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[Adult Swim] Minoriteam Complete Series 2005-2006 480p/400p WebRip X.265 (1.29GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [Adult Swim] Minoriteam Complete Series 2005-2006 480p/400p WebRip X.265 (1.29GB)

The plot of the show revolves around five male superheroes, each of whom is based on a racial or ethnic stereotype, who join forces to fight against a bunch of villains who are mostly discriminatory concepts. The show's artwork is largely an homage to Jack Kirby ("King Kirby" is thanked in the show's end credits), while the animation style parodies the limited animation of the Marvel Super Heroes Show of 1966. The opening tag declaring that Minoriteam is broadcast "FULLY COLORED" is both a racial reference and an homage to the "IN COLOR" or "IN TECHNICOLOR" line opening of many old cartoons.

These episodes were ripped from Adult Swim at a 538x404 Resolution The Pilot was ripped from Youtube at a 640x480. Adult Swim doesn't have the pilot on its website anymore. All episodes have been named according to TVDB for scrapers to pick up

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Thank you soooo much for this. Been looking a long time.