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DerGunter | 9 points | Oct 03 2017 18:36:36

[DOCU] Last Train Home (2009) [700.1 MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCU] Last Train Home (2009) [700.1 MB]

A couple embarks on a journey home for Chinese new year along with 130 million other migrant workers, to reunite with their children and struggle for a future. Their unseen story plays out as China soars towards being a world superpower.

Link: http://links.snahp.it/291train

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[-] chagmed | 5 points | Oct 03 2017 20:27:35

Thanks for all these great docs


[-] BitchesGonnaHate | 3 points | Oct 03 2017 22:31:53

Thank you! Had to watch this for an assignment and did not think I would like it. Turned out pretty good. Now I just have to wait for Up the Yangtze, which I also had to watch and really liked.