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VaporImitation | 24 points | May 08 2017 19:46:59

[ANIME] Super Dimension Fortress Macross (TV+Movie+Extras) [1080p Bluray] [76.9Gb] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Super Dimension Fortress Macross (TV+Movie+Extras) [1080p Bluray] [76.9Gb]

Hi, first upload here si don't be too harsh ;)


part1 : ep1-29

K: !TK5oaMlAw8gnac_s1Pol_A | Megalinks MegaDB K: !TK5oaMlAw8gnac_s1Pol_A

Part2 : ep30-36, extras, Movie

K: !5l7Ym55pmBxILjfBBECurw | Megalinks MegaDB K: !5l7Ym55pmBxILjfBBECurw

TV series is in h264, Movie is in h265, jp dub, eng subs.

Movie is uncensored, (latest bluray release)

(if you really want Robotech, this isn't it, and it has been posted a few days ago)


[-] evilbunny_50 | 3 points | May 08 2017 21:51:46

Well done :)

Funny how time flies.. I loved Robotech back in the day and have always been into technology.

80Gb (more or less) for this copy is 160x the total capacity of the hard drive for my first PC that I saved for at my high-school job when I was a kid.

I thought I'd never fill 500mb back then :/


[-] rednight39 | 3 points | May 09 2017 02:18:21

I remember pulling this series from an FTP server back in the day. 85mb Realmedia files. I thought I hit a goldmine. I was excited to get the full DL speed via my AOL dialup connection. :)


[-] evilbunny_50 | 3 points | May 09 2017 02:29:49

85mb at 56k modem speeds (assuming no interruptions and maintaining full speed throughout) would be a shade over 3.5 hours per episode.

Multiply that by the full 85 episodes to get just under 300 hours of download or 12.5 days continuous full speed download.

You just know that Granny would pick up the phone and cancel your download with 30 seconds left to go..


[-] rednight39 | 2 points | May 09 2017 03:11:14

That sounds about right, but you forgot the part where AOL would kick a person off pretty frequently, to the point at which auto-redialers became pretty popular! :)


[-] evilbunny_50 | 2 points | May 09 2017 03:17:08

In Australia we didn't have anything as stable as AOL..


[-] rednight39 | 2 points | May 09 2017 03:28:33

Yeah, I've heard about Australia's internet woes. :(


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | May 09 2017 15:39:57

Same here but for a 12Gb drive, haha^^

about speed, I'm surprise myself with optic fiber (got it 2month ago, france, was using 3g/tethered cellphone before lol) 982Mbits/s dl and 30Mbits/s upload.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | May 08 2017 23:11:24

So just to be clear there's no eng audio?


[-] Blue-Thunder | 3 points | May 09 2017 00:18:18

No as Harmony Gold bought the rights and released it as Robotech mixed with Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada.

They took 3 unrelated anime and made 1 American cartoon out of it due to licensing issues with models.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | May 09 2017 00:30:20

Didn't think so I've never seen Bunny Hat do dual, anyway thanks for the series Bunny Hat's always crazy good quality


[-] Blue-Thunder | 2 points | May 09 2017 00:14:21

holy fuck I have the bluray for DYRL TX, and the Macross Flashback special. Both R2.

Need to make space...

Thank you.


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | May 09 2017 15:46:34

Have the same bluray too, with PS3 game portion ?


[-] Blue-Thunder | 2 points | May 09 2017 16:31:59

I don't know as I have never tried it haha.


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | May 09 2017 18:10:46

this one ? http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire1/335458bb181df287172bfe6b6288806f1332348715_full.jpg


[-] Blue-Thunder | 2 points | May 09 2017 18:12:26

I beleive so. I would need to get it out of storage though to check. Certain things i keep, safe. haha


[-] Shanks01 | 2 points | May 09 2017 00:28:55

Muchas gracias .


[-] biggoof | 2 points | May 09 2017 02:29:28

Thanks, my favorite anime


[-] BATKINSON001 | 1 points | Jun 05 2017 22:08:56

having trouble playing the content in the part 2 download... my default playback program is vlc and the video is stuttering and looking like a bad mpeg from way back in the day. I have had better results using the cccp codec pack which uses media player classic still stutters but the video looks amazing. I even copied the movie off the external hard drive and it still stutters on my computer (asus laptop amd a8-7410 apu 2.5 ghz max with a radeon r5 m335 2gb and radeon r5 chip 1 gb sharing system ram, 8gb ram total, 1tb hard drive).

it si quite possible that the movie will not play on my computer because it isn't powerful enough to run it with this quality, I have a older lesser quality copy of the movie probably not uncut, and it plays fine

another thing, why are the file sizes so huge? 1.15 gb or so per episode...


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | Jun 06 2017 17:24:37

I think you computer hate high bitrate 10bit h265 content :\

my advice would be to install potplayer, might work a bit better.

the episodes on the other hand are in h264, that in h265 would be approx. half the size. those files are huge because they're bluray rips and the team that released the content tried to keep at much detail from the original source as possible.

back in the day, a lot of jp tv show were produced with a lot of grain, so the episodes could be cut together and be shown as a theatrical movie, like say, the original Mobile Suit Gundam Movies from 81-82.


[-] BATKINSON001 | 2 points | Jun 06 2017 18:16:56

I redownloaded my codec pack and reinstalled it enabling everything I could find for cccp. Media player classic works fine now for the movie. VLC still can't show it.


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | Jun 06 2017 18:34:21

works on my end, VLC 2.2.6.

VLC doesn't support hardware decoding of h265 AFAIK though, so it must be overlading you cpu instead of trying to use your gpu.