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Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 34 points | Jan 07 2017 01:46:49

[Announcement] I'm still going to upload my 380+ DVDRips. How Should I do it? | Megalinks MegaDB [Announcement] I'm still going to upload my 380+ DVDRips. How Should I do it?

Hi all.

Just wanted to first off thank everyone in this sub. It's been amazing. My main account might not be seen here often, but know that I love the shit out of all of you.

Not sure how many of you saw my last post, but I'll be posting my 380+ DVDRips in the coming future.

What I have available is listed here. If you have a specific movie you want upped sooner, just leave a comment. Otherwise I'll be going in alphabetical order. My plan is to upload every single one. I'll be zipping the whole extracted movie (this is a folder with the .vob's, .ifo's., and .bup's that are on DVD's.) into a .zip and uploading them to mega (duh, lol).

These rips are direct, with only the DVD protection methods having been removed. (although a few are Redbox rips, meaning no bonus features/trailers/games/whatever) This also means there is no compression happening at all (other than zipping the movies files) and you'll get great looking movies!

My main question is how should I be posting them. I feel like posting 380 individual posts for each movie is a bit much. I already feel like a few uses post too much (one post per TV episode) but whatever, they can do their thing.

My two ideas are this:

Personally I'm leading towards one main post, but then the problem becomes visibility... I'm doing this for you guys/gals so you can get kick-ass movies, but in a week or so my post will have dropped so far down into the pit of other posts that new users/infrequent visitors won't see it. So @mods, is it possible to sticky my post? (not this one, the one I'll post with all the movies) I feel like that would help a shit-load with visibility.

The total size of all the movies it just over 2 TB, so it'll take a while to upload all of them. If you see one you want uploaded let me know and it'll get put on the top of my list.

You'd be free to un-sticky it at any time. Just for now it'd make using it a whole lot easier.

/u/vcdupper thoughts?

Yours Truly,



[-] iBobRoss | 9 points | Jan 07 2017 02:25:26

Were there a lot of people who wanted DVD rips? All them there young folk are into that there VR 8k porn?

back in my day, we watched movies on 8tracks


[-] bidufa | 6 points | Jan 07 2017 06:14:30

It's not exactly the low resolution/quality that people don't aren't interested in these. I can think of two other. Compatibility and size.

First, these aren't DVD-Rip, these are DVD-R (DVD5/DVD9). They aren't encoded into a single xvid/x264/x265 file. These are entire DVD structure rip and compose of multiple files. Plex doesn't support this, and I'm sure there are devices that don't.

Second, size. A DVD is around 4.7 - 8.5GB (his averaging ~5.23GB a movie [2000GB/382 movie]), this is rather large as 1080p BluRay rips are [IMO] very good at that size. I'm sure many people don't want to download these as they take up so much space, which is why YIFY releases were so popular. They were able to encode a 720p movie into a 800MB file, it was shit frame rate but the general people liked it. Same with all these low quality x265 re-encodes, people liked the idea of smaller size and don't care about 10bit or a re-encode quality loss, etc.

Personally, I like high quality rips and the DVD menus but I'm not sure I would want to download these (probably due to size/quality ratio and not seeing anything that interest me in particular that I do not have). They would however make a great source for a clean dvd-rip to some newer codec especially if they are of a older movie which aren't that popular.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 06:28:24

I ripped all of my personal dvds created an iso then used handbrake to make mp4 version. I keep them in a separate folder from my blu ray rips.

A good quality dvd rip looks fine on a phone or tablet or if you just want something on in the background.


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 3 points | Jan 07 2017 03:24:21

Not that I saw, but I'm sure someone will get some use out of them.


[-] iBobRoss | 10 points | Jan 07 2017 03:32:49

Eh, just seems like a lot of work, especially when dvd's are fazing out. I'd get a proper consensus of who actually wants them before I uploaded that much data.


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 1 points | Jan 07 2017 03:41:04

That's sort of what I'm hoping to get from this post. I agree that it'd be a whaste of time/data to upload 2 TB of movies for no one to use them.


[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Jan 07 2017 10:02:17

720p is kinda the quality minimum imho.


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 3 points | Jan 07 2017 10:59:32

I agree, but whatever. if people want them its no skin off my back.


[-] Ryo_Sanada | 6 points | Jan 07 2017 17:46:59

75% of your list is movies from 2011-2016, and even those are all just super popular movies. I don't know anyone that would want to download the DVD quality version of The Avengers.. the older movies on your list aren't even 'rare' with the exception of all the childrens movies. I personally wouldn't want to waste my time uploading all of this outdated material, but if any of it made sense, I'd rip the kids movies to a format that makes sense so people can play it with Plex, etc


[-] sheko404 | 5 points | Jan 07 2017 02:50:31

What about splitting the list up by first letter. Each post would get 1 or 2 letters, and you could link to the other posts? That way your not posting 370 links, but there will still be visibilty.

