have a passport hooked up to my xbox back home haha. I dont play much anymore but i never had any problems with it


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Oct 17 2017 18:21:10

Western Digital has been pumping out reliable hard drives for years and I will continue buying them as long as they are around.


[-] Zodep | 1 points | Oct 22 2017 15:23:20

Man, does WD still have their amazing warranty where they send you the replacement HD BEFORE you have to send them the old one? I always loved that aspect of backing things up. Seagate wanted the old drive before sending the new one.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Oct 22 2017 15:30:36

I haven't had to replace mine so idk :)


[-] shist123 | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 23:31:53

be-careful of getting the Seagate 8tb's I was happy at first with the price and size, until after 130days it didn't even finish 6 months of use, and was very light use I faced all kind of errors and unreadable data. It could be my luck I hope only one of them having this issue cause I got 3, when the price was low and I really wanted the space. it was in a sudden! hard drive health dropped to 9% the only good thing I was always using application "Hard Disk Sentinel" to keep checking the drives, and when I noticed it directly unboxed another and transferred all the data. Before I lose it all. I bought it from amazon so when I tried to return it also I couldn't cause 30 days has passed mean I have to contact seagate, but after I checked in their site.. It shows already warranty expired! so I'm just telling try to avoid these. and good luck


[-] GhostHawk666 | 1 points | Oct 20 2017 17:48:06

I would avoid anything over 3 TB. Their failure rates start to skyrocket at that density. At least for now anyway. Maybe someday WD or Seagate will offer an 8TB drive with a 3 or 5 year warranty but not now.


[-] shist123 | 1 points | Oct 20 2017 20:27:42

yes, I think I should've but I couldn't resist the offer and the need for space and such huge capacity is enough for few months of downloads to me, that was the reason I got 3 of them.


[-] Ed_ButteredToast | 5 points | Oct 16 2017 12:06:00

The error Bandwidth limit exceeded always appears for me. I can bypass it using a VPN tho. This has been happening over the last 3 weeks and i don't even download that much.

Also i can't see how much bandwidth i have left in the profile area of MEGA https://i.imgur.com/TI1krRJ.png

This is my main MEGA account btw where nothing copyrighted is uploaded and shared from :/


[-] ghx23 | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 18:11:31

This is normal at this point, the limit was implemented by IP address regardless if you're using your mega account or not (unless if it's a paid account obviously) that's why you're able to bypass it when connected to a VPN


[-] Ed_ButteredToast | 1 points | Oct 16 2017 18:15:58

Yes but for the limit is more like a ban at this point. I can't download anything on my IP :(


[-] ghx23 | 3 points | Oct 16 2017 18:23:14

Some users were reporting getting the limit message after downloading ~3.5 GB, is it even less than that per 8hrs? Have you tried using Megasync/Jdownloader or getting a new IP address if your ISP provides a dynamic one?


[-] Ed_ButteredToast | 2 points | Oct 16 2017 18:24:47

Yup I have used jdownloader2/megasync/megadownloader but nothing works. And not I don't have a dynamic IP. This sucks :(


[-] tonyd9 | 4 points | Oct 17 2017 11:13:46

Are there any encoders you guys avoid? I've been sticking with UTR so far.

I'm looking on this sub and that snahp site for shows/movies I want and I see a lot of stuff I want from a few different encoders like MZABI, MRN, PSA, HazMatt, iSM, etc... Anything I should avoid?

Don't have a lot of usage left so I wanted to ask before I just started downloading.



[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Oct 17 2017 13:39:33

depends on what you're after. Best quality, small size, somewhere in between the two?

Bit rates are typically the easiest thing to look at. Some of the uploaders here post mediainfo of the mkvs so you can get a sense from that.

For people grabbing x264, they tend to like high bit rate stuff 9k+

For those grabbing x265, most of the groups/releasers you listed are in the 1-5k range. So you'll need to decide what is more important to you. Size or bitrate/quality. Even in UTR, there's a lot of variability in each of the encoders preferences.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 18:22:59

PSA does TV shows real well. Not sure about the others. YIFY is usually looked down upon as is RARBG but some people prefer the small file sizes. Just be weary of loss in quality.


[-] achimba | 4 points | Oct 18 2017 20:49:43

I think the base64 encoding is a reasonable obfuscation technique. I hate that every time I go to the recommended decoder site I have to wait longer and longer for the page to load with more and more ads. Would people use a dirt-simple super basic page with no ads or external dependencies?


[-] achimba | 5 points | Oct 18 2017 20:54:47

I made one: http://achimba.com/base64/base64.html


[-] Cyromaniap | 4 points | Oct 21 2017 18:05:58

Create a new book mark of any website and right click and click edit make the URL this...

javascript:var x=prompt('Your decoded text:', atob(window.getSelection().toString()));

and when you are on a post with a bas64 all you have to do is highlight the text with your mouse and click on that book mark.


[-] achimba | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 22:27:13

That is a very useful pro tip.


[-] Cyromaniap | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 22:28:19

It saves so much time.


