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givebak | 36 points | Jan 19 2017 06:10:48

[GAME] World.Of.Warcraft.Legion (Version 7.0.3/build 22522) [34.82gb] | Megalinks MegaDB [GAME] World.Of.Warcraft.Legion (Version 7.0.3/build 22522) [34.82gb]

Hello all,

Been a while ... decided to come back from the dead and post this little beauty. Torrenting this sucker takes forever, so I went ahead and did the dirty work. I've been playing on Firestorm's Legion private server (Sylvanas) for about a week now and it's pretty damn close to retail. A little buggy but not too bad.

Follow these simple steps to be up and running right away.

Step 1 - Download the full archive from mega at this link here


Step 2 - Extract to any drive or folder you wish

Step 3 - Make an account on the private server itself at firestorm-servers.com/en/

Step 4 - Download their official launcher from app-cdn.firestorm-servers.com/launcher/FirestormLauncherSetup.exe

Step 5 - Install and run the client, then log in with the same information used in Step 3

Step 6 - Click on the Legion icon to the left of the screen

Step 7 - Under the download button click "Already Installed" and then click "Change Install Directory" and plug in the folder you had extracted the archive in Step 2

Step 8 - Launcher will ask if this is the full game, click yes and wait for the launcher to update a few files.

Once updated, you should now be able to log into Sylvanas which is the 7.0.3 Legion realm on Firestorm. Use your same information as in Step 3 inside the actual game to log in!

If you don't want to be on Firestorm, but on a different private server, this download will still work for you as long as the server is on 7.0.3.

Hope to see all you there ... if Mega is too slow for you ... pm me and I will give you a direct gdrive url. Let's guild up ! Enjoy.


[-] givebak | 2 points | Jan 19 2017 06:11:03

key: !9Cy7gLCz6L9T1VpBulfou-a1ZXxeIIYkHwMvyIHsdLg


[-] Patai3295 | 2 points | Jan 19 2017 22:54:48

.nz/#!AdV2kZgA putting that in the mega search and nothing is coming up.. anyone got advice


[-] Dianic | 2 points | Jan 20 2017 00:01:29

add mega to the beginning of the link

ex: mega.nz/....


[-] funkballzthachurlish | 1 points | Jan 19 2017 17:25:08

This is gold, but I have a few questions. PM time.


[-] Patai3295 | 1 points | Jan 20 2017 00:38:41

Hmm tried that still nothing. First time using mega..trying to search up some guides and get this working


[-] choolete | 1 points | Jan 20 2017 01:41:04

Firestorm's Legion private server (Sylvanas) for about a week now and it's pretty damn close to retail

Come over to /r/wowservers and we can discuss this. TL/DR: Legion is way too new to be well emulated. If you want to enjoy free Wow, Wotlk is as far as you can go.


[-] givebak | 1 points | Jan 20 2017 04:26:37

It's honestly not that bad but I am in the beginning parts of the game. Maybe not all the instances are scripted but what do you expect for free ?


[-] choolete | 2 points | Jan 20 2017 06:49:49

Is actually more than just the instances, is also the quests, the spells not working property means the classes are unbalanced, making one class stronger/weaker than other (known issues in all the private servers, mobs not behaving the way they should means unfinished quests, non responsive npc...the list goes on and on, and I am just talking about pre-Legion content. Legion content is barely playable.

I am not criticizing the emulation scene (is very difficult and takes long time) but your quote that is close to retail is just plain wrong, by a long long haul.

For the rest, is you want to play Legion you will need to go retail. Otherwise, up to Wotlk is a great experience on any popular server.


[-] givebak | 1 points | Jan 20 2017 04:25:59

I went ahead and pm'd those that messaged me. Sorry it took a while ... just got back from work.

Anybody on and want to level ?


[-] Patai3295 | 0 points | Jan 20 2017 01:49:21

damn i smoke way to much sometimes..i got it -.-