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vcdupper | 28 points | Sep 10 2017 23:26:44

Weekly General Discussion Thread 9/10 | Megalinks MegaDB Weekly General Discussion Thread 9/10

Talk About Anything You Want Just Keep It Civil.
This will be updated each week like the request thread.


[-] omargainz | 26 points | Sep 10 2017 23:30:13

tired of the [META] abuse


[-] Lego349 | 24 points | Sep 11 2017 01:30:22

As an extension of that, the answer to "would anyone be interested in..." threads should be automatically removed. The answer is always yes.


[-] TheGoodSheep | 3 points | Sep 12 2017 08:54:58

Yes, just upload it and somebody will download it. Or not. Annoys me even more then the casual META threads.


[-] paTEoriginal | 18 points | Sep 13 2017 17:37:40

there should be an option to report dead links


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 13 points | Sep 11 2017 18:53:27

the weekly request thread is nice and all, but holy fuck do people not even bother making an attempt searching sometimes.


[-] danosmanca | 10 points | Sep 11 2017 01:35:46

You gonna sticky this at the top /u/vcdupper ?


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 21:44:55

love this thread idea /u/vcdupper


[-] MRCAB | 10 points | Sep 11 2017 03:15:11

Where do babies come from?


[-] Matt07211 | 8 points | Sep 11 2017 09:10:14

Have you not seen the movie storks? It answers this question!


[-] Cristian_01 | 3 points | Sep 12 2017 21:17:00

they fall out of the sky


[-] Seancarl | 3 points | Sep 13 2017 15:58:54

Lack of identity.


[-] Tagliavini | 2 points | Sep 16 2017 15:10:54

I'm not sure, but I believe you can find them at most stores between aisles 6 and 9.


[-] IgnoreMyName | 2 points | Sep 18 2017 06:45:04



[-] youtubefactsbot | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 06:45:46

how is prangent formed [2:01] | Megalinks MegaDB how is prangent formed [2:01]

A glimpse into the wonderful world of Yahoo! Answers. Song is Curley Shirley by Otto Sieben.

^J.T. ^Sexkik ^in ^Education

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[-] IgnoreMyName | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 06:48:59



[-] chagmed | 9 points | Sep 11 2017 15:48:36

Sometimes I want to make a comment about a film without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it.

Does /r/megalinks/ support spoiler tags? I understand that it's a sub-specific feature, not a site-wide tag. Allows one, e.g., to tag part of a comment so that its contents will be visible only on mouseover.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 21:46:48


You can just do that? thanks for trying to be polite!


[-] chagmed | 3 points | Sep 12 2017 21:51:35

I'm referring to something like this



[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 22:25:27



[-] chagmed | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 22:27:03

Show me a working example


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 22:27:59

I thought it worked, doesn't.


[-] achimba | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 13:02:27

Explanation about implementation (needs to be added to css for this subreddit): https://www.reddit.com/r/csshelp/comments/brj8w/some_common_simple_css_codes/


__[__This is the spoiler text__]__(__/spoiler__)__ <--- remove all underscores.

Working examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1bwzlq/steps_to_avoiding_videogame_spoilers/


[-] chagmed | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 13:06:32

Thank you for this! /u/vcdupper: can we add this to the sub CSS?


[-] achimba | 2 points | Sep 16 2017 13:13:07

We should do this. There are many ways to do this. My 3 favorites are:

1) spoiler text color and background-color are the same so you must select to the text to make it visible (selected text has it's own css color and background-color values)

2) button is present which will show or hide the spoiler text

3) spoiler text color and background-color are the same and the spoiler text is made visible on :hover or :focus. This method seems the weakest since it is easy to accidentally flash the spoiler text.


[-] chagmed | 2 points | Sep 16 2017 13:25:36

for option 1, let's say I have an entire separate paragraph of spoiler text - how does a reader know that it contains text he should select?


[-] achimba | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 14:47:31

Options for this include:

1) A label above the block with user text that reads something like 'Spoilers Below (select text to read)'

2) If the text color and background color are both set to black then the presence of black boxes / black lines should be enough to let the user know to select the contents.

