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ex1ld | 38 points | Sep 28 2017 01:22:44

[ANIME] [Mites] Mushishi Zoku Shou Series [1080p] [HEVC] [H265] [AAC] [BATCH] [12.38GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [Mites] Mushishi Zoku Shou Series [1080p] [HEVC] [H265] [AAC] [BATCH] [12.38GB]


Decode here.


[-] kolt54321 | 1 points | Sep 28 2017 03:32:00

Have you found this to be better than Bonkai77's encode? I remember Mites having some really good visual (hardcoded subs though), but I don't have the means to compare :/


[-] ex1ld | 1 points | Sep 28 2017 08:48:06

bonkai77 hasn't really encoded this anime. I was only able to find this one so I uploaded it. And yes, Mites' encodes are also good. That's one of the reason too.