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DerGunter | 16 points | Oct 04 2017 00:14:25

[AUDIOBOOK] The Five Elements of Effective Thinking (Unabridged) [75.7 MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [AUDIOBOOK] The Five Elements of Effective Thinking (Unabridged) [75.7 MB]

The coauthors are mathematics professors. Burger teaches at Wiliams College; Starbird at The University of Texas at Austin. Here, they “reveal the hidden powers of deep understanding (earth), failure (fire), questions (air), the flow of ideas (water), and the quintessential element of change that brings all four elements together. By mastering and applying these practical and proven strategies, readers develop better thinking habits and learn how to create their own successes.”

Link: http://links.snahp.it/985five

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[-] chagmed | 2 points | Oct 04 2017 10:33:57

thank you