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unnewbie12q | 11 points | Sep 05 2016 19:28:24

[E-Book's]Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games | Megalinks MegaDB [E-Book's]Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games



[-] unnewbie12q | 3 points | Sep 05 2016 19:33:44

All the Books from the CD shown here, for those who are pedantic about why the 5th book is called 6th Book of Mathematical diversions refer here, for the people who would rather prefer the ISO of the CD, [here you go] (https://mega.nz/#F!skZQnDbb!pHIzxxL2CqSHqhFeBSdVuQ) (I have just extracted the pdfs from this ISO and renamed them and uploaded in the main link), if you do download the ISO consider seeding this torrent from where i got this, if you don't wanna do that atleast consider sharing this with your math club or your friends, family, or whomever you think likes math and math puzzles, for some reason it took me way to long to find these amazing books.


[-] chagmed | 3 points | Sep 05 2016 20:04:42

Thank you