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HA5HBANG | 24 points | Sep 21 2017 15:11:01

[DOCUMENTARY] Zoo Quest in Color (BBC 2016) [x264 1080p AC3 2CH 4.8GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Zoo Quest in Color (BBC 2016) [x264 1080p AC3 2CH 4.8GB]

I am pleased to share with you all a special documentary that is part of nature film history. It shows a 27-year-old David Attenborough collecting and documenting animals all over the world. It's the first color wildlife film, and it's in HD!

Thanks to a recent remarkable discovery in the BBC's Film Vaults, the best of David Attenborough's early Zoo Quest adventures can now be seen as never before - in colour - and with it the remarkable story of how this pioneering television series was made. First broadcast in December 1954, Zoo Quest was one of the most popular television series of its time and launched the career of the young David Attenborough as a wildlife presenter. Zoo Quest completely changed how viewers saw the world - revealing wildlife and tribal communities that had never been filmed or even seen before. Broadcast ten years before colour television was seen in the UK, Zoo Quest was thought to have been filmed in black and white. Until now. Using this extraordinary new-found colour film, together with new behind the scenes stories from David Attenborough and cameraman Charles Lagus, this 90 minute special showcases the very best of Zoo Quest to West Africa, Zoo Quest to Guiana and Zoo Quest for a Dragon in stunning HD colour for the very first time.



  1. Find the hashtag on the photo (on the crate on the left)
  2. Go to mega.nz/ + hashtag
  3. Enter decryption key when prompted: !9enzHWtnMKJ_aoGMVUHARdeHXZrvzs3u4VPXZrir0OI

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[-] chagmed | 3 points | Sep 21 2017 15:26:34

David Attenborough is the best. Thank you.


[-] MisterWinkle | 1 points | Sep 26 2017 17:28:06

Any subtitles?


[-] HA5HBANG | 2 points | Sep 26 2017 18:28:05



[-] MisterWinkle | 1 points | Sep 26 2017 18:28:40

Thank you so much!