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HA5HBANG | 27 points | Oct 02 2017 19:58:38

[DOCUMENTARY PACK] Life on Earth (BBC 1979) [x264 720p DTS 2CH 57GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY PACK] Life on Earth (BBC 1979) [x264 720p DTS 2CH 57GB]

David Attenborough's groundbreaking study of the evolution of life on our planet. Highly acclaimed, it is the first in Attenborough's 'Life' series of programmes. It established Attenborough as not only the foremost television naturalist, but also an iconic figure in British cultural life.



  1. Find the hashtag on the film poster
  2. Go to mega.nz/ + hashtag
  3. Enter decryption key when prompted: !3z-5HYMmu42ryux1B8a7xQ


Source: MVGroup


[-] Hable061 | 3 points | Oct 02 2017 20:32:32

You really hid the link well on the picture, had a hard time finding it


[-] RoyRoyMcBoii | 2 points | Oct 03 2017 01:05:53

Damn I love the creativity on this sub!