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Nikolasv | 17 points | Aug 12 2016 00:36:20

[Documentary] PBS Frontline: Saudi Arabia Uncovered | Megalinks MegaDB [Documentary] PBS Frontline: Saudi Arabia Uncovered



[-] Nikolasv | 4 points | Aug 12 2016 00:38:10

Incase it goes down, or if you are an American and prefer to view it streaming, it is here(but it is likely geoblocked):

Runtime 54 minutes
Filesize: 979 mb

With undercover footage and on-the-ground reporting, FRONTLINE reveals a side of Saudi Arabia that's rarely seen, and traces the efforts of men and women who are working to bring about change.


[-] PorkBrosnan | 2 points | Aug 12 2016 02:34:33

Thanks for these uploads, there aren't nearly enough documentaries on here! :)


[-] buddha8298 | 1 points | Aug 12 2016 01:55:53

Thank you, was looking for a documentary to watch tonight.


[-] Nikolasv | 8 points | Aug 12 2016 02:18:44

It is a very interesting documentary and gives a good glimpse into how totalitarian and extreme Saudi Arabia is. It is filmed by democracy and human rights activists undercover and one of them eventually decides it is too dangerous to give more footage. It also covers the struggle of the Shia minority. They even show how the religious police have the power to stop people on the spot, summarily judge them, and chop their heads off. Then the Saudi regime hangs the body and head of the executed from construction cranes over busy highways or other roadways. It is really macabre when you see that melding of modern Western technology with the disgusting Wahabi Bedouin values descended from the 7th Century emergence of Islam.

Basically all the assholes or /r/worldnews need to see it ASAP as they are just cheerleaders of American Empire who go along with demonization of the country to attack/bomb/regime change de jure. Well if Saudi Arabia is one of the closest US allies in the Mideast and if the public actually knew what that meant, no one would believe such claims about the moral imperative to change regimes or invade the next targeted country. As bad they may be in American media propaganda, they don't have summary execution and then hang severed heads and the severed bodies from construction cranes to cow the rest of the populace.


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Aug 12 2016 15:10:59

i fucking love this sub


[-] PorkBrosnan | 1 points | Aug 12 2016 22:33:26

Damn, already down


[-] Nikolasv | 1 points | Aug 12 2016 22:39:08

Yeah, it didn't last long at all. I actually uploaded 3 documentaries myself recently, and only shared them here and they didn't even last 20 hours. Eventually I will create a meta thread about this issue, as I notice that most other links that are not folders and that are direct links don't seem to last a day here. It is really a problem.

If you look at this thread, there is video plus a summary by me of how to use the youtube-dl program to download PBS videos online:

Wget should be able to download the videos using the same method, though.


[-] PorkBrosnan | 1 points | Aug 12 2016 22:42:13

Your timing is fantastic, I was in the middle of tinkering with youtube-dl when I saw your message.

I procrastinated on getting them last night, shouldn't have!