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SourceDetective | 28 points | Apr 23 2017 20:24:55

[ANIME] Dragon Ball Super 015 [English Dub][1080p][554.0MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Dragon Ball Super 015 [English Dub][1080p][554.0MB]

Link /#!yxMFSYqA

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1080p BDRip muxed with Funimation English Dub


Source: KamiFanSubs


[-] curiousness1 | 1 points | Apr 24 2017 05:25:50

Is KamiFanSubs your new source? Or is this just a temporary change? Also when you use KFS as your source do you do your normal process? Or do you just mirror their upload onto Mega?

I liked the episodes you uploaded previously to the last two because those worked on my TV. My TV doesn't support the number of ref frames KFS use in their uploads so I've had to watch them on my much smaller PC monitor.

Don't get me wrong, I still very much appreciate what you're doing. Just curious is all.


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Apr 24 2017 13:28:17

No worries. This is temporary, I will go back to my original source as long as he keeps doing them. This was because JTdenim (my original source) wasn't uploading for some unknown reasons, and i posted the KamiFanSubs version because it was of the same quality (Raw bluray + english dub). Answering your other question, it's a mirrored upload.

I will post the last two episodes again, from your preferred source, for you and those with the same problem, since he uploaded them now.


[-] dhoklastellar_fafda | 1 points | Apr 24 2017 14:35:45

Is there a significant difference in quality between the two sources? Asking because the file size of this episode is quite different from the previous one ( 758 MB vs 554 MB).


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Apr 24 2017 22:03:34

I don't know what attributes to the low file size but i don't think there is any noticeable difference.

Epsodes 014-015 are up.