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AnAnonymousEscape | 70 points | Jul 30 2016 09:38:37

[Guide] | Megalinks MegaDB [Guide]

This is either a guide if not then my setup of how i manage mega links and the stream of information that gets posted here,

In this thread ill be discussing about the tools you could use, as well as ways people can contribute to make this subreddit more active and basically increasing the amount of resources we as a community can provide for each other.



TOOLS | Megalinks MegaDB TOOLS

For Downloading i suggest using either

With both pieces of software, you will be able to

From ebol4anthr4x:

For linux command line only operating systems megatools will allow you to easily download megalinks using command lines like

megadl 'https://mega.nz/!F#opsmaiopsdmd19' 'https://mega.nz/!F#dso1qd1' 'https://mega.nz/...




For Movies and TV Shows

These pieces of software are used when you want to

These tools arent 100% smooth however, and occasionally you will need to edit out multiple files manually just so Filebot or Therenamer will be able to use them, for this i use the tool MultiFileRenamer, which can be a little tedious to work with but still ages faster than renaming files manually one by one (bulk rename utility is also used by many). Also i know that for Filebot you're able to program it so that when it renames a movie it will put it into its own respective folder, but i'm kinda lazy to edit the code so instead i use Ember Media Manager which has a "Sort Files into Folders" that does exactly what i need.




Its arguably one of most extensively used home media software, and a personal choice for myself.

Features and Benefits:

Other Media Servers:





from JudasOpus:

Windows Media Player Classic


from VaporImitation


From jodorowsthesky:

SmoothVideo Project (SVP)



VPN'S | Megalinks MegaDB VPN'S

For vpns you generally want to make sure that they dont keep any logs and personal information is not required to sign up, For a really good list, i suggest checking torrentfreak's annual Anonymous VPN Providers report. The 2016 Edition can be found here




Ways you could help

Content Archiving:

Share Content:

visit r/Megalinks



Regarding H265 | Megalinks MegaDB Regarding H265

Seeing alot of questions about h265 i think its something thats worth mentioning. In essence its the next generation video format proceeding h264. It's primary feature is the High Quality to low file size ratio, this however means that it requires much more processing power in order to play the file. If VLC doesent work, rushabshah32 reccomends pot player, SMplayer or MXPlayer.

PotPlayer is the BEST imo (For windows) for linux i recommend SMPlayer. Android MXPlayer

-rushabshah32 (2016)


  Last Note | Megalinks MegaDB Last Note

All the information i have posted here is just from my experience and what i know. I know there are tools or services that i have missed or dont know about, so please share what you know. This guide is meant for this whole community so sharing whatever you got would definitely aid others


[-] JudasOpus | 15 points | Jul 30 2016 10:28:44

I'd pick Media Player Classic over VLC. It plays everything I have and does it well, including 24 bit flac audio. It's very versatile, unobtrusive, and has a picture that is exquisite.

Can't stand VLC and it's glaring orange road cone icons, made my computer look like a bad stretch of back road in rural N. Korea...


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 19:32:32

Nice, im gonna add it to the guide, other than it being lightweight and supporting common media formats, any features you particularly like about it that you might want me to add?


[-] JudasOpus | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 02:34:27

Hmmm...gotta think about that. I've been using it exclusively for at least 5 years, and tend to take the features for granted.

I suspect it's probably the most comprehensive player..it's been under development for alot of years. It was originally derived from the old Windows media player that came with Windows 95/98, but has evolved far beyond that.

I play all my video and audio through it. I get audiophile quality sound by using it in conjunction with the free APO Equalizer/Peace GUI software..of course this also requires quality audio hardware to get the best sound.

It's highly customizable. You can set the key assignments, set hue, brightness, saturation and contrast. You can increase the gain, if the volume range isn't adequate. I only use a small fraction of the available options, but there are many.

It's also available in a no install version. I'm sure there are others who could add to this list.


[-] extremebs | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 20:04:18

MPC-HC Master Race!


[-] thissiteisbroken | 10 points | Jul 30 2016 11:26:44

I suggest Potplayer over VLC or MPC. It's infinitely better in my opinion. More settings, easier interface, skins, etc.


[-] ayushman-singh | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 21:40:11

And keyboard shortcuts! Once I got used to the keyboard shortcuts in PotPlayer, I couldn't change to any other player.


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 07:47:48

added it as one of the suggested media players


[-] ebol4anthr4x | 7 points | Jul 30 2016 17:58:49

Nice post. Additionally, if you're on linux and only have access to the command line (maybe you're on a VPS or DigitalOcean droplet or something), get Megatools: https://megatools.megous.com/

You have to compile it yourself, but downloading files and folders is as simple as: megadl 'https://mega.nz/!F#opsmaiopsdmd19' 'https://mega.nz/!F#dso1qd1' 'https://mega.nz/...

