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Kulchamaster16lpm | 15 points | May 22 2017 06:37:46

[Ask]Do you find the stuff you imported into your account taken down? | Megalinks MegaDB [Ask]Do you find the stuff you imported into your account taken down?

Sorry for the /r/titlegore I often import stuff into my mega account when I find I won't be able to download immediately (at work, holidays etc). Has anyone had their account taken down because it was linked to another account holding copyrighted work?


[-] generalecchi | 3 points | May 22 2017 11:28:12

just make 2 accounts - 1 for your personal important stuff, 1 for pirating


[-] Kulchamaster16lpm | 2 points | May 22 2017 13:02:58

Thanks - this is a great idea


[-] humanysta | 2 points | May 22 2017 12:35:40

I have 7 different accounts full of imported stuff and nothing has been taken down yet.


[-] Kulchamaster16lpm | 2 points | May 22 2017 13:03:30

Great, I'm gonna do the same 👍


[-] Cartmanishere | 2 points | May 22 2017 15:43:52

The accounts don't get taken down. But if the copyright takedown asks for the file to be deleted from their servers instead of just the share link being taken down, you lose the file from your imported acc too.

I only know of one time when my accounts were taken down for importing copyrighting content. It was in the purge MEGA conducted last year. Other than that, your imported stuff is quite safe if you don't share from them.


[-] achimba | 2 points | May 22 2017 17:55:34

I have had content removed from my paid account that I had previously imported. Just the one file so far.


[-] LuckyDuck99 | 1 points | May 22 2017 10:29:50

I dunno, shouldn't it just be a case of the stuff you've imported is gone and anything you've put up yourself is still there? I've got a few imports myself so fingers crossed is all you can do I guess.


[-] Vex99 | 1 points | May 22 2017 11:40:11

there was a big account suspension (permenent suspension) that happened to alot of people here some months ago, forget when, it's because they were importing alot of copyrighted stuff from here, i got lucky and escaped it, probably because i personally uploaded 98% of the stuff on my accounts


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | May 22 2017 12:02:59

It's not likely but it's definitely possible. A few months ago mega went on something of a which hunt and send out a ton of takedown notices for imported stuff as well as in general


[-] Vex99 | 0 points | May 22 2017 11:37:39

some months ago alot of people lost alot of accounts for importing stuff here, accounts were suspended permenetly, i was lucky enough to escape it, maybe because ive uploaded 98% of all my stuff, the rest ive got here and http://pcgames-download.net


[-] tyleralderiondurden | -1 points | May 22 2017 09:02:22