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iPhunwa2 | 41 points | May 19 2017 11:28:57

[DOCU] I Am Heath Ledger 2017 720p HDTV x264-YesTV (1.2 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCU] I Am Heath Ledger 2017 720p HDTV x264-YesTV (1.2 GB)

Link: | Megalinks MegaDB Link: CLICK HERE | Megalinks MegaDB CLICK HERE


What is this link?

Its a link protector hiding the actual MEGA link. Open the link above and enter the captcha to get access to the file/folder. If you're using JDownloader, simply copy the link and it should decrypt the link by itself without you having to enter the captcha.

Are the files RAR'd?

In most cases they are. I run a script that changes the md5 hash of the files, renames them and RAR's them automatically. This is done in order to protect the files from being taken down earlier. If you have an issue with the files being RAR'd I suggest you look elsewhere.

Would a re-upload be possible?

I'm sorry but I don't keep back ups of the files once they're uploaded. I would suggest you import the file/folder before downloading them, just to have a copy on your account.

Do you take requests?

I don't take requests personally, but I do go through the weekly request thread from time to time and try to fill as many requests as I can. Before making a request, make sure you use the search to look for if something has already been posted or not.


[-] reciprocal_space | 3 points | May 19 2017 12:47:12

Almost mistook this for AMA when I started reading that title.


[-] eagle2103 | 2 points | May 19 2017 11:37:33

Thanks you


[-] greatflicks | 1 points | May 19 2017 19:53:32

thanks looks interesting