You can also use the perl renaming program, which uses regular expressions to rename files. For example, if you have a bunch of files with names like Adventure.Time.Season1.Episode13.mkv you can run the command rename -v 's/.*Season(\d)\.Episode(\d\d).*/Adventure Time - S0$1E$2.mkv/' * to rename all of them into Adventure Time - S01E13.mkv.


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 20:06:29



[-] Signe_ | 5 points | Jul 30 2016 22:38:17

Would be nice for this post to be added to the sidebar.


[-] jodorowsthesky | 4 points | Jul 30 2016 11:02:19

60+ frames video playback through keyframe interpolation : https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Main_Page
may produce artifacts though


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 19:53:05



[-] Vepanion | 3 points | Jul 30 2016 15:18:32

Maybe this is a good place to ask a question: Since yesterday mega tells me I've exceeded my bandwidth quota and unless I pay, I can't download anymore.

Any ideas / help?


[-] mooglobe | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 16:09:42

Use JDownloader


[-] Vepanion | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 16:49:16

Thanks, I'll try that. Although the mega notification told me that it's the bandwidth of my IP that's been exceeded.


[-] Lego349 | 2 points | Jul 30 2016 18:17:10

Try this as well


Search "Mega"

File System-Delete/Remove


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 19:54:10

hey, if what lego349 said works, give me a heads up so i could update the post


[-] Vepanion | 2 points | Jul 30 2016 20:00:20

I think it actually worked, but not quite sure. Even before I could download a fee hundred megabyte and then the notification would show up. Now that I've deleted the cookies I've downloaded 4 GB (two episodes of GoT) and so far no problems. Might be luck or the "variable" available bandwidth being variable, but I think it might have worked.

I'll report back tomorrow trying to download the uncompressed bluray of Star Wars because that's what I tried to do last when the problem started.


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 20:14:39

Nice, and yea that would be greatly appreciated


[-] Vepanion | 1 points | Aug 01 2016 14:53:34

Alright, so for you and /u/Lego349

Thanks for the helpful suggestions, but I tried downloading Star Wars again and it's just not happening, so deleting cookies didn't work.

Funny thing is, I'm trying to download JDownloader now, and it's hosted on mega, so guess what... Can't download that one either.

Edit: Found another source for JDownloader. Can't download star wars because it's encrypted (Or I'm using JDownloader wrong, but nothing's happening when I enter the link to star wars.)


[-] Lego349 | 1 points | Aug 01 2016 16:41:21

Alright, I've got another suggestion.

So Mega uses 10gb of HTML5 storage as the thing it keeps telling you you've used up. You cleared the cookies and file system, were able to download 4gig worth of stuff, then tried downloading TFA and the same thing happened.

Is TFA bigger than 10 gig? Or 6? Because when I download, you have to clear cookies every 10 gig, and you can't go over or it'll stop whatever goes over 10 gig in the middle of things. So, two more things for you.

  1. If TFA is under 10 gig, do the cookies clear like I suggested before, and try standard download again.

  2. If TFA is more than 10 gig, download Megasync and download it through there when it gives you the option. Megasync has a bandwidth limit (it'll throttle you after a time) but not, from what I've seen, a size limit.

If you don't have an external downloaded, you gotta clear that file system in cookies every 10 gig.


[-] Vepanion | 1 points | Aug 01 2016 17:14:40

Thanks for helping out more!

Yeah that TFA upload is 36 GB :D So certainly more than 10

The megasync suggestion won't work... because I've been using megasync for months now, and it's also what I used with the TFA download. I also usually stream with megasync, but TFA is too large for that, and the notification also pops up when trying to stream.

That 10 GB limit might fit though, I think it usually fails (as in I get the notification) after about a third. On the other hand, I've previously recently downloaded The Dark Knight, and that was certainly more than 10 gigs as well. I speculate this isn't so much a daily limit or file size limit, and more of a lifetime limit of download capacity. Then again, I can still download GOT episodes.

Kind of weird. Google is also not too helpful.

Edit: By the way, <a href="http://imgur.com/a/7gsRG">this</a> | Megalinks MegaDB this is the notification.


[-] Uniacc1234 | 1 points | Aug 08 2016 12:40:46

Hey, have you found any way to fix your problem? I get the same messages now :/


[-] Vepanion | 1 points | Aug 08 2016 13:46:55

Ne, hab keine Lösung gefunden. Scheint wirklich auf deutsche Nutzer abzuzielen, keine Ahnung warum wir betroffen sind.

Was geht ist so bis zu ca. 8 GB pro Tag, also ein paar Folgen einer Show zu je 2 GB oder ein kleinerer Film. Alle großen Dateien gehen leider nicht mehr.