A combination of both options would be ideal so that new users, or users unfamiliar with the redacted look, could make use of the feature without needing additional help.


[-] chagmed | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 14:52:44

I prefer a simpler :hover reveal, but I understand your point RE unintended revelation of the spoiler, so your combo above sounds like the best approach.


[-] IgnoreMyName | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 06:46:09

I usually just say, "SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT READ AHEAD" and I think it works. Usually take two lines so you can't even glance at spoilers.


[-] Aj-Mega | 8 points | Sep 12 2017 14:48:08

adding more flairs would be nice. [TV Pack] , [1440][x265], [10bit], or ability to input Custom flairs...


[-] Doip | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 07:38:35

Or just have sidebar buttons to search them


[-] chagmed | 7 points | Sep 10 2017 23:35:48

Would be interested in seeing others' FileBot movie renaming templates. How do you handle the complexities of renaming different cuts, release groups, etc.?


[-] nist87 | 2 points | Sep 13 2017 18:56:13

{genre}/{n} ({y}) ({genre}) {' CD'+pi}{'.'+lang}

For my storage i remove all the extra stuff, i use emby's statistics to see bitrate / codec etc.

This does remove the group name but I've ran into so many issues with plex/emby not able to automatically identify things when the file name has anything other than the name.

That being said, I have seen some that work, but i don't like having to manually identify things, and even this format (with the genre) will sometimes fail at it as well.


[-] ChillingInTraffic | 6 points | Sep 12 2017 03:29:08

Who all is a digital hoarder? My backlog of TV shows and movies is growing with each download. I have things from a year ago that I haven't even seen yet :/


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 5 points | Sep 12 2017 21:47:46



[-] sneakpeekbot | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 21:47:58

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#1: [NSFW] I archived >1TB of Eroshare, enjoy! (x-post)
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[-] TheGoodSheep | 3 points | Sep 12 2017 08:58:24

I used to do that. But then I started deleting stuff that I always wanted to watch when I'm low on new stuff. Now I just try to keep movies that are really worth rewatching, same goes for TV shows. Like I kept Better Call Saul, because I really liked it. But I would never rewatch it. So I deleted it. I love that freed up space.

For new shows I test the water with 1-2 episodes, no need to download whole seasons if you are not really that into it.


[-] Axelstrife | 3 points | Sep 12 2017 11:55:40

I start watching a show and then find an even better show and watch most (sometimes all) on that other one and then find another show and completely forget which episode on which season of the first show so every time i want to watch something i think it will take too long to find where i was so i watch yet another show.

there is shows that have been cancelled unfinished that i still have i need to go through it all.


[-] Frodo_Bomb | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 14:43:38

I have 8TB of movies and tv shows now, but I still have plenty room for more :D


[-] Aj-Mega | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 14:56:24

Tell me about it, especially since x265 is so small i have a lot more shows i had planned to watch and haven't even started as yet.


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 16:08:10

I used to be one. And then one day I looked at the pile-up and decided to put an end to it. Now before downloading I ask myself, "Am I ever going to get around to watching this?" Not "do I intend to watch this?" The pile shrank by a lot. The only unwatched show I'm siting on is Sense8. It's nice to look through a folder for something to watch and not feel that smidgen of guilt for all the untouched videos that I know I'm going to keep passing over.


[-] jodorowsthesky | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 16:46:59

34TB.Haven't watched half of it.No regrets!


[-] chagmed | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 13:08:36

How many drives? How are they configured?


[-] jodorowsthesky | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 19:52:27

2x 6TB + 2x 4TB for Movies
2x 4TB for TV Shows
2x 4TB for Music/Games/Ebooks
a few others as temporary dump

I use DrivePool by Stablebit with file duplication as software raid solution.Three seperate pools+non-pooled dump/temp drives


[-] chagmed | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 19:53:52



[-] Axelstrife | 4 points | Sep 11 2017 02:19:52

How long has there been the ability to set an expiration date of links for mega???

only noticed it today i know its only for pro accounts but ive never seen to clock icon when getting the link to post.


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Sep 11 2017 07:21:31



[-] Axelstrife | 2 points | Sep 11 2017 07:22:47

No I saw when I was posting things I've never noticed that feature at all today.


