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yourmothersboytoy | 66 points | Mar 12 2017 00:06:34

[Books]Some Books (250.7 MB) | Megalinks MegaDB [Books]Some Books (250.7 MB)


change xxxx to mega, key in comments.


The First Law by Joe Abercrombie, books 1-6

Discworld by Terry Pratchett, books 1-38

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Ender Books by Orson Scott Card, books 1-8

Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, books 1-12

Tyrant series by Christian Cameron, books 1-6

most of these have different formats for you to chose from(mobi, epub,PDF etc etc) but not all

Please note:

i used calibre to convert these books to their different format and while calibre usually works fine sometimes it has a few issues in the converted files(spelling mistakes, weird spacing and messed up fonts) but this rarely happens so if there is any issues just say and ill try to fix it


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[-] aquaticof | 1 points | Mar 13 2017 01:17:52

Megadownloader is giving me this error: "unexpected character encountered while parsing value: . Patch ", line0, position 0."

Any help?


[-] HPCYC | 1 points | Mar 14 2017 02:11:30

I think you're supposed to import it to your account and download from there if that happens. OR you can just tap "download as zip" without using megadownloader.


[-] aquaticof | 1 points | Mar 14 2017 10:51:39

hm something really weird is going on. neither the regular download nor the indirect way with importing, then downloading finishes the download. seems to be stuck at 99% and giving me some kind of temporary errror.


[-] yourmothersboytoy | 1 points | Mar 14 2017 17:18:24

if you are downloading then if it gets stuck at any percentage then keep the window open but put your pc into sleep mode then start it up again, it will have to redownload just a tiny bit but then should finish.

ie if your download is stuck at 99%, put sleep mode on then start up again and i should be it 97% ish then itl redownload that then finish, try with a small file first just incase it doesnt work though


[-] kaching335 | 1 points | Mar 13 2017 10:36:19

Thanks for the Ender books