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Halloween.2007.WORKPRINT.XViD [698MB][Re-Upload] | Megalinks MegaDB Halloween.2007.WORKPRINT.XViD [698MB][Re-Upload]

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Runtime is 1:45:21 as compared to the final cut of 1:21


1. During the breakfast scene, there’s additional dialogue between Judith and Deborah concerning eggs. Judith alludes to Deborah having an abortion.
2. The workprint has an opening credits sequence. It plays over the scene of Michael running from the school, Loomis’ introduction, and the bully walking through the woods. These scenes are all longer as a result, most significantly more dialogue between Loomis and Deborah, presented in voice over as Michael runs.
3. There’s an additional shot when Deborah confronts Michael outside the house after the murders.
4. The montage of Loomis and Michael getting to know each other has more dialogue/scene snippets
5. In the workprint, there is an additional scene of young Michael with Deborah at the institution, where he expresses his need to “get out of here”. When he learns he cannot leave, he says “Then I have nothing left to say.”
6. When the nurse looks at the photo of Michael and “Boo”, there is an additional line where she alludes to Michael being ugly. This provides more of a motive for her killing than is present in the theatrical version.
7. The “Fifteen Years Later” scene begins with a newscast about Michael’s possible transfer.
8. Following this newscast begins one of the biggest changes: Udo Kier’s character. In the theatrical he is only in ONE scene, but here he has quite a few as the head of Smith’s Grove. He is joined by Clint Howard and Tom Towles as other hospital higherups. They disagree with Loomis’ instructions for Michael’s care. This is followed by the scene where Loomis tells Michael he can no longer be his doctor.
9. The scene of Ishmael Cruz and the new orderly in Michael’s room is a bit longer.
10. An additional shot of Loomis leaving Smith’s Grove, looking back with a look on his face showing that he is clearly conflicted about his decision to quit on Michael.
11. Additional shots of Michael watching Joe Grizzly.
12. The scene where we meet Laurie and the Strode's is lengthened, there is more talk about the “pervert” hardware store owner.
13. After Loomis speaks at the lecture, there is a scene of him walking with a colleague, asking how he thought he did in the speech.
14. When Laurie and Lynda leave the school, Lynda harasses another female student for some reason, pouring a drink on her head (this is one of the few changes that were for the better, as it makes Lynda even more annoying than she already is)
15. Additional sex talk between the three girls as they walk home
16. When they see Michael, there are additional shots of him standing across the street (in the theatrical we only see his blurry shape)
17. A scene of Laurie walking to her house where her mother is putting up decorations outside. Michael is seen following her in the background.
18. A scene showing Michael in the graveyard, finding the tombstone and then removing it.
19. After Laurie leaves to baby-sit, we hear Michael breathing as her parents chat. When the mother goes inside, Michael approaches. The father sees him and assumes he is a trick or treater.
20. A scene showing Laurie watching horror movies with the kids. Laurie tells Lindsay it’s time for her to go.
21. The chase from the Wallace’s to the Doyle’s is a bit longer
22. The pool scene is a bit longer
23. A scene of Loomis and Laurie walking to the car is longer, and it really resonates that Loomis is feeling guilty, a moment that is truncated in the theatrical.
24. When Laurie drops the envelope off at the Myers' house, Michael sniffs it. This provides a possible explanation for how he knew it was his sister. (reader submitted!)
25. An additional shot of Michael on the balcony as Lynda and Bob make love.
These scenes have been restored in the DVD "Unrated Director's Cut". This cut otherwise follows the theatrical version, with the exception of the escape scene which is the workprint/"rape" scene version with the two orderlies instead of the scene with Bill Moseley and other guards being killed during Michael's transfer.


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