Vielleicht findet ja noch jemand eine Lösung.

Ganz angenehm sind manche der uploads von vdcupper, die sind in 1 GB Happen unterteilt.


[-] mooglobe | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 21:07:56

I'm not understanding what you guys are talking about. You're downloading through the browser or megas tool right? Use JDownloader, copy the link and then hit start all downloads. I've downloaded multiple files at once all day long and haven't had a problem


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 1 points | Jul 30 2016 22:12:19

i download using jdownloader too and have never encountered this problem as well. Im just wondering if deleting the cookies work so i could add even more to the guide


[-] Vepanion | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 06:52:40

I've downloaded without a hitch for about half a year now. I think I've read somewhere that the limit I've hit is around 1 TB... which sounds about right. That's probably why it hasn't happened to you.

Also, the limit is on your IP adress (I know because I have 4 Mega accounts), so I have my doubts that a different downloader makes a difference. The cookie removal seems to have worked as far as I can tell so far though.

Also, I'd prefer not to use a downloader because I stream my stuff directly from mega. That does also count against your bandwidth quota though.


[-] Louisiferx | 2 points | Jul 30 2016 14:38:28

Regarding H265, Windows 10 has native support so you can use any video player even wmp. :)


[-] MajesticHell | 2 points | Jul 30 2016 20:32:58

I like Bulk Rename Utility for renaming multiple times. I didn't test your suggestion yet, but it looks confusing. Bulk Rename has a very clear interface.


[-] bnr0723 | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 01:18:35

I am new to Linux and recently got a Raspberry Pi to tinker with. If possible, how would I go about installing megatools on Raspbian?


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jul 31 2016 02:33:59

I'm not a Raspbian user, but IIRC it's based on Debian, and Debian has a package for it. So you can try opening a terminal and typing sudo apt-get install megatools (and then pressing enter) and see if that works.

If it doesn't, download megatools-1.9.97.tar.gz from the megatools website, extract it to some folder, open a terminal and type cd /path/to/where/you/extracted/megatools, then install the prerequisites by typing into the terminal:

sudo apt-get -y install build-essential libglib2.0-dev libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libgirepository1.0-dev

Type ./configure, wait for it to run, and then type make. Presumably, you can then type sudo make install, test out an example from this thread, and then sit down and watch a movie or something.


[-] bnr0723 | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 16:12:28

Thanks for the help. sudo apt-get install megatools did not work, so I did the other commands you gave. It appeared to install successfully, but when running any command I get megatoolscommand: error while loading shared libraries: libmega.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory How do I fix this?


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 21:55:29

Maybe try one of the methods here? (e.g. restart the process and type ./configure --disable-shared --enable-static instead of just ./configure).


[-] bnr0723 | 2 points | Jul 31 2016 22:51:23

It worked! Thank you, again!


[-] GabeReal | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 02:45:20

For Ubuntu users that don't like sourceforge, "tvnamer" looks like it might be a good replacement for FileBot and/or TheRenamer.

tvnamer should be in the apt reporitory


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 2 points | Jul 31 2016 07:48:37

Hey can you provide a source, id love to link it into the guide but there's just so much repositories to choose from that i dont know which one is the original one


[-] GabeReal | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 13:02:29

Found the github entry for tvnamer here.

I haven't used this program myself yet, I don't have any media that needs renaming just yet. I like the renaming script the /u/ebol4anthr4x included, too. When I have renaming to do again, I'll probably use that script and compare it to the tvnamer program


[-] NotAnAngle | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 14:44:54

I am having trouble to get the svp on mac, like id really love to use it on vlc when i am playing videos.


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Jul 31 2016 22:07:25



[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 2 points | Jul 31 2016 23:43:41

Nice to know the guide is helping :)


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | Aug 01 2016 07:35:11

I think you can force any software to use your gpu instead of your cpu, in the nvidia settings, was that the problem ?


[-] CUM_PISS_N_DISCHARGE | 1 points | Aug 01 2016 16:37:54

Ya know, Im not sure if Ive done that yet. I did mess about settings in the control panel a while ago but never sorted it out. Ill have a look and let you know if it worked.

BTW would you know where that setting would be located?


[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | Aug 02 2016 09:43:13

Nvidia control panel>Manage 3D Settings select your program in 1., choose your nvidia card in 2., apply/save/ok.



[-] VaporImitation | 1 points | Aug 01 2016 07:30:05

Nice guide, you should add kodi.tv :)

(as for music, I use foobar2000)

to rename stuff I use Bulk Rename Utility.


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | 2 points | Aug 01 2016 09:38:47



[-] alan_bill | 1 points | Aug 22 2016 11:11:49

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