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kaching335 | 40 points | Jul 25 2017 16:47:36

[Audio] Graphic Audio - Spider-Man - Forever Young -Audio Drama [256kpbs] [800mb] | Megalinks MegaDB [Audio] Graphic Audio - Spider-Man - Forever Young -Audio Drama [256kpbs] [800mb]

The newest Graphic Audio release. Grab it while you can. The last ones didn't stay too long. Password is the name of the sub.



Take a swing through Spider-Man's past in an audiobook based on a classic tale - with an all-new story for the present day! Broke - again - and running out of excuses for girlfriend Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker goes looking for trouble, hoping to snag some rent-paying photos of his alter ego in action. But trouble comes to him when the Kingpin and the Maggia converge in a battle for a mysterious tablet! When the fight spills over to Empire State University, Peter finds himself in the crosshairs of not only the city's most nefarious villains, but also his friends - and the police!

Stefan Petrucha puts his pen to the classic "Stone Tablet Saga," which ComicsReview.com calls "Stan Lee's Marvel and Spider-Man at their peak." But the story doesn't end there: When the assumed-dead leader of the Maggia resurfaces, it'll take all of Spider-Man's wits to track him down! It doesn't help that Peter's beloved Aunt May may be dying. Can Peter fight off his enemies, save his aunt and graduate from college? Or has the ol' Parker luck disappeared for good?


This audio drama is based on Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1, #68-75 I believe.


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[-] kaching335 | 6 points | Jul 25 2017 16:53:52

Who keeps downvoting my stuff? This is the second day in a row someone's downvoted my upload before I even get an upvote.

You don't have to like my content but most of the stuff I post has never been upped before as far as I know


[-] FishOnHead | 3 points | Jul 25 2017 17:58:02

Well I upvote it when I see it, as I'm appreciative, so there's that at least.

Edit: It could be because the files are currently encrypted?


[-] kaching335 | 4 points | Jul 25 2017 17:58:59

Thanks lol. I'm not really bothered I'm just... why. It's so petty


[-] kaching335 | 4 points | Jul 25 2017 19:34:38

In response to your edit: god damnit. Mega uploader does that sometimes? I''m not sure why. The link has the key.. the mirror is fine though


[-] Biodragon89 | 2 points | Jul 26 2017 10:26:28

I love graphic audio just wish i could have caught those other links...good upload man keep it up!!!


[-] robnyt | 1 points | Jul 31 2017 02:57:09

Aw man. Link is dead. Can you please reup? Was looking forward to this. Thanks! :-)


[-] kaching335 | 1 points | Jul 31 2017 02:57:43

I'm on vacation, sorry. If you don't mind torrents its on audiobookbay though.

Edit: incidently, I got a picture with Spidey today (at Universal Studios