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SourceDetective | 106 points | Feb 15 2017 19:56:44

[ANIME] Neon Genesis Evangelion + DC and Rebuild of Evangelion Movies + Extras and The End of Evangelion [1080p][Dual Audio5.1][x265HEVC][10bit][14GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Neon Genesis Evangelion + DC and Rebuild of Evangelion Movies + Extras and The End of Evangelion [1080p][Dual Audio5.1][x265HEVC][10bit][14GB]

Been working on getting these up for a while, especially the Rebuild of Evangelion. So here they are!

I will add Death and Rebirth in the future (hopefully soon) once i finish downloading it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection

Link| Key REMOVE <em>(M E G A)</em> | Megalinks MegaDB (M E G A)|Quality|Audio| Size ---|---|----|---|--- Neon Genesis Evangelion + DC|!V3RKEqlyZ<em>M</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MBKU<em>E</em> | Megalinks MegaDB ElHVQ<em>G</em> | Megalinks MegaDB GxFYn<em>A</em> | Megalinks MegaDB Atg|1080p x265|English, Japanese|7.68 GB Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion (1997)|!r4fn<em>M</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MMv_Llan<em>E</em> | Megalinks MegaDB EOiwH<em>G</em> | Megalinks MegaDB GMbfp2<em>A</em> | Megalinks MegaDB AIA|1080p x265|English, Japanese|1.10 GB Rebuild of Evangelion Movies +Extras|!RnFM<em>M</em> | Megalinks MegaDB M9RYsOH<em>E</em> | Megalinks MegaDB EVOKT<em>G</em> | Megalinks MegaDB GCCduU<em>A</em> | Megalinks MegaDB AL5Q|1080p x265|English, Japanese|5.03 GB


[-] balroc | 7 points | Feb 15 2017 20:59:31

I can't thank you enough


[-] SourceDetective | 4 points | Feb 15 2017 21:06:52

No problem! Hopefully it'll stay up so more people can grab them.


[-] KigurumiCatBoomer | 4 points | Feb 16 2017 02:08:48

This is absolutely y'uge. We have the best uploads, folks, believe me.


[-] Seascan | 4 points | Feb 21 2017 12:36:29

Are these derived from the color-corrected Sephirotic releases?


[-] EposVox | 3 points | Feb 15 2017 21:09:00

Damn! Downloading nao


[-] BasemntGhost | 3 points | Feb 27 2017 08:14:07

Always wanted to get around to watching this but have always been confused because they need to be watched in a certain order or smth? Can anyone explain?


[-] Apocalypse_Gladiator | 2 points | Mar 01 2017 14:43:14

I'd watch them in the order they appear in the post.

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion + DC

  2. The End of Evangelion (It's an alternate ending to the series).

  3. Rebuild of Evangelion Movies. These are an alternate retelling of the original TV series. They are four, but the fourth one hasn't been released yet.


[-] gaycocksinmyass | 1 points | Jul 25 2017 06:59:42

Slight correction - The end of evangelion is the definitive ending of the series. That was the whole point of Anno doing the movie.


[-] MFrafael | 2 points | Feb 16 2017 02:25:08

Do you know if there is any embedded subtitles on these files?


[-] Mr_Luffy | 1 points | Feb 16 2017 12:28:19

Rebuild has multiple English subs to choose from and both dub and native Japanese. I think it's safe to say all of these files are subbed with dual audio


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Feb 16 2017 17:16:18

I believe they are included, you just have to toggle them on/off.


[-] gaycocksinmyass | 1 points | Jul 25 2017 06:57:37

Soft subs because screw hard subs. They're embedded.


[-] Phylo606 | 2 points | May 06 2017 17:20:07

Thank you so much for uploading these. It's given me an excuse to re-watch this series and I swear you learn something new about the characters every time you do.

I compared these to my uncompressed 720p versions and the quality you've managed to achieve here is incredible, especially considering how small the files are. This is also the first digital copy of End of Evangelion I've been able to find that exceeds 480p. I'm extremely impressed .x265 truly is a remarkable format. I'll be eagerly keeping an eye out for more of your work. Hopefully you'll have Death & Rebirth up soon (although in all honesty, I don't think anyone would mind if you didn't get around to it). Perhaps even 3.33+1.11 (the upcoming fourth film) eventually?

Regardless, what you've provided here is of a remarkably high quality and to say that I'm appreciative of your efforts would be an understatement. God bless.


[-] SourceDetective | 2 points | May 07 2017 07:37:02

Thanks man! I'm glad you like this upload! I highly liked this series and i will certainly post Death and Rebirth, I've just been caught up with some stuff. Plus, the version i got was the Japanese raw version which i didn't notice at the time of download.. I'm looking for a good quality version. Oh, i will also post the fourth film once it comes out for sure.

P.S. I didn't do these particular versions, i got them a long time ago while searching torrents. Just wanted to clear that up :)


[-] Phylo606 | 1 points | May 14 2017 06:38:51

Oh so you've just shared other people's uploads you found online? That's great too! There's so many versions of this show on the net, yet many of the best are hard to find. If nothing else you're helping peoples' work get shared around and discovered by fans. Not something to be ashamed about! I wouldn't have found these great versions without you.

