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Nikolasv | 12 points | Aug 12 2016 03:08:08

[Documentary] Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth (2013) | Megalinks MegaDB [Documentary] Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth (2013)



[-] Nikolasv | 2 points | Aug 12 2016 03:12:31

Homepage/preview: https://mangu.tv/film/the-lottery-of-birth/
IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2294551/

THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH is the first in a three-part documentary series entitled 'Creating Freedom' exploring the relationship between freedom, power and control in Western democracies. The series draws together interviews with some of the world's leading intellectuals, journalists and activists to offer an alternative perspective on today's society and the future we're creating. We do not choose to exist, or the environment we grow up in. Our starting point in life is one of passive reliance on forces over which we have no control. THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH shows that from birth onwards our minds are a battleground of competing forces: familial, educational, cultural, and professional. The outcome of this battle not only determines who we become, but the society that we create.

Filesize: 2.08 GB
Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes

A very partial transcription that gives a crippling revelation about modern education:



NICHOLAS WOODESON (narrator): “In 1973, at the behest of billionaire David Rockefeller, an organisation known as the Trilateral Commission was founded. Its early members were drawn from the United States, western Europe, and Japan. Among them were the heads of major corporations, banks, law firms, and government. Concerned about their resistance since the early ’60s, the Commission set out to investigate its root causes. Their report was entitled The Crisis of Democracy.” [2]

Unidentified North American Male Voice: “And this Commission did an investigation focusing on education and on school systems because, of course, so much of the activity occurred on campuses. And they actually came up with a conclusion. It wasn’t the totality of the reasons for the ’60s, but it’s quite revealing. And it was one of the reasons.

“What they said was the population was being over-educated. That’s an incredible kind of idea. And, yet, it’s accurate. They were saying—and they were very clear on this—that we were educating people enough, so that they actually expected to have a life, so that they expected to have a degree of control when they got finished with their educations. And what they were encountering was their ability to control their own lives was marginal. And people resisted.

“And what they [the Commission] decided was that they had to make a change in the educational system. They had to cut back on the high quality education that they had until then—under the pressure of Sputnik and the rest—been spreading through society and, instead, increasing the more regimented education.” (c. 47:55)

NICHOLAS WOODESON (narrator): “The report regarded the education system as the most important value-producing system in society and argued that a programme is necessary to lower the job expectation of those that received a college education.



[-] skeptic_jackalope | 1 points | Dec 30 2016 23:28:54

Any arguments against the stated info?


[-] amycd | 1 points | Jan 04 2017 00:34:08

Wow.. I'd love to see this. Any chance you could re-upload?


[-] Nikolasv | 1 points | Jan 04 2017 07:54:28

Send me this message after Jan. 14th I am on vacation in Greece and the documentary is archived on my network media tank that is only on my home network.


[-] amycd | 1 points | Jan 04 2017 07:56:46

Will do - thanks for getting back to me. Have fun in Greece!