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mikewilzn | 62 points | Jun 25 2016 22:41:38

[Discussion] Giving good uploaders [Quality] flairs | Megalinks MegaDB [Discussion] Giving good uploaders [Quality] flairs

I think it would be a good addition to the subreddit if users who consistently upload quality content get some sort of [Quality] or [Trusted] flair.
For example, all of the files I've downloaded from /u/vcdupper and /u/Phillipc96 have had superb quality. But some files I've downloaded from others (I won't name any names) have not always been so.


[-] BWANT | 7 points | Jun 26 2016 02:24:17

Totally unrelated, but had to vent somewhere. I thought it was Sunday, and have been hitting F5 relentlessly since 10:10, looking for GoT. Fuck my life


[-] mikewilzn | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 04:06:42

Lol sounds like something I'd do. Fortunately I still have five more seasons to go (I'm halfway through the first season) before I have to wait every week for a new episode.


[-] CenterThrowaway | 1 points | Jun 26 2016 09:