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TheCrach | 13 points | Sep 27 2017 11:46:31

[ANIME] Yo-kai Watch (S01) 720p.1080p.DSNY.WEBRip.HDTV.AAC2.0.x264-MiXED (47 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Yo-kai Watch (S01) 720p.1080p.DSNY.WEBRip.HDTV.AAC2.0.x264-MiXED (47 GB)

<a href="http://links.snahp.it/174jm765k8i4k">MEGA</a> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGA

Some episodes are 1080p WEBRips and others are 720p HDTV.

All episodes are dubbed.


[-] CurvyHermit | 1 points | Sep 27 2017 14:58:26

This is really appreciated but the names of the files seem weird, will make it extremely hard to download from an unrestricted, any chance the file names can be updated?


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Sep 27 2017 15:03:46

yeah just noticed, I'm not going to re-upload though, just use something like Total Commander to batch fix them all the files to match the name of the folders.


[-] CurvyHermit | 1 points | Sep 27 2017 15:06:55

My unrestrictor doesn't link folders but it's cool. I'll just put in my personal cloud and manually re-name.

Once again many thanks for the upload, it's fairly hard to get these in good quality. Just wondering what indexers did you use?


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Sep 27 2017 15:22:20

6box, altHUB, DogNZB, Drunken Slug, FileList, HD-Torrents, HDBits, IPTorrents, miatrix, MoreThanTV, MyAnonamouse, NewzTown, NZBCat, omgwtfnzbs and a few FTP links ;)


[-] OpheliaSwan | 1 points | Sep 29 2017 06:31:25

I just went through and renamed using https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Yo-kai_Watch_episodes as TVDB wasn't matching the titles from the video. Just screened the episodes as they are listed within the first few minutes. Then I put it through FileBot for Plex.

Thanks again TheCrach!!


[-] CurvyHermit | 2 points | Sep 29 2017 08:03:35

Ah the episode names in TVDB don't match the episode listing in this upload?

Thanks for this info. I will have to check this on my collection and re-name accordingly. :)