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Telnet_to_the_Mind | 42 points | Aug 15 2017 04:24:10

Huge Collection of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Books [Books] | Megalinks MegaDB Huge Collection of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Books [Books]


Enjoy guys. Browse around in there, there's a bunch of good stuff. INcluding Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd and 3rd edition books, Tons of army books, current and legacy. Even some AOS crap. and lots of forgotten old Warhammer fantasy and 40k one offs


[-] bungcuddler | 7 points | Aug 15 2017 12:00:07

You should obfuscate the link somehow so it doesn't get taken down immediately. I don't know where you found it, or maybe you made it, but it's annoying to find troves like this and then have them disappear because someone was careless.


[-] M4nic_H3dgehog | 2 points | Aug 16 2017 01:47:08

Don't worry @bungcuddler I made a backup just in case.


[-] _John-Titor_ | 1 points | Aug 15 2017 05:41:33

I've only ever played DnD, and I'd like to ask - do these require any physical supplements or can you play just with these digital copies as campaigns, like you can DnD? If so, what would be a good way for a beginner to start?


[-] evilbunny_50 | 2 points | Aug 15 2017 05:46:29

Warcraft is a deep rabbit hole.. you can spend your life savings and still not be happy or you can just put in a bit here and there as you can and be just as happy.

Models aren't cheap but you can make the boards yourself.


[-] LordPaul | 2 points | Aug 15 2017 09:58:36

Very similar to D&D. I used to play warhammer fantasy rpg back when 1st and 2nd ed d&d were out.

The warhammer world is a much darker, horrifying world where characters can gain insanities. I love the world, and the mechanics.

Look at the rule book, the 1st ed has a simple adventure in it that will give you a feel for the game. Can be play with minis if you gave them, or theatre of the mind


[-] lawpetex | 1 points | Aug 15 2017 08:42:01

Oh wow, damn, good collection.