[-] kormer | 3 points | Sep 11 2017 00:44:29

Sometimes JDownloader2 won't recognize folder links in Mega. Is there any way of fixing this on my end?


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 21:45:59

you have to do the entire collection with jdownloader and mega links you can't pick and choose folders... if that's what you are talking about?


[-] kormer | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 21:59:50

For me when I paste the link to the folder, jdownloader just doesn't recognize any of the links inside the folder at all.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 22:14:54

Use mega sync. If my bandwidth limit is exceeded I can't use jdownloader either because I don't pay.


[-] Axelstrife | 3 points | Sep 11 2017 01:54:51

I have farscape season 1-4 read to post but didn't have peacekeeper wars and couldn't find anything decent encoded to put with it.

Someone uploaded the remux when i posted in the request section so i encoded that to x265


Can someone take a look and see if this is an ok encode?

They are running so it's not a slow scene.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 3 points | Sep 11 2017 14:16:40

2 Questions....


[-] xXsTeffOovErkILLXx | 4 points | Sep 13 2017 15:39:57

I don't know if you found your answer already, but mega downloads are resumable and will work. You can simply exit megadownloader, close it and open it up again, and after logging in and waiting a few seconds he will continue the download without problem. :)


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 16:16:40

No I didn't find an answer, thank you!! For some reason I thought if you exited the program it would corrupt the file or something. So you either had to pause or stop the download but NOT exit megadownloader. That's good to know, thank you!

(That might help me with the 5GB cap)


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Sep 15 2017 03:20:18

I'll also add that if you're trying to get files > 5GB, just use Megasync, let it telll you your quota is up, hit pause, reconnect your vpn and then resume.

You should be back on your way downloading again. Don't need to exit it or anything


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 14:12:01

Yeah I've tried the Windscribe VPN method, but the problem is as of late (like 3 weeks) it's given me AWFUL speeds. Like 5mbps (when I have 75mbps). I thought maybe due to its popularity its servers have become overwhelmed or something.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 14:27:39

I dont use windscribe but from what I can tell they offer free and paid.

Paid offers more locations and options I'm assuming?

Have you tried servers that are semi-geographically close to you?


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 14:47:48

Yeah Windscribe is free (or the option I use that the mods of megalinks suggested). I'm guessing so many people signed up for it once it was known to help fight the 5GB limit that it become too popular lol

Yeah I've tried close locations. More like vague 'Central USA', 'Eastern USA', 'Western Canada', etc. Maybe I just need to figure out a good time frame where people are asleep and not clogging the servers or something. (Or the obvious choice of paying for a VPN lol)


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 14:51:23

yeah u should try using different time zones to try and combat heavy usage times (if that is the problem vs them throttling free)

u should try using those whatismyip sites to see where your vpn endpoint actually is. I've seen ones that use the vague area but end up being no where close and the speeds suffer as a result


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 15:21:47

I'll definitely check out that website! Thank you very much for the replies and help! I appreciate it!


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 15:27:18

pretty sure vcdupper used one of those sites in his video from that bandwidth thread in the side bar. just watch the video and you'll see it (i think)


[-] xXsTeffOovErkILLXx | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 18:43:25

You're very welcome! :D


[-] pmjm | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 05:45:24

Is there a sub like this except that focuses on software MEGA links rather than media MEGA links?


[-] TheGoodSheep | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 08:56:03

When you don't download via a tool: Does anybody else experience that the download will stop at 99% until you open that tab? And that bigger downloads stop sometimes until you open the tab and then it starts resuming?


[-] Axelstrife | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 11:58:42

No but ive noticed when uploading via a browser unless the upload page is upfront then it wont upload at full speed. this is evident by the fact that it double the upload speed when i check on it. ive had to drag the chrome tab out and keep it up front on it's own window.

I now use megasync which uploads even faster all the time except when it gets an issue when its stuck at 1MB/s or lower instead of the normal 3-3.5MB/s untill i log out of megasync and log back in.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 14:10:58



[-] Aj-Mega | 5 points | Sep 12 2017 14:49:36

disposable accounts, and no uploading doesn't count toward your "bandwith" limit


[-] Frodo_Bomb | 3 points | Sep 12 2017 14:44:52

Other people downloading your file has no effect on your bandwidth.


