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anonymEYE | 17 points | Aug 18 2017 17:41:44

[DOCUMENTARY] Barbecue (2017) [720p NF.WEBRip H.264] [4.24 G.B] | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Barbecue (2017) [720p NF.WEBRip H.264] [4.24 G.B]

A symphony of meat and fire, Barbecue shows us how an everyday ritual is shared by cultures around the world, as a way to celebrate community, friendship, and tradition. A film told in 13 languages, from Texas to the Syrian border, from 'Shisanyama' to 'Lechon', Barbecue is a film about the simple truths in life that bring people together, and how barbecue is a path to salvation.

P.S: I know, 4.3GB for a 1.75Hr flick? Yeaah, I know...; It's a direct NFlix WEBRip though, only the DRM was stripped, nothing re-encoded, cheers to them REALITYKINGS^TM guys. Hence the 6,000 kb/s | Megalinks MegaDB 6,000 kb/s Overall Bitrate & ultimately the size.


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[-] _telekinetik_ | 2 points | Aug 18 2017 17:54:40

awesome, just got a new kamado grill. This will be inspiration. Thanks!


[-] anonymEYE | 3 points | Aug 18 2017 18:19:40

ooph, nice...have fun with that mate. Myself I'm a tad young to get that so I'll be following up on the Swedish Engangsgrill I saw here.



[-] chagmed | 2 points | Aug 18 2017 17:55:36



[-] anonymEYE | 1 points | Aug 18 2017 18:20:01

Enjoy mate!!