Edit: I have a big collection of dvd's too. Can I ask how you ripped yours? Kind of a noob at this.


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 5 points | Jan 07 2017 03:23:10

I used DVD Fab 9. It's free, rips the whole dvd (menus, extras, etc.), works offline, and does it in about 30 min per DVD.

Specifically the "HD Decrypter" thingy.

EDIT: I also like this idea. Right now this is my favorite. Thanks.


[-] sheko404 | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 04:36:31

Awesome. I might start doing what your doing! I've been wanting to get my dvd's on my hardrive!


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 04:53:57

I love it. I'm instantly able to watch any movie I own. It really rocks.


[-] swedish_drems | 5 points | Jan 07 2017 03:03:33

I have ~80 empty accounts I made with a shitty macro a while back if you need them


[-] BigBadNova | 3 points | Jan 07 2017 04:57:57

could you pm me how you made these accounts?


[-] epicnesshunter | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 05:04:38

PM me too /u/swedish_drems


[-] swedish_drems | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 05:28:51

No need for Pm's :P I set up a rudimentary macro on my MacBook Pro using a program called Keyboard Maestro, it makes ~1 account per 45 seconds


[-] swedish_drems | 1 points | Jan 07 2017 05:37:46

It manually goes through and creates the account, activates it and moves onto the next as if it were a human doing it. (It uses Mouse and keyboard manipulation)


[-] puffpants | 3 points | Jan 07 2017 06:07:43

what emails are you using?


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 1 points | Jan 07 2017 03:23:38

you can PM me some if you want


[-] swedish_drems | 3 points | Jan 07 2017 05:25:49

thing is I'd have to re setup the bot, ad I've used some of the accs for personal files and they all have the same password

Edit: I'll do it when I have free time(a few hours from now), respond with how many acc's you need. For those that want me to generate accounts please include descriptions of what you want to use them for.

Progress Update: GUI Updates have made the macro pretty dead, will take time to fix but almost there now

Further Update: New episode of sherlock is out and my 350KB/s bandwidth is dedicated to that until it's done, but should have the accounts done no more than 12 hours from now


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 05:47:26

As many as possible lol. But seriously, more like 45-50.

Thanks for this :)


[-] swedish_drems | 1 points | Jan 07 2017 06:01:40

np :) I'll pm you once they're ready


[-] Kyle_You_Fucking_Jew | 1 points | Jan 07 2017 06:06:43



[-] swedish_drems | 1 points | Jan 12 2017 01:19:39

Making the accounts as I'm writing this, sorry for taking so long


[-] puffpants | 1 points | Jan 07 2017 06:07:02

I would love 30-40. I've been uploading recently but its become a pain to keep making new accounts.


[-] swedish_drems | 2 points | Jan 07 2017 09:56:45

I'll see what I can do, if I still have time once I'm done doing it for OP


[-] puffpants | 1 points | Jan 08 2017 20:45:29



[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Jan 12 2017 10:32:37

I'm curious about this. Not so much the macro part (would probably be simple to do with AHK) but I'm wondering more about what emails you use.


[-] swedish_drems | 2 points | Jan 13 2017 13:32:54

the macro goes through and creates the accounts individually. It uses variables to vary the email address and thus allows for infinite account creation


[-] Mortos3 | 1 points | Jan 13 2017 14:07:56

Yeah I found the gmail '+' trick that will let you create many accounts. One thing I ran into on the mega site though is that after entering info it goes to a screen saying you need to go to your email and activate. Refreshing the page doesn't get rid of the message so you apparently can't make more accounts until you activate the previous one. How did you deal with that?


[-] swedish_drems | 2 points | Jan 14 2017 23:12:02

I switch tabs to the email one, hit the activation button, activate the account, log out, delete the original activation email (It messes with further activation emails), goes back to the registration page and restarts. I can upload some images of the macro if you want...


[-] PraiseDannyWoodhead | 5 points | Jan 07 2017 20:41:21

For your sake, you should only upload what people actually request, especially given the incredibly niche format of the content that you're intending to provide. The first time you spend weeks or months uploading and collating a large collection across several Mega accounts and they all get taken down in a single night, you'll regret even trying. The second time it happens, you'll probably just give up hope and keep them for yourself. Trust me. :\


[-] iBobRoss | 2 points | Jan 08 2017 04:25:54

Agreed. He should just upload per request

Unless he just wants his personal collection put in online storage