[-] ironicallyalone | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 18:01:12

New user, how do you use the links? Like where do I put them? Tried sticking them into Google but no dice.


[-] douhaveanygreypoupon | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 18:03:26

Decode them with base64decoder (if encoded), add mega.nz to the start (#F!blah) and the decryption key after (!longstringofletters)


[-] ironicallyalone | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 18:10:48

Ah alright


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Sep 12 2017 21:43:45

Is there another form or possibly a redditor made list of popular encoders and what to expect from them? Like ballpark how big a movie should be from that encoder, soft coded subs or not, and whether or not it will have different audio tracks for commentary?

For example I've seen the tigole/joy encodes well received here but I have tons of other movies with the ganool, funsaber, ShAaNiG, AMIABLE, or SUJAIDR tags.

Are these good versions or should I replace them? I really like to have consistency throughout my collection and seeing similarly long movies with GB's of variance in size I have to ask...


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 4 points | Sep 13 2017 14:27:55

here's a bunch of info that you can piece together. There is no definitive list of release groups.

x264: Sparks, Drones, Amiable are all typically good. Usually in the 8-10GB range. Grym is really nice but 18GB. People tend to shy away from Yify and Xor releases as they are lower bit rate. All depends on what you're looking for

x265: Current favorite seems to be UTR group which includes Tigole, Joy, apekat (just listing a bunch of ones that have been posted recently). PSA is another one that shows up here. I can't offer much else on x265 than what you see posted as most of collection has been x264 to this point. From what I've seen so far, I am inclined to say I prefer Tigole releases for movies. Not a big enough sample size on tv shows

Different audio tracks/commentary are typically up to the encoder as well as the type of release it is. For example Wonder Woman got both a Remux (main vid/audio only) and a Full BR rip but only the remux made it here.

re: english movies/tv shows almost no one does hard subs. I wouldn't stress over subs. Proper scene releases almost always get proper srt files released by someone. Checkout subscene. The user goldenbeard does really good subs. You can search for your movie and then find the release you have and find a srt for it.

Also keep in mind that scene releases dont typically duplicate each other (ie. 2 groups dont release the same movie) The first one usually wins, unless there's a problem. 2nd/3rd etc get "nuked" and/or a "PROPER" rip is released by someone.

You should also check out https://predb.me/?page=searching to see what is released by which group.

Here's a search for wonder woman https://predb.me/?search=wonder%20woman&cats=movies-discs%2C-movies-discs%2Cmovies-hd

Granted it only lists x264 but it shows Sparks was the only release for 1080p/720p/bdrip It also shows someone got nuked as well as different foreign language versions/releases


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 14:29:23

Thanks for the write up! I'm sorta geeky when it comes to my collection so I will definitely be working my way through all of that ^.


[-] achimba | 2 points | Sep 14 2017 16:20:54

Has anyone ever paid for the following services?

Uploaded | Rapidgator | Uploadrocket | Filefactory | Openload

If so why? and was it worth it?



[-] GoslingIchi | 2 points | Sep 15 2017 21:48:38

I did the 3 day deal with Uploaded. It wasn't worth it, as I was getting speeds that were less than the free registered account that I used prior. But I didn't have to deal with all the crap of ads and captcha.


[-] achimba | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 13:17:05

Thanks. This is what I was expecting. Just a one time solution when content is nowhere to be found anywhere else.


[-] AmazingAnagram | 2 points | Sep 17 2017 15:46:10

Quick Q, If i have a one month MEGA lite account and it expires after one month and my storage limit is set back to 50gb what happens to the files I have on my hard drive that exceed the 50gb limit?


[-] Ethan2k16 | 2 points | Sep 18 2017 00:39:16

You will keep all the files in your account.

When you reach your storage limit, you will no longer be able to upload files, synchronise with MEGAsync, or receive shared folders until you upgrade or free up space.

MEGA will also start clearing your rubbish bin periodically.


