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kaching335 | 16 points | Aug 06 2017 19:46:23

[Audio] Big Finish Comedy - Out of Print! [192 MB] [256 kbps] | Megalinks MegaDB [Audio] Big Finish Comedy - Out of Print! [192 MB] [256 kbps]


Password is the name of the subreddit.


For those of you unfamiliar, Big Finish is a company that specializes in full cast audio plays. They are most well known for Doctor Who, but they also do The Avengers (UK), Blake's 7, Dark Shadows and more. These titles are older and out of print, so you cannot buy them directly anymore. Some titles, like Robin Hood and Stargate, they lost the license to and don't sell anymore. I will be uploading all of their out of print work.


Two titles are included here:

Fly Me to the Moon starring Sylvester McCoy and India Fisher

The Treason Show which is a comedy sketch from the show of the same name.


See also:

2000 AD by Big Finish


P.S. Please support Big Finish if you enjoy them. They're a very great company, and honestly provide some of my favorite stories.


[-] Mik0ri | 2 points | Aug 06 2017 19:49:19

You are the best person. Thank you.