[-] AabidS10 | 1 points | Oct 19 2017 17:41:11

You can ANY base64decode site. Base64 is a standard encryption algorithm. Almost all sites will give you the correct decryption


[-] achimba | 2 points | Oct 19 2017 20:58:41

Yes, and it only takes a few lines of code now too. I reached a point where all of the hoops to jump through and the waiting for pages to load got to me. I took a breath and all is good.


[-] AabidS10 | 2 points | Oct 20 2017 03:48:58

Good for you. Also you should really use an ad blocker.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 3 points | Oct 16 2017 16:53:31

So what's the consensus on the new badwidth limit?

Is it # of files? Or is it severely reduced GB limit?

I've not been able to get more than 3 files downloaded at once before I get the error in jd2. Most times I'm getting around 1GB per session, sometimes less.

I'm behind a VPN and change IP address frequently


[-] bloodtinted | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 21:41:50

It seems arbitrary. Might be a mix of file size or quantity (whichever comes first) I was able to download 12 gb with the last South Park upload but recently when downloading a show it locked up after like 10 files that were much smaller in size.


[-] ManSkirtDude101 | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 20:32:57

So why do you guys use megalinks instead of torrents? is mega faster for you then torrents are?


[-] cenasmgame | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 21:54:39

Typically, a direct download is better for speed reason. The link, while alive, will also always be as fast as Mega's servers and your connection allow


[-] FishOnHead | 2 points | Oct 20 2017 19:56:31

Additionally I don't have to have an ISP breathing down my neck if I choose not to pay for a VPN.


[-] fireball2020 | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 00:45:53

~~So I'm new to all this, what is Remux?~~

edit: nvm, read the sidebar, didn't see initially due to being on mobile


[-] uranus633 | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 02:08:09

Can some one point me to some info on using megalinks on a whatbox seed box? I have it running ruTorrent and I just barley know how to use that, so any help/advice would be appreciated.


[-] balamz | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 15:05:41

I use MEGA to store my personal files and i also use MEGASync to download illegal content but not transfer to my account. Will they block/delete my account for downloading with MEGASync?


[-] ghx23 | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 18:21:35

There shouldn't be a reason why your account gets disabled/deleted if you're not importing any of the files you're downloading. If you want to play it safe you can create a second account or use something like JDownloader for when you're only downloading


[-] FishOnHead | 1 points | Oct 20 2017 19:57:49

I import nearly all the files I download and then delete them once they've synced (or downloaded once I started using JDownloader). I've never had a single issue with my account.


[-] roadchill | 1 points | Oct 17 2017 15:10:58

Does anyone else get a bandwidth limit exceeded error even when using a VPN? It's sometimes not letting me use megadownloader at all now, so I've been downloading through my browser, but then whenever I get the error, switching IPs just bumps the wait time up to 7 hours. Am I doing something wrong?


[-] bloodtinted | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 21:51:58

Gotta make sure your vpn is et for a timezone that is further west. My best reccomendation


[-] Frankly_George | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 01:58:40

I have some files I've been getting that are listed as 700MB on the site but come to 738MB on disk and have been corrupted or aren't working. Any ideas what may be going on?

The files are 7zip, split into .7z.001, .7z.002, etc. I am running Ubuntu on this machine. Have tried to hjsplit join the files together only to produce a broken file. Have messaged original uploader and am waiting for a response, thought I'd ask around.

PS: Have tried to work with the files in Windows 7 too; same issues persist.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 16:52:16

have you tried keka, winrar, or the unarchiver? Try using different unarchiver utilities that will usually fix the problem IME.


[-] Frankly_George | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 17:06:28

have you tried keka, winrar, or the unarchiver? Try using different unarchiver utilities that will usually fix the problem IME.

Does WinRar work with 7zip? I know it works the other way but I didn't know that WinRar could handle 7zip files.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 17:10:54

I'm on mac so I can't even use winrar. Only seen it mentioned on here before so not sure, sorry. I can testify for keka though. The utility I was using before kept giving me failed extraction errors but both keka and the unarchiver work fine for me. Try experimenting with different utilities.


[-] Frankly_George | 2 points | Oct 18 2017 17:22:08

Try experimenting with different utilities.

Will do.


[-] Frankly_George | 2 points | Oct 21 2017 03:01:41

Follow up in case you were wondering--turns out the original uploader missed uploading part 7 of the archive which is why it won't work. I'm glad I went back and looked at the original files.

Now all I can do is wait for them to log in again and see my messages...


[-] holingmum | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 16:39:58

Is there any way a file can be uploaded to mega without downloading it first? Like if a file is to be transfered from OneDrive to mega or downloading (uploading?) a file to mega from the internet and then downloading that file from mega rather than its original site?


[-] Kingoftheflow | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 06:00:35

U can use multcloud for inter cloud storage file transfers


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 16:51:00

So how does one go about "webripping" a streamable tv show? Say from showtime for example? Everyone here is just screen capping right?