[-] Frankly_George | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 18:25:37

Also curious for the same reason.

(Also downloading like crazy to try and get everything off there before this though...)


[-] acertenay | 1 points | Sep 11 2017 14:15:13

jdownloader2 keeps putting all links in the same folder. If two different sources had a folder named season1 then jdownloader would put everything in a folder named season1 even if I try to rename it. In the worst case where the files also have the same name then some download links are replaced. Anybody ever had this problem?


[-] omni461 | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 04:24:47

You can click on folder names in Jdownloader to change them.


[-] e-rage | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 00:10:29

Can someone ELI5 encoders and who's good? Got a One Piece that's a Pseudo encode with AnimeRG subs but I read an old post on here that Pseudo isn't good. Trying to find the best One Piece with english subs


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Sep 13 2017 14:29:50

if you're big into anime, I would suggest checking out kametsu


[-] uwotm8_888 | 2 points | Sep 13 2017 18:25:52

ive got whole collection of one piece from horrible subs at 1080p for 350-380gb total


[-] hippynox | 2 points | Sep 13 2017 18:58:25

Rather go with Yibis subs(https://www.yibis.com).Currently known to be the best fansubbers for One Piece.The catch is,they only do 720p


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 01:45:34

If people start posting a who's good and who's not list it may drive uploaders away, if they don't appreciate appearing on one list or being left off the other. That may not be good for the sub.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Sep 15 2017 03:24:15

but most of the uploaders aren't rippers/encoders. vast majority of stuff that gets posted here is either imported from some other mega link source or torrented and uploaded into mega. highly unlikely someone will get into a pissing contest over a rip they pirated in the first place

I'd venture to say there aren't any release groups on here catering to our needs. Rather just a bunch of really awesome people helping each other out

I say upload whatever you're willing to share. If we like it, we'll up vote it. If not, oh well. Your bandwidth, your time and I'm just happy to have options if multiple versions are posted


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 17:14:07

but most of the uploaders aren't rippers/encoders.
highly unlikely someone will get into a pissing contest over a rip they pirated in the first place

The source of the material doesn't matter. The point is that there is a group of people who are uploading and then posting material here. It doesn't matter that they are disorganized. Without them, the sub would be a ghost town. If they see themselves appearing on the wrong half of good guy/bad guy lists, you can bet that at least some of them will take offense and stop posting here. Why go to the trouble if the people you're trying to serve decide to spit in your eye?


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 20:12:00

again, the uploaders aren't the encoders. if someone decides to only upload stuff from 1 person/group that this sub starts to look down upon, maybe it isn't worth uploading in the first place (poor quality, bad encoding, etc ..)

But I've yet to see this sub shit on people that upload bad stuff. Maybe it doesn't get tons of upvotes, but I've never seen the consensus been to say "don't even bother uploading stuff from X anymore b/c it sucks" Even the yify releases get upvotes and downloads while most users here would tend to ignore those rips completely


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 21:19:56

again, the uploaders aren't the encoders.

I realize this. If someone who only posts Tigole sees a group of posts complaining about them in a feedback thread, they may decide that the sub can get its Tigole rips from somebody else. This does not improve selection on the sub.

I've yet to see this sub shit on people that upload bad stuff. Maybe it doesn't get tons of upvotes, but I've never seen the consensus been to say "don't even bother uploading stuff from X anymore b/c it sucks"

The problem with that is we have roughly 3 groups among the users here.

1 free Mega users who want <5GB files
2 users who want compressed HTPC-worthy files and don't care about 5GB
3 Lunatics who want remuxes

Groups 2 and 3 think Yify is crap? So what? Yify rips weren't made with them in mind, which kind of makes their feedback irrelevent. "Honda Civics are shit," says man who only drives Ferraris and has never bought his own groceries.

What is the benefit of driving Yify rips out of r/megalinks when there is clearly a demand for them? Why drive out Tigole, whose files aren't much bigger than Yify's and have been posted a lot recently? How does intimidating uploaders improve selection? What about an uploader who only posts rare VHS rips? Their content will never go over 480p and not many people are likely to download it. Will r/megalinks be better off if they leave after a few intemperate loudmouths decide to complain about them in a review thread?

