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mutantmarine | 34 points | Sep 06 2017 05:18:09

[META] I want to contribute to this subreddit but are there penalties if I get caught for sharing? | Megalinks MegaDB [META] I want to contribute to this subreddit but are there penalties if I get caught for sharing?

I've heard that the authorities don't really go after the people who download movies, games, torrents, etc. But if you're the one sharing them, they're more likely to come after you. Is that just for torrenting or does the same go to sharing links on this subreddit?

This question always plagues my mind when I have content people are asking for but don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison or paying 250K or more in fines.

I thank you, all you wonderful people who contribute and have the balls to share. But for an anxious ADD worry wart, I'm just always stressing. Any help or explanation would be grateful. Thank you!


[-] chagmed | 22 points | Sep 06 2017 09:05:05

A lot more content would be shared if we addressed the concerns of users with a lot of content, the willingness to share, but insufficient experience/confidence RE how to do so.

Creating proxies, managing multiple Mega accounts, etc., are skill sets unfamiliar to many on this sub. Some can/will learn, others will not.

We should discuss ways in which have content, don't have know-how users can upload to Mega and then pass this content to have the know-how users.

E.g., would it possible to upload to Mega, PM the title, etc., to a mod or a bot, and have the content copied to another account, and a link to that account posted on the sub? This would encourage shy users to share, as fear of blow-back would be eliminated.


[-] evilbunny_50 | 12 points | Sep 06 2017 05:39:52

Use a proxy and create a disposable Mega account using bogus details. Upload to the limit and share the links. Don't return to the account. Should be fine as Mega is holding the files and managing the transfer of data.


[-] mutantmarine | 1 points | Sep 06 2017 06:06:29

Ok I'll try this out. Thank u!


[-] kaching335 | 3 points | Sep 06 2017 15:47:31

Tbh, you're probably safe even regardless of whether or not you use that because of Mega's encrypts


[-] tiiiiimmmm | 8 points | Sep 06 2017 13:42:17

Just don't use real info when creating accounts and upload through a VPN or proxy. But even if you didn't use a VPN or Proxy it would still be super unlikely you would get caught. It's very easy for authorities or content owners to track torrents since you connect directly with other peers, they just sit on the torrent and collect the data of everyone else so they can send out cease and desist letters. In order for someone to trace activity from a site like mega to you they either need to intercept your TCP/IP stream and decrypt it at the same time you access the site (there is almost 0% chance of this ever happening) or go through subpoenaing Mega and your ISP for the data (and mega would have to store your computer's info for an extended period of time after you contact their servers which they don't) and your VPN if you used one (who generally also don't save identifying data) and then sift through it all to find you. It's a monumental and expensive task that they will never do.

Instead the authorities target sites or services, I could see them trying to force reddit to shutter this sub but they'ed have a hell of a time doing it since no illegal content is on reddit's servers and it's pointless since the community would just move elsewhere.


[-] mutantmarine | 3 points | Sep 06 2017 15:45:21

This makes me feel a million times better thank u. My account has my info on it rn but I haven't shared anything. I'm gonna make a new one immediately


[-] plswan | 6 points | Sep 06 2017 07:53:01

I thought I was the only one who worried about this stuff. You're not alone, friend.


[-] mutantmarine | 3 points | Sep 06 2017 15:46:20

Nope definitely not :)


[-] fuckRtrump | 4 points | Sep 06 2017 10:00:43

DMCA will ask MEGA to delete files, not to you.


[-] Aj-Mega | 3 points | Sep 06 2017 11:21:38

FOR MEGALINKs, Just create a bunch of mega accounts with those disposable emails, upload your stuff(series,movies..etc) post the link and then for get about it. THEY wont come after you or know it you, WORSE CASE scenario, the mega file gets taken down, or the mega account gets taken down. TIP: use multcloud to manage your disposable accounts.PM if you need help.


[-] mrx_101 | 1 points | Sep 06 2017 16:55:37

Takes too long to upload like 1.7tb of movies


[-] Rexmarek | 2 points | Sep 06 2017 21:03:22

Question... Would making a mega account with a temporary email service work?

Edit: ...and would that method be recommended?


[-] Kamnyah | 1 points | Sep 06 2017 21:25:54

Both yes. Plus use bogus personal details (obviously).


[-] megaccount | 2 points | Sep 07 2017 03:08:12

Yes, is illegal. Would be arrested? Probably not. Should keep safe anyway? Of course. Here is how I do:

New account for all of posting on subreddit. All posting be going through tor browser

For upload, get vps, make all upload through vps. Get vps through credit card is probably ok but extra safe is use bitcoin or monero.

Make new account for every upload. Use ten minute email for email and random name in mega.


[-] Rowan-Paul | 1 points | Sep 06 2017 18:59:38

What I do I go to a fake email generator and to a random password generator and use those for a new account (i write them down in a .txt file on my pc)


[-] OrangeCarton | 1 points | Sep 07 2017 02:02:16

Useless comment coming in...

great question! thanks for asking. i've been wondering the same for some time.