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whitehattrickknight | 17 points | Sep 26 2017 22:17:07

[DOCUMENTARY] Food Evolution 2016 (720p WEB-DL x264) [2.98 GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Food Evolution 2016 (720p WEB-DL x264) [2.98 GB]



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!S8XQiAie-s7eFjrTIAhFswFPnelx3xV48QoZ11EuB | Megalinks MegaDB BSug

This version should work correctly. Enjoy!

Edit: updated it with the tweaks Himechi mentioned so now the file is only 2.88 GB


[-] whitehattrickknight | 2 points | Sep 27 2017 13:44:15

Why is this being downvoted? Is the quality of this one bad/ trouble with the link? Or is it just because of anti-science individuals bashing this documentary?


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 28 2017 00:00:03

Each of my recent submissions has been hit with downvotes within half an hour of being posted. I don't know why it happens but it seems to be normal, although in your case here some of the hate may be anti-gmo people.


[-] chagmed | 1 points | Sep 26 2017 22:31:29

how does this differ from the earlier upload?


[-] whitehattrickknight | 1 points | Sep 26 2017 22:44:47

The old one wasn't true 720p and the codec was MJPEG format. This one is actual 720p and the codec is H264


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 27 2017 02:56:06

This one's working, but I see that there's a second video stream, in Quicktime, in there. I've just used mkvtoolnix to strip it and the low bitrate AAC out, which reduced the file size by 100MB. It's a very quick process as it doesn't recode video, it just inserts and removes data streams (audio/video/subtitles/chapter markers) at your direction. You might want to check that out, if you don't already have it. :)

Anyway, thanks for the re-up.


[-] w00denspoon | 1 points | Sep 30 2017 07:33:45

damn, just as I was getting around to it, its down


[-] whitehattrickknight | 1 points | Sep 30 2017 17:28:43

I'm not sure what you mean. I can access it just fine from the link. But I've updated the link anyway.


[-] w00denspoon | 1 points | Oct 01 2017 06:58:03

ah ok thanks, it works now! https://i.imgur.com/EQ07XDT.png was getting file not found since yesterday on the original link


[-] ScyllaHide | 1 points | Oct 02 2017 14:35:22

looking good thanks!