If people don't like Yify submissions because of the quality, they can keep scrolling. If people don't like seeing Yify in the submissions list... this is the internet, grow up. Or maybe Hide the submitter instead of making a public fuss about how they are ruining r/megalinks. Giving them a soapbox is a bad idea.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 03:02:30

Has zippyshare gotten slower for anyone else too?


[-] IgnoreMyName | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 06:48:11

Always been slow for me. Just have to set JDownloader to download 20 files at once to make up for it.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 14:12:54

is the mega account creation hosed right now? I can't get any new accounts made for the past few hours


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Sep 13 2017 14:18:47



[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Sep 13 2017 14:31:18

ah, thanks for the confirmation.

was getting tired of cycling through the vpn connections


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 17:35:09

u still having download issues?

I still cant create new accounts but they might just be blocking my temp email domains. seems like not much new stuff has been posted recently, but hard to tell if it's slow or really an acct creation problem


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 18:02:59



[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 18:07:44

found a temp email provided and am in business as well


[-] foreverXking | 1 points | Sep 13 2017 15:30:45

What application/process do most of you use if you happen to want to reformat a file?

While I appreciate the larger files for the quality, there's times when a smaller file size will do me just fine.

Especially for storage sake.


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 01:43:49

reformat a file

I think you mean recode a file? I'd suggest Googling the topic. There should be plenty of overviews and guides on the topic.


[-] CollumMcJingleballs | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 03:24:52

anyone got a replacement for alluc.ee? this is what it looks like for me. Either it's slow or it's down.


[-] ruralcricket | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 03:50:13

I'm looking for a windows tool to edit the Title tags on my MP4 files. I'm tired of Plex getting the wrong name because the title tag has release info in it.

I'm already using Mkvpropedit to fix the MKV files.


[-] ruralcricket | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 05:39:52

Found this tool. CLI is a bit flaky but usable. https://github.com/Martchus/tageditor


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 08:40:34



[-] -XorCist- | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 12:48:22

Am I missing something with Tigoles 10bit x265 releases? I think they look good and are a decent size but I see others say that they are a waste of space and don't look good. What's​ the general consensus? They have to be decent if there is a ton of links here for it, right?


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 16:56:22

That they get submitted a lot tells you nothing about quality. Uploaders don't get screened here. The best way to answer your question is to download a couple of Tigoles' releases and decide if you like them. People who are worried about storage space and bandwidth probably love them. People worried mostly about quality probably think they suck. What are your priorities?


[-] -XorCist- | 1 points | Sep 14 2017 17:34:19

For home I'm trying to get all the kid stuff he(they?) release. For my Plex box I'm on the fence. I have the "unlimited" gdrive, but in my mind I feel that if I stay under the radar space wise, when the hammer does fall, I'll be safer. Could be being overly optimistic (naive?) but it makes sense to me...


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 03:35:15

You a single user unlimited or fly by your pants edu off ebay unlimited?


[-] -XorCist- | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 12:36:43

Single user unlimited.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 14:32:43

Ah, well that's better than the edu off ebay ones. I have to assume that google will be dropping the hammer down on all us single user unlimited folks at some point. Sad day that will be


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 03:33:52

based on recent posts, Tigole x265 releases are decent I would say.

The x264/x265 debate pops up every few weeks and it seems the general consensus is expect 30-50% savings space wise.

So if you're a high bit rate x264 collector (Sparks or similar) or really high bit rate (Grym) or remux/remaster just take a moment and think about the % I put above.

Tigole releases tend to be in the 2-5GB range (roughly). At 30% that would be a 3-7GB x264 and at 50% it would be a 4-10GB x264.

So ask yourself, would you grab an x264 file of the above sizes? If yes, then I'm sure they are fine. If no, then you'll probably want to move along.

For kiddie stuff (animation especially) x265 will be fine. It seems x265 does well with anime/cartoons so keep that in mind

Tigole is a single person. He/She is part of a p2p release group called UTR

As /u/Himechi mentioned, you can't draw conclusions due to the # of releases that get posted. Most of the Tigole (and UTR) releases get posted by a bunch of the same people. They may just have easy access to all the releases and are being generous/helpful


[-] -XorCist- | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 12:42:21

Thanks for all the info.