Oh so you got your hands on the raw blu ray version of Death and Rebirth? That's awesome! Shortly after downloading this I was able to find a raw version of the NGE Japanese Blu Ray with an incredibly well done fansub, which looks fantastic as you can imagine. It's pretty much my go-to now. That said, (and I've said this before) the quality of these uploads you've been sharing with us is right up there! You've got a good eye for quality uploads. I'll definitely be using the ones you shared here should I be pressed for hard-drive space. They'd be great for tablets or phones.

I'm eagerly awaiting the great releases you find and share with the rest of us, man. Peace!


[-] Iron_Overheat | 1 points | Jul 15 2017 19:31:30

Hey, this uncompressed 720p versions... Are they subbed? Do they feature the Director's Cut episodes? If your answer is yes to both questions, would you happen to have a link to those, but in 1080p? Also, wouldn't you prefer compressing them in a lossless format to achieve greatly reduced space with the same quality? Cheers.


[-] Killerant117 | 2 points | May 16 2017 02:40:19

What is the password?


[-] TeraVonen | 4 points | May 17 2017 20:09:23

Remove the the characters in bold and italics


[-] patoloco123 | 2 points | Jun 05 2017 01:01:57

thanks man!


[-] usery | 1 points | Feb 24 2017 00:27:32



[-] Hawkeyesniper45 | 1 points | Mar 09 2017 05:37:50



[-] oosap | 1 points | Jun 12 2017 21:21:12

Did you ever find a link for death & rebirth dual audio 1080p? I cant find it anywhere.


[-] SourceDetective | 2 points | Jun 13 2017 03:03:32

Oh yeah, long time ago. I'm just not happy with the quality as it isn't on par with the ones on this post.

I have a dl on queue of another version i recently found, I'll bump and check it out soon.


[-] oosap | 2 points | Jun 13 2017 05:28:25

Thanks, I've been having the same issue with quality, I really want to have the complete experience, you know how it is. I'll keep my eye out .


[-] SourceDetective | 2 points | Jun 15 2017 23:09:00

So i found what i would consider a very good quality version. Problem is, it has only Japanese audio. I'll demux the audio from the other lower quality copy, mux it with this new copy, sync it and upload it.

I dont have any experience syncing audio though, so this may take some time since it has to be good and nothing can be out of sync.

Just updating on the situation.


[-] oosap | 1 points | Jun 16 2017 03:05:42

Wow, thanks for taking the time out of your day, I hope it works out for you, fingers crossed. Side note: If you need any help/just don't have the time I wouldn't mind messing around with it, up to you.


[-] SourceDetective | 2 points | Jun 18 2017 19:00:41

It's no biggie, can't be too hard, right? I'll keep that in mind though, thanks!


[-] Lyranx | 2 points | Jul 11 2017 23:24:07

Did you ever finished it? Syncing and everything.


[-] Iron_Overheat | 1 points | Jul 15 2017 19:25:07

How much space does the english audio occupy? If it's a lot, would you be kind enough to release a version with only the japanese audio? Also, great job my friend.


[-] Iron_Overheat | 1 points | Jul 15 2017 19:42:19

I'm assuming since they're 10bit and 1080p that these are BD-Rips, and they are, right?


[-] fireflame786 | 1 points | Jul 29 2017 05:31:58

I'm getting a file open error 67% into extracting the files, any fix?


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Jul 30 2017 00:24:09

These are not zip files though. Or are you using MegaDownloader? If so, i suggest seeking help in the [HELP] thread that is stickied on the frontpage as im not familiar with that program since i don't use it.


[-] rainbowteinkle | 1 points | Jul 30 2017 10:40:16

Im trying to watch these on my mobile device but all the videos are "broken". I dont know how i should explain this and there's probably a proper word for this but the videos are partly pixelated and distorted. Am i the only one experiencing this problem? Can somebody help me?


[-] SourceDetective | 2 points | Jul 30 2017 18:07:22

That is because this is x265, or HEVC. Mobile phones are capable of playing x264, I'm not sure if there are some new ones that can play x265, but i suggest you use a pc/laptop!

I would've uploaded the x264 version but i didn't find any of good quiality.


[-] rainbowteinkle | 1 points | Jul 30 2017 22:26:53

Thank you so much!!


[-] _MingMing_ | 1 points | Aug 03 2017 00:06:42

I can't decrypt the files :/


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Aug 03 2017 02:08:31

I think this is a common problem using MegaDownloader. If you pay for Mega then i suggest you use their program, MegaSync, which is what i do. Otherwise, you can seek help in the stickied [HELP] thread. Wish i could help more :/


[-] gianm93 | 1 points | Aug 04 2017 21:15:50

sub ita?


[-] SourceDetective | 1 points | Aug 05 2017 03:47:08

No Italian subs, sorry.


[-] gianm93 | 1 points | Aug 05 2017 17:50:06

ok. thanks