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Skyee3 | 21 points | Sep 14 2017 16:52:36

[Anime] Dragon Ball Z - Episode 1 4K UltraHD | Megalinks MegaDB [Anime] Dragon Ball Z - Episode 1 4K UltraHD

Hey guys,

I'd like to share with you an interesting project that the guys at "descargatelotodo.com" are working on.

They plan on doing some kind of remaster to the BluRays of Dragon Ball Z to offer the episodes with much better quality and UltraHD resolution and 60fps.

As the name of the website may tell, that's a website that releases most of its content in Spanish, however this release contains:

Audio: Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Japanese and English.

Subtitles: Spanish and English.

EDIT: Gimme 5 minutes I'm uploading the episode on my main account, I imported the link and I just read the rules that it may be reported and the original link can also be taken down.

EDIT2: Here it is


Please decode with a base64 decoder.

If you guys like the quality this could be an awesome project!

All the credit to the guys at "descargatelotodo.com"


[-] Dcourtwreck | 13 points | Sep 14 2017 17:56:18

Novel concept, but pointless? They don't have access to the original film or animation cells obviously, so why upscale a 1080p Blu-ray to 4k? Sharpened, smoothed, motion interpolation, bleh.... some media players can add such features on their own. Reminds me of those upscaling dvd players that had hdmi.


[-] rednight39 | 4 points | Sep 14 2017 23:18:21

Don't you know--interpolating 24fps to 60 and upscaling the pic will make it truly GLORIOUS!


[-] VaporImitation | 2 points | Sep 15 2017 04:28:41

anime at 60fps ? :x


[-] CameraMan1 | 9 points | Sep 14 2017 20:20:32

I'm not gonna lie, I downloaded this and it's not for me. It just looks pretty bad. Thanks anyway tho


[-] EposVox | 6 points | Sep 14 2017 18:48:48

Yeah would just make more sense to watch the normal BluRay copy.


[-] hippynox | 5 points | Sep 14 2017 18:06:27

Is this just upscaled? Struggling to see the point then


[-] xxdil111xx | 2 points | Sep 14 2017 17:31:19

Can't wait to hook up my computer and check this out.


[-] tanv91 | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 23:13:13

any screenshots?


[-] jillsandwicher | 4 points | Sep 15 2017 03:51:37

there's some screenshots at the site OP mentioned. http://www.descargatelotodo.com/dragon-ball-z-serie-completa-4k-ultrahd-tetra-audio/

I agree with most of the sentiments here. This is a pointless project. The original bluray still looks way better. The upscale has been blown out of contrast, has oversaturated colors, and the black levels are crushed. Just a bunch of superficial filters which I'm not a fan of. And not to mention the whole notion of it being 4k is silly because it's just a stretched 1080 image. You can upscale a 480p image into 1080p but at the end of the day it's a blurry 480p stretched video.


[-] Jncocontrol | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 08:51:34

I'll check it out. i"m a DBZ nerd