I read yesterday that x265 was significantly harder to decode. I think I'll end up sticking with x264 on my Plex box in order to keep overhead low. And just stick with x265 at home.

Now I just have to find a way to keep radarr and sonarr from grabbing stuff labelled HEVC or x265.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 14:07:08

Well yeah, x265 requires more processing to decode so a 10 year old laptop might struggle. But anything remotely modern wont have a problem.


[-] uwotm8_888 | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 05:59:02

I re-encoded bojack horseman seasons from trollhd and strife sources at crf22 with almost no visible quality loss. The total filesize is half of originala with no quality loss. Does anyone want them?


[-] AmazingAnagram | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 09:16:01

Is anyone interested in the TV show Helix?


[-] achimba | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 13:18:44

I am interested in the producers creating a new season. That show was damn good. Cancelled too soon.


[-] AmazingAnagram | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 11:36:10

Just finished Season 1 a few hours ago and IMO I feel Season 2 isn't as great as the first but i'm only four episodes in so I don't know.


[-] no1funkyguy | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 12:55:02

For some reason, Mipony has randomly stopped downloading mega links on my Mac, it just keeps switching between "connecting" and "downloading" but never actually downloads anything, Zippyshare links still work too, which is weird. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this? I much prefer downloading through the client than my browser


[-] Grillade | 1 points | Sep 15 2017 18:04:54

How does everyone download their MEGAlinks?

Currently I'm using jDownloader + Windscribe for the 50GB (signed up using couponcode) and I have to switch it on and off for anything I download.

Is there a better and more efficient way other than buying premium? Thanks guys.


[-] GoslingIchi | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 06:52:11

I just use MegaSync. When I hit the 5GB, it just idles and when the time is up it restarts the download. So in a day I can download 20GB. It's fine for me.


[-] DreadMcLaren | 0 points | Sep 15 2017 20:47:26

Get a Real-Debrid account and add it to jdownloader. Gives you unlimited bandwidth for multiple sites.

I'd also recommend getting a unlimited data VPN. PIA or IPVanish work well.

PIA for 2 years for $48 with promo code "PIA20" at stacksocial.



[-] IsuruHerath | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 01:32:03

Does anyone know a community or maybe a user who would voluntarily do rip/web dl ?

Cause I’ve been looking for this tv series online but I can’t find ones with good quality. The ones that are there are some very old rips. And I recently found out that the show is available on Amazon and iTunes. I checked on the preview. And the quality was just amazing. So much better than the old files you can find on the internet. I was wondering if someone where to make rips (Web dl) ?

I’ve been trying to find this out for days





[-] douhaveanygreypoupon | 2 points | Sep 16 2017 07:33:36

Buy the series from iTunes and use Requiem/M4VGear/TunesKit to strip the DRM. Even if you find someone that is willing to rip them for you it's unlikely they'll be willing to pay for the episodes themselves.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 22:09:13

Who here can boast about having the fastest download speeds?!


[-] Axelstrife | 3 points | Sep 17 2017 01:45:24

Im from Australia Automatic disqualification.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 11:57:25

Are speeds bad down there?! (I'm only at 75mbps)


[-] Axelstrife | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 12:20:51

I have 100mbps down and 40mbps up 97/37 actual speeds

My retard government started making a gigabyte capable fibre network (I'm on it though gigabit speeds was never made available by isp's as the bandwidth price is so high so isps would make any money on it as the price they would have to charge would be insane) but after an election they fuck it all up and the new fibre network only guarantees speeds of 25mbps as its not much different than the ancient adsl2+ only that now instead of distance to the exchange it's distance to node. (Closer to node faster speeds)

Some people don't even get 25mbps cause of congestion which is a whole other load of bullshit.

Basically they are building a broadband network that provide speeds that are out of date before they even started.

We dropped below 50th spot in the world for internet speeds. http://www.speedtest.net/global-index Take a look below 50TH for Broadband and 7TH for mobile

Yet our mobile network is one of the best in the world. One of our carriers offer gigabit LTE speeds.


