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ajshell1 | 24 points | Jun 25 2017 04:17:33

Daphne-Singe complete FMV game collection (American Laser Games, Action Max, Hologram Time Traveler, Ninja Hayate, Time Gal) [14.60 GB] | Megalinks MegaDB Daphne-Singe complete FMV game collection (American Laser Games, Action Max, Hologram Time Traveler, Ninja Hayate, Time Gal) [14.60 GB]

Decode this from Base64 to get the link


This is an obscure one. Singe was an extension to the Daphne emulator, which emulated laserdisc arcade games such as Dragon's Lair and Space Ace (which will be my next upload). However, Singe is more of a "Simulator" than an emulator as none of the internal ROM files of the arcade machines are needed to play the game.

Unfortunately, the Singe website went down some time ago, making it rather difficult to acquire. The games themselves are relatively obscure. Hologram Time Traveler was the hardest one for me to find, seemingly existing only in one single torrent with two seeders that weren't seeding 24/7.

Regardless, here is the game list. All have been tested to work, and each game comes with a batch file to start the game. If the batch file naming system seems a bit inconsistent, that's because they all come from slightly different sources. Feel free to rename them.

American Laser Games | Megalinks MegaDB American Laser Games

These are all laserdisc-based FMV arcade shooting games. They are fairly simple: use the mouse to aim, left click to shoot.

Mad Dog McCree

Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Space Pirates

Mad Dog II: The Last Gold

Crime Patrol

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars

The Last Bounty Hunter

Also included is "Mad Dog 2: Typing Edition", which is a conversion of Mad Dog 2 to a typing game a la Typing of the Dead.

Overall, these games are par for the course in terms of FMV games: lots of bad acting an EXTREME amount of camp, although these games are MUCH better than Plumbers Don't Wear ties.

Action Max: | Megalinks MegaDB Action Max:

The Action Max is also a FMV shooting game system, but this is a home console that uses VHS tapes. This is the entire library of the system. James Rolfe and Mike from Cinemassacre put together a video showcasing this system. They aren't super great games, but I think it's important that they are preserved.

.38 Ambush Alley

Blue Thunder

Hydrosub 2021

The Rescue of Pops Ghostly

Sonic Fury

Taito's Dragon's Lair Wannabees | Megalinks MegaDB Taito's Dragon's Lair Wannabees

The next two games are Ninja Hayate and Time Gal, which are two laserdisc arcade games and blantant Dragon's Lair ripoffs. If you aren't familiar with Dragon's Lair, it was essentially "Quick Time Events: The Video Game: 1983 edition". The American Laser Games could be described as being "Extremely 90's American", these two games are definitely "Extremely 90's Japanese". These games also have Sega CD ports, and for some insane reason Time Gal got a Amiga CD32 port released in March of <a href="http://www.indieretronews.com/2017/03/time-gal-laserdisc-anime-gets-special.html">2017</a> | Megalinks MegaDB 2017!

Hologram Time Traveler | Megalinks MegaDB Hologram Time Traveler

Also called just "Time Traveler", this game is also a Dragon's Lair-esque game, although it has it's own bit of novelty. It was originally released as an arcade game with a sort of "Holographic" display. Unfortunately, this means that it is impossible to faithfully recreate this game with just a standard monitor.

Regardless, I hope you have at least a small amount of fun playing these games. None of them have aged particularly well, but I still think they are worth preserving.


[-] DrinkinMcGee | 2 points | Jun 25 2017 06:56:13

My father wasn't always the greatest but there are moments I can remember of us playing Action Max Hogans Alley and just having flat out fun. Such an odd little system, I honestly haven't thought of the name in years. I never knew of anyone who had one or bad played it other than us. Sincerely - thanks for the warm memory.


[-] ajshell1 | 2 points | Jun 25 2017 10:24:58

Good to hear that. I spent quite a bit of time getting the Action Max games to work properly, as well.