[-] ecchh | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 20:16:57

Usually it involves screen capturing, yes, but they can also be files transcoded from a WEB-DL.


[-] AabidS10 | 1 points | Oct 19 2017 17:42:10

HDTV and WEB RIP are caps. WEBDLs are downloads


[-] Ryuuzaki13 | 1 points | Oct 18 2017 21:01:49

is there anyway i could download Mega website uploads directly using IDM instead of on the browser or the mega desktop app?


[-] yokesh_kdk | 1 points | Oct 19 2017 16:43:10

I keep hearing customers in US can buy 8TB hdd's in Easystore/Bestbuy? for ~$180. Is there any similar genuine 8TB hdds for Indian Customers | Megalinks MegaDB Indian Customers? Here the same model costs twice(~$310) as much in US. Even if our friends in US did buy and ship here, the shipping + taxes ends up the same cost as in India.


[-] KingCornucopia | 1 points | Oct 19 2017 19:03:14

Just out of curiosity, does the splitting of files with zippyshare have an effect on the quality of the video when it is put back together or is the quality as if it was never split into pieces?


[-] douhaveanygreypoupon | 3 points | Oct 19 2017 20:32:17

RARing/Zipping files has no effect on video quality


[-] Mike072292 | 1 points | Oct 20 2017 00:44:39

So all my 4tb hdd movies got deleted somehow. I don't know what happened i had a folder called movies and its empty now. But only that folder. Nobody touched or had access to my hdd. Any idea what could've happened.


[-] GhostHawk666 | 3 points | Oct 20 2017 17:51:46

Holly shit! I hope those weren't your only copies. Feel for you. That is why I use copies on separate drives and store the backup drives in a Safe Deposit box at the bank once they fill up. So if the house gets robbed, hit by a tornado or washed away in a Tsunami I'll still have my shit.


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 15:40:01

Have you tried running data recovery software to see if they're still there? Deleted doesn't necessarily mean lost. The video files will still be sitting there until new 1s and 0s are written to those blocks.

I am a big fan of GetDataBack.


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Oct 20 2017 12:32:42

Say I provided something that was 20GB would you guys rather I split it into five 4GB links or keep it as one 20GB link.


[-] FishOnHead | 2 points | Oct 20 2017 20:02:31

I can't speak for the people who use MEGASync because I no longer use it (though I think the answer would be the same) but in JDownloader, multiple files is almost always better. MEGA seems to have a download limit per file, so it can actually download faster if it's downloading several smaller files. in MEGASync it downloads a single file at a time, but downloading 5 4GB files would take just as long, if not less time, than downloading the full 20GB file.

tl;dr: the latter


[-] BLCEyeProtection | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 02:19:45

Hi guys,

I made a [META] post about this but I think it needs to be seen here too, so;

I've always enjoyed when /u/ex1ld would upload, and would frequently check his profile page for anything new he would have posted, and recently discovered that his profile has disappeared. Attempting to load his profile page causes a loop of redirects that does not resolve, yet you can still see his account exists by searching him on this subreddit.

I left a comment on his most recent upload and he responded using a second account; he can still login, see his preferences and karma etc, but can't access his profile, post or comment. His second account can be found at /u/ex1ld1. He can't post on this subreddit from that account due to a lack of karma.

If anyone knows anything that can be done to help him get his account back to normal, that would be great. Thanks so much!


[-] funtooos | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 12:01:14

I want to thank all the contributors of this sub.

I have a question, how to batch upload split files on Zippyshare?


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Oct 22 2017 11:14:23

I think you are after something like this.



[-] douhaveanygreypoupon | 1 points | Oct 22 2017 11:57:46

Beware using that program - there's a thread on WJunction that alleges it sends your usernames/passwords to the creator.

Not worth risking your files because one day he decides to nuke your files for not buying it.


Better to use the official Zippyshare uploader, it's a pile of shit but less risky.


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Oct 22 2017 12:09:22

Yeah I saw that a few years back and it's utter shit or maybe it wasn't at the time, I thoroughly checked out the program in visual studio and it's clean. WJunction clearly has some sort of personal issue.


[-] saltxburn | 1 points | Oct 21 2017 23:22:37

I found a ton of content on uloz.to just by searching but there is a speed limit of 300kB/s

would anyone know how to get around it?


[-] ManikandanRaji | 1 points | Oct 22 2017 15:44:07

Someone pls upload x265 releases of RMteam!(2000-2010 releases)I can't afford a Rapidrar premium account.


[-] acertenay | 0 points | Oct 19 2017 06:10:12

I have a small question for the seasoned uploaders /u/vcdupper, /u/imranr11, /u/indigo6alpha, /u/enjoythemovie, /u/ashtodes, /u/Cartmanishere, /u/iPhunwa, /u/yazanabueid, /u/Dude036, /u/Phillipc96. Firstly I would like to thank you guys for your awesome work. You guys are great! Does any of you know of a website where I can find mega links Big brother series?


[-] ManikandanRaji | 2 points | Oct 22 2017 15:46:32

You missed u/ecchh