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randomusernametaken | 32 points | Jul 15 2017 06:05:09

OKNOTOK Cassette Tape - Radiohead [320kbps] | Megalinks MegaDB OKNOTOK Cassette Tape - Radiohead [320kbps]


Size - 184 mb

Side A: | Megalinks MegaDB Side A:

Zx spectrum symphony

AMS Hello

True Love Tape Loop

Let Down (Thom 4-Track)

I May Be Paranoid But Not An Android...

Attention (Thom 4-Track) NEW SONG | Megalinks MegaDB NEW SONG

Noise sketch by Nigel

Climbing up the walls (Abbey Road Strings)

Someone help this guy...

Motion Picture Soundtrack solo piano

Was That Recording

The jumbled words of climbing up the walls read by little Dan Clements

Lull (Ed's Guitar Infinite Reverb)

Airbag Drums through Moog

Karma Police in space echo

Karma Police voice through telephone


Piano sketch by Jonny

Bid Bird Story by Stanley Donwood

No Surprises (first idea from soundcheck somewhere)

Radio chaser noise

Fridge Buzz

True Love Space Loop


Are you Someone? NEW SONG | Megalinks MegaDB NEW SONG

Side B: | Megalinks MegaDB Side B:

Nigel AMS Delay

Jonnys Radio from Climbing up the walls

Climbing up the walls (Thom 4-track)

A piano lies down in the middle of the road

Transposing Noise sketch by Nigel

Early paranoid android version by Jonny and Thom

Alternative Paranoid Android ending (live in Pittsburgh)

Airbag early acoustic version


Paranoid Android (Loud Room at St Catherine's)

Nigel AMS paranoid guitar sample

Nude (early band version)

The national anthem (Thom 4 track)

Ambient Loops

Man of War (live in Montpelier)

Nigel AMS delay again

Thoms acoustic as microphone in Climbing up the Walls

Ok Computer program


[-] tyleralderiondurden | 4 points | Jul 15 2017 09:36:38

bloody trolls wouldnt release these on cd/digital

cheers mate :)


[-] randomcamel1 | 3 points | Jul 15 2017 08:44:37

Thank you!


[-] Eyeknowthis | 2 points | Jul 15 2017 14:36:44

I'm really not sure what to do with this code?

Base64 is giving me a .bin file?


[-] randomusernametaken | 2 points | Jul 15 2017 16:37:07

It's a direct link with mega.nz removed.


[-] Eyeknowthis | 1 points | Jul 15 2017 17:16:57

Ah, I'm a dope, thanks!


[-] randomusernametaken | 1 points | Jul 15 2017 17:56:59

Haha, happens to the best of us.


[-] aguanteflema | 1 points | Jul 15 2017 22:43:26



[-] shamen_king | 1 points | Sep 06 2017 07:23:04

It has been taken down, sadly. Can anyone point me to another link?