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PraiseDannyWoodhead | 34 points | Dec 21 2016 09:56:08

[Anime] Clannad.(+After.Story+Specials).1080p.HEVC.x265.10bit.DualAudio.5.1Ch.AAC-bonkai77 [13.6gb] | Megalinks MegaDB [Anime] Clannad.(+After.Story+Specials).1080p.HEVC.x265.10bit.DualAudio.5.1Ch.AAC-bonkai77 [13.6gb]

Link: zrtn.am/#S!79jIIono!XzmkHs4wfQS-bxUamSh_Nt

Another test. Google "rot13." Input the link above and solve.


[-] gaycocksinmyass | 7 points | Dec 21 2016 13:20:31

All right peeps. Someone just made the mistake of doing it the wrong way so allow me to show you how to open the link.

  1. Go to www.rot13.com

  2. Paste the link provided here

  3. You'll get the decryped mega link (the entire one including the key)

For those wondering, the link provided by OP is a cipher of the link, meaning it's NOT THE LINK but another form of the link. The rot13 site will decrypt the link and give you the actual mega link. A pretty awesome way to protect links if you ask me.


[-] gaycocksinmyass | 3 points | Dec 21 2016 10:27:20

The encryption is great but I think the mods won't like it.


[-] bonkai77 | 2 points | Dec 22 2016 19:38:24

Thanks for sharing...


[-] kolt54321 | 1 points | Dec 22 2016 20:05:27

Lol xD


[-] usernameistaken_1 | 1 points | Dec 21 2016 13:01:32

the folder was removed already?


[-] gaycocksinmyass | 3 points | Dec 21 2016 13:17:00

Wot no. It's working.


[-] extremebs | 1 points | Jan 05 2017 01:38:34

Beautiful set & beautiful anime. Only some episodes have bad edits like the first few seconds or an entire preview is cut out. You think when people do these things with the video ripping they get it right instead of messing them up. oh well. I want to get the physical Blu-Ray copies but I don't think they have the subtitles like on these.