If you look at the file "frame_38AmbushAlley.txt", you'll see the file "video_ActionMaxIntro.m2v" listed. It is required to run the game, but all the Action Max download packages I found didn't come with it. In the end, I found that it only existed in three places: Russian torrent websites, usenet download websites, and fake Chinese torrent websites.

Fortunately, the Russian torrent website happens to be the best Russian torrent website, so there were still two seeders for it. And thus, I was able to find the crucial video file.

Funnily enough, neither seeder had a Russian IP. One was Ukrainian, and the other was from Kazakhstan.


[-] BluefyreAccords | 2 points | Jun 25 2017 18:28:47

Looking forward to your next post. Space Ace is the only one I'm missing and it is my favorite.


[-] ajshell1 | 1 points | Jun 25 2017 20:23:59


That's the only Digital Leisure Daphne title for which I was unable to find a DVD .iso that worked with DaphneLoader. I imagine that this is also the case for you.

I eventually found some 720p fan-created Daphne video files of Space Ace and the two Dragon's Lairs. That's what I was using for Space Ace. (Find them on this forum thread. Be aware that it's a French forum, so the people there are speaking ~~some foreign language I can't identify~~ French (obviously). Also, don't download the ".iso" files in the first post, download the .m2v files, the .ogg files, and any .txt files you can find. They are hosted on Mega.

I'm not sure what I should actually upload for my Daphne upload. Do I upload ALL of the video files for Daphne, knowing that DaphneLoader can easily allow a user to acquire all but the Digital Leisure games and Cliff Hanger? DaphneLoader gets the game files via torrents, which I imagine that many of the downloaders around here would rather not use for various reasons. Do I upload the .iso f/video_ts folders used to get DaphneLoader to decrypt the Digital Leisure games (without Space Ace, because I haven't been able to find a working Space Ace DVD iso anywhere)? Do I upload the video files used to play the Digital Leisure games (again, without Space Ace)? Cliff Hanger can be acquired quite easily from a torrent, but there are multiple versions of it, and I'm not sure which I should upload. The 720p versions of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace work fine, but I have the feeling that the framefile for Dragon's Lair 2 is messed up, causing the video to be out of sync by about a second. The instructions on the forum on how to create the framefile were in French, so I had to use google translate, but the instructions for it are completely different than any other Daphne framefile I've ever seen.

tl;dr: A lot of shit is messed up in my Daphne collection, don't expect an upload soon. It DEFINITELY won't be my next upload, since I've been working quite hard on an upload that I think a lot of people here will really like.


[-] BluefyreAccords | 1 points | Jun 25 2017 21:21:30

Yeah I have been unable to find a Space Ace rip that Daphne recognizes for decryption.

To try and answer your questions, for the Digital Leirsure games I think you would need to upload the actual image and not the decrypted files as I think Daphne still won't play then without first reading the existence of a DVD. Not sure what would need to be done to get the video files to work without it. Unless I'm wrong. Not really sure


[-] kolt54321 | 1 points | Jun 25 2017 05:17:53

Thanks a lot!


[-] Tagliavini | 1 points | Jun 25 2017 15:14:18

This looks sweet! Thank you


[-] unfettered_logic | 1 points | Jun 28 2017 01:33:39

This is great. Thank you!


[-] Fredasa | 1 points | Jul 14 2017 01:21:46

I actually managed to assemble basically this entire collection on my own recently, before sheepishly locating this Reddit post. Turns out that literally the only thing I am missing are the .singe scripts/text files/whatever non-video bits are needed for the Action Max games.

I don't suppose anyone might be able to point me to those specific missing bits, so I don't have to spend a literal week eking 15GB from Mega, just for about 10KB of data?


[-] IlDucci | 1 points | Sep 02 2017 10:52:06

The original installers can be found here: http://www.emu-france.com/emulateurs/6-arcades/309-laserdisc-video-games/

If you have the collection, you'll need to pop your DVDs again into your drive.