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therealsJOHNOLIVER | 21 points | Oct 16 2016 04:59:46

[ANIME] One.Punch.Man.Season.1.720p.x264.Eng-SUB [1.54GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] One.Punch.Man.Season.1.720p.x264.Eng-SUB [1.54GB]

Link | Key: !4DFoYfliFb_C5stR_W-8ng


[-] SabreWolF9 | 4 points | Oct 16 2016 10:11:55

Do you have the dubbed version in 1080p?


[-] OmNyomNyom | 2 points | Oct 16 2016 12:46:40

Can someone please upload just the audio for these? I have the videos already, and would like to merge the english audio into them. A sample command for extracting the audio is like this:

ffmpeg -i original-audio-video-file.mp4 -c:a copy new-audio-only.aac

Please be careful with the extension of the output filename, as it sometimes determines the codec and container formats.