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just_a_reddit_acc | 81 points | Apr 07 2017 17:23:08

[Audiobooks] A few scifi audiobooks [10GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [Audiobooks] A few scifi audiobooks [10GB]

Since that post about audiobooks got quite a few upvotes, I thought I share a few audiobooks (mostly scifi) with you. These are mostly from torrents and a few are ripped by myself from audible.

I haven't listened to all of these, but I enjoyed "We Are Legion" and "The Three-Body Problem" very much.

Link: | Megalinks MegaDB Link: #F!oawzkYDA

Key: | Megalinks MegaDB Key: !SDr0YI1DQOny1LcuBuW19w

The password for each 7zip file is the name of this subreddit. Their names should make it obvious what is what. If you have any questions just ask.

Here is a list of all the audiobooks (Same order as the 7zips in the folder):

  1. The Three-Body Problem - Cixin Liu (read by Luke Daniels)

  2. Battlefield Earth - L. Ron Hubbard (read by Josh Clark, Scott Menville, Fred Tatascorie, Stefan Rudnicki, Nancy Cartwright, Jim Meskimen, Kaleo Griffith, Enn Reitel)

  3. We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse, Book 1 - Dennis E. Taylor (read by Ray Porter)

  4. The Collapsing Empire: The Interdependency, Book 1 - John Scalzi (read by Wil Wheaton)

  5. Columbus Day: Expeditionary Force, Book 1 - Craig Alanson (read by R.C. Bray)

  6. Contact - Carl Sagan (read by Laurel Lefkow)

  7. Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson (read by William Dufris)

  8. The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior Is Almost Always Good Politics - Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Alastair Smith (read by Johnny Heller)

  9. Solitude: Dimension Space, Book 1 - Dean M. Cole (read by R.C. Bray, Julia Whelan)

  10. Eifelheim - Michael Flynn (read by Gordon Gould)

  11. Xenos (Eisenhorn) - Dan Abnett (read by Toby Longworth)

  12. Mechanical Failure: Epic Failure, Book 1 - Joe Zieja (read by Joe Zieja)

  13. John Dies at the End - David Wong (read by Stephen R. Thorne)

  14. All You Need Is Kill - Hiroshi Sakurazaka (read by Mike Martindale)

  15. Dark Matter - Blake Crouch (read by Jon Lindstrom)

  16. Micro - Michael Crichton (read by John Bedford Lloyd)

  17. The Mote in God's Eye - Larry Niven , Jerry Pournelle (read by LJ Ganser)

  18. A Darkling Sea - James L. Cambias (read by Patrick Lawlor)

  19. The Lost Fleet: Galactic Search: A Slaver Wars Novel, Book 1 - Raymond L. Weil (read by Liam Owen)

  20. The Galactic Time Trap - John Stilwell (read by Isaac Boone)

  21. The Complete Void Wraith Trilogy - Chris Fox (read by Ryan Kennard Burke)

  22. The Warded Man: Demon Cycle 1 - Peter V. Brett (graphics audio)

  23. New York 2140 - Kim Stanley Robinson (read by Suzanne Toren, Robin Miles, Peter Ganim, Jay Snyder, Caitlin Kelly, Michael Crouch, Ryan Vincent Anderson)


[-] Dude036 | 6 points | Apr 07 2017 22:37:17

I know it's not scifi, but do you have any of the audio books for The Witcher series?


[-] just_a_reddit_acc | 5 points | Apr 08 2017 06:27:13

I do have most of them, but sadly they are all only ripped from youtube, so the quality is not that impressive.

If you are ok with youtube rips you can get them yourself. Just search for audiobook witcher.

You should get them quickly. Even though they are up for more than a month now they could get deleted any day.


[-] brownix001 | 1 points | Apr 08 2017 00:22:50

Really need English audio books for that series.


[-] just_a_reddit_acc | 2 points | May 03 2017 08:44:05

[-] just_a_reddit_acc | 1 points | May 03 2017 08:43:55

[-] Samjatin | 5 points | Apr 07 2017 19:48:31

Audio books + SciFi. Awesome. Thanks a lot OP!


[-] horrayimuseful | 3 points | Apr 07 2017 18:56:57

Why thank you good sir.


[-] lyzedekiel | 3 points | Apr 08 2017 17:38:06

For anyone looking for ebook versions of the titles, I found an epub for New York 2140 in the zip. Thank you to the OP :)


[-] just_a_reddit_acc | 2 points | Apr 09 2017 06:45:12

Only that one zip contains the ebook. I kept it because it is actually quite nice to be able to look something up if you need to.


[-] Sick7even | 2 points | Apr 08 2017 02:30:41



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[-] junghansmega | 2 points | Apr 09 2017 15:28:18

Much appreciated!


