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Cartmanishere | 69 points | Mar 02 2017 18:23:44

[META] Registration for backup site | Megalinks MegaDB [META] Registration for backup site

I am working on a site that can be used as a backup for links posted on this subreddit. You can check out my earlier post here. And you can check out the site at megalinks.ml.

SIGN UP | Megalinks MegaDB SIGN UP

You can now register for the site by going -

<a href="http://megaaccount004.pythonanywhere.com/megalinks/register/">HERE</a> | Megalinks MegaDB HERE.

I would recommend using the same username under which you post on the subreddit.


  1. Do not post links that are already posted on the sub. That defeats the purpose of the whole site. Post a different link to the same content.

  2. Use correct tags. This is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, your posts won't show up on the site. The tags available for use are as follows (Case-sensitive):

    1. TV
    2. Movie
    3. Game
    4. Music
    5. Tutorial
    6. Ebook

I will add more tags as they are requested.

EDIT: The error is fixed. You can start posting links, the site is fully functional now. If you face any problem, contact me.


[-] GuestUserT00K | 8 points | Mar 02 2017 21:30:59

I remember like 3 or 4 years back when i did scene work i made such a site. For the tags you should use a combo box so a valid tag is always used. I too made it that a user would have to enter the size.. but that should probably be determined from the link via mega's API. also yeah the API can be used to check links (if they still online).

My 2 cents and superb work.

More importantly was getting 404 error and some primary key error when was clicking save and edit and now it posted like 7 times (thought there was maybe a title error and was changing it but even with the error it seemed to have been posting fine all along). Also says submitted by cartmanishere which is not true... just pointing out the obvious things really

Delete user posts can be handy with mistakes such as duplicate posts.

sorry about that


[-] Cartmanishere | 4 points | Mar 03 2017 03:37:06

The error is gone but you have to select your username while making a post. When the correct user is selected, it will show 'Submitted by GuestUserT00k'. The default user is me so when there was a problem while automatically saving your username, it made me the user. But it's fixed now as long as you select your username while making the post.

A user can now delete his own posts. And also you don't have to enter tag, you can select one from the choices provided. That was a nice suggestion.

I do not have much experience with integrating APIs but I will definitely look into it.


select your username while making a post

Bypassed this. The user is added automatically based on who is logged in at the time.


[-] R3a1ityCheque | 3 points | Mar 02 2017 20:53:29

Brilliant work OP. This is incredibly useful.


[-] rh_underhill | 3 points | Mar 02 2017 21:18:29

I'm trying to edit a tag to simply read "MOVIE", but I keep getting an error of some sort.

Edit: http://i.imgur.com/p89d0Ya.png


[-] Cartmanishere | 3 points | Mar 03 2017 03:38:48

Fixed the error. Just select your username while posting the link. And you don't have to worry about using correct tag, you can now only select one from a range of choices.


Just select your username while posting the link.

No need for this. You can use it just like before and it won't give any error.


[-] GuestUserT00K | 2 points | Mar 02 2017 21:39:15

Yeah Cartmanishere this the error I am getting which led to me posting over and over again the same thing


[-] Cartmanishere | 3 points | Mar 03 2017 03:30:02

Yeah, I found the problem. I implemented a quick solution. You now have to select the user while posting the link. Then you can change or delete the links you have posted. I will make this automatic soon. I will delete the earlier posts but now you can add new ones and change them yourself.


You now have to select the user while posting the link

No need for this. I fixed it internally.


[-] TMGreycoat | 3 points | Mar 02 2017 21:43:23

The site looks great, do you have any plans of adding the file quality and date uploaded to the list of downloads? I know it's currently in the descriptions, but you have to click the links to find them.

I'm guessing you're using Django for password storage and general site security? If so then that's quite reassuring


[-] Cartmanishere | 3 points | Mar 03 2017 03:20:04

You can add file quality in the title itself. I didn't do it because then there wasn't much that I could write in the description.

Every list that you view is sorted according to the date. That means every post at the top is the latest one and so on. I don't think there's any need to view the date at the list level.

Yes, I am using Django for backend. And any web developer with experience will know that it is quite secure.


[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Mar 03 2017 00:04:30

Umm..how is this better than this subreddit? Is stuff on the subreddit being deleted?


[-] Cartmanishere | 8 points | Mar 03 2017 03:21:06

It's not a replacement for this subreddit. It's meant to be used in conjunction with the subreddit, so the links taken down on the sub might still be available.


[-] Cartmanishere | 3 points | Mar 03 2017 03:43:22

I realize that you guys may get some problems in the beginning. I originally made and tested the site only for one user (me) so changing it now might result in a couple snags. But you show me any error that you get and I will fix it forthwith. Also, any suggestions on your part are welcome.


[-] WaifuKenny | 2 points | Mar 03 2017 05:55:09

~~hi, i uploaded my south park collection "South Park Seasons 1-20 1080p" to the site, but i accidentally put it up twice. i can't remove it, so could you remove the first one i posted please if possible?? thanks~~

(also this site is really cool dude, thanks for making it)

edit: nvm,, i fixed that problem. i uploaded the stick of truth and it's not showing up there?? idk why


[-] Cartmanishere | 3 points | Mar 03 2017 06:47:14

It shows up in the activity feed but not on the Game section. Hmm.. thats peculiar. I'll see what is causing this. Glad you like the site.

EDIT: Fixed. Won't happen again.


[-] WaifuKenny | 1 points | Mar 03 2017 09:23:58

thank you so much!! i'll upload some more stuff now.


[-] 0x99CCFF | 1 points | Mar 02 2017 21:10:13

Le me know if you need help.


[-] Yage2006 | 1 points | Mar 02 2017 22:20:49

I will sign up right now and check it out, Thanks :)


[-] denvit | 1 points | Mar 03 2017 12:19:34

It would be better to have a reddit login :P

Edit: Any plan on making it open source? I would love to contribute


[-] Cartmanishere | 2 points | Mar 03 2017 13:15:22

Here's the github if you want to check it. I don't have the necessary knowledge to integrate reddit API into it.


[-] VisserGaming | 1 points | Mar 06 2017 02:51:32

Great idea Cartman!