87mbps 31mbps not full reception.

Speed test using my mobile on 4g I'm not where the gigbit speed is as that's only in the city AND and my phone probably doesn't support those speeds I have a galaxy s7.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 13:37:30

Hot damn, that's fucked up! Is this like a nationally known thing and people have been bringing it at all? Or it's pretty much set in stone for the next decade or so? Have any 'promises' been made to change this or blah blah blah stuff like that lol


[-] Axelstrife | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 13:58:35

Yes it's been all on the news with people complaining with things from the standard my speed sucks to dodgy installations to being completely left out from it cause according to the installation is too hard to do so they will "come back to them" after they finish the rest of the country.

They only changed from FTTP (Fibre to the premises) (what i have) cause of cost since Australia is big and a low population compared to say america but doing this they will have to upgrade sooner rather then later and do fibre the rest of the way to the house anyway.

Changes have been made but not much better they are also building (as well as FTTN (Fibre to the node)) FTTC (Fibre to the curb) so basically we have FTTP to some people FTTN to others FTTC to some others and there's also HFC which is basically upgraded Cable.

This confuse you? imagine people that have no idea and just use the internet or just the phone (old copper phone lines which adsl2+ and phones use gets disconnected 18 months after NBN becomes available whether you like it or not) like my grandmother who will has the shit FTTN luckily for her the node is literally outside her house so IF she used the internet the would get 100mbps.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Sep 18 2017 14:43:02

That grandma example is hilarious lol! Man that's awful!

My biggest complaint is simply reliability. I pay for 60, but often times can get up to 75-80 at times which is great! BUT there are so many instances where my internet just slows to a crawl, like 5mpbs for like 10-20 minutes, A few times per day. It makes no sense and drives me crazy!

I'd rather have a steady connection 24/7 than 'good speeds' that come and go.

But Australia sounds like a mess right now lol. Bureaucracy ugh.


[-] Hable061 | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 16:15:15

I have a very slow upload speed and I usually leave my phone overnight to upload some files to MEGA. I can upload around 2.2 GBs in 8 hours. But lately, MEGA app has been acting weird. I had 5 files queued up to upload and only one uploaded. I tried that again the following night, same thing happened. I tried uploading to GDrive and it worked fine. I installed an older version of the app, but to no avail. What can I do here?


[-] Frankly_George | 1 points | Sep 17 2017 18:53:53

When does the new thread get made? I have a request and I want to make it where it won't get lost. I think it would probably get lost in the current thread.


[-] douhaveanygreypoupon | 2 points | Sep 17 2017 19:16:40

It's usually today or tomorrow depending on when the mods are active. sometimes they need pinging a reminder for it to be made.


[-] Patrick395x | 0 points | Sep 14 2017 22:27:50

Camel discography in FLAC or MP3 320kbps. Camel is a progressive rock band from the 70s among the pioneers of the genre. Thanks a lot friends


[-] Jake548675 | -4 points | Sep 12 2017 19:26:30

I see that some people are downvoting requests. WTF is wrong with you? You deserve to be banned from this sub-reddit.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 4 points | Sep 12 2017 21:48:33

we have a request thread... maybe you saw post outside it?


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Sep 12 2017 21:13:47

I believe that's actually a side effect of the devs past efforts to keep r/The_Donald from spamming itself to the front page, which was a chronic problem during and after the American election. Posts throughout reddit automatically get some ratio of downvotes as a kind of balancing tool.


[-] achimba | 1 points | Sep 16 2017 13:21:43

If so, that is not a very good solution to the problem supplied here. :/ I guess that he is the reason we can't have good things.


[-] jonahraleigh | -5 points | Sep 13 2017 00:15:39

Beatriz at Dinner 1080p Bluray x264


[-] turtleinahafahel | -6 points | Sep 11 2017 23:51:50

Star Wars Rebeles 1080p S01-03


[-] Himechi | 5 points | Sep 12 2017 02:35:52

Requests is thattaway, mang. ->


[-] turtleinahafahel | 0 points | Sep 12 2017 02:47:18

Oh sorry.