[-] depressedloserxd | 1 points | Apr 18 2017 16:07:49



[-] just_a_reddit_acc | 1 points | Apr 18 2017 20:50:29

You can get the whole series from this post. Thats where I got it as well.


[-] bravo1339 | 1 points | May 23 2017 12:04:03

I tried downloading Battlefield earth by itself after I saw how long it took just to DL the Expanse series, I have never used a password to unlock a 7zip and when I click on the 7Zip it doesn't even offer to let me use until I tried 7-zip file manager Yet I have tried the whole [Audiobooks] A few scifi audiobooks [10GB] (self.megalinks) , as well as [Audiobooks] , Audiobooks , A few scifi audiobooks , (self.megalinks) , self.megalinks & even /r/megalinks , audiobooks_a_few_scifi_audiobooks_10gb, with & without / before & / after and together , 641s53/audiobooks_a_few_scifi_audiobooks_10gb/ , comments , comments/641s53/audiobooks_a_few_scifi_audiobooks_10gb/ , a_few_scifi_audiobooks , afewscifiaudiobooks , & even. just_a_reddit_acc , #F!oawzkYDA , F!oawzkYDA & Battlefield, Battlefield Earth & BattlefieldEarth ..... FOLLOW THE RULES & Enjoy your stay! , r/megalinks/comments/641s53/audiobooks_a_few_scifi_audiobooks_10gb/ , /r/megalinks/comments/641s53/audiobooks_a_few_scifi_audiobooks_10gb/ , comments/641s53/audiobooks_a_few_scifi_audiobooks_10gb , 641s53 if i haven't tried it earlier So what how the hell do i find out the name of this subreddit????


[-] bravo1339 | 1 points | May 23 2017 12:49:33

Good lord I thought I had tried megalinks a couple times even copy/pasting before I started copy/pasting everything I tried, just before I had tried r/megalinks & /r/megalinks. But after writing out the 50 -75 odd passwords I tried to use & posted it, I then backtracked as I could do so without losing what I had written sofar and tried 53 that I saw as the number in the link I followed here instead of the 74 at the top left. But my whole post was gone. I looked through the Faq & something about looking for a moderator I saw the rules on the right & this caught my eye "Other subreddits that you might be interested in:". So I tried all the (/r/megalinks) combinations AGAIN until it worked with just the one word. But I am still curious to as to where my 1st post went and as to how much I can download with the 50 gig account. As after 1st getting the Expanse DL's & Battlefield Earth by itself but it not opening so I tried to DL all the books in a Zip as one & got about 33% though when after some point I had gone to look at what was going on and It said paused for 5h 40 some mins but I tried Battlefield Earth again without archiving it a I thought maybe changing the name of the archive to battlefield as I was a going to do each as I decided to DL to their authors folders might have caused the problem. but it stopped with the circle looking complete saying paused again. At that point I had figured that just writing archive-d3## wouldn't work even though my large DL started with a d3 & the new DL was a d3 so I figured maybe they are preset to be the same each time done in a specific way so I tried the stalled archive-d3b3 figured 7z exe wouldn't work nor 7z gu so the file manager finally brought up the password hassle that lasted an hour or more. But I was able to DL almost 1.29gb after just 10 min or maybe 40 or 70 min even though it had said i had had to wait near 6 hours, been over an hour since stopping now and can't even resume just 148MB with Kill after canceling Bat Earth after figuring that I had the archive right. Does my quota get limited to uploads too if I figure to post some or does posting give me a little more quota at a time? I live on 100% disability , can't work at all & I already have 2 3tb external, a 2tb portable 2 3tb portables & a 4tb portable oldest 2 years all with 2-5 years warranty + 3 additional years data recovery warranty. I really don't need more cloud space that I can't even afford anyways. Let's see if this post stays, the 1st one said it gave me a point but it vanished in under a minute.


[-] bravo1339 | 1 points | May 23 2017 13:23:22

and its gone but i got another point & had seen a 1 for karma before posting but still a 1 when leaving page and coming back. Go figure!! Now I've gotta wait 8 minutes since I didn't type a book this time.


[-] just_a_reddit_acc | 4 points | May 24 2017 07:52:46

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to read your rambling comments. It sounds like you have problems with the password?

The name of this subreddit: reddit.com/r/megalinks | Megalinks MegaDB megalinks

No /r/, just the name.


[-] Aetyrno | 1 points | Jul 11 2017 23:08:05

Do you happen to have the second Bob book, or the sequel to the Three Body Problem?


[-] convvertible | 1 points | Jul 17 2017 20:14:36

I just came here to thank you for this wonderful amount of new books for me to read.


[-] Senorbaits | 1 points | Aug 15 2017 00:12:56

Thank you for the link - What do you recommend the most? I think I might start out with Carl Sagan's Contact


[-] mycivacc | 1 points | Aug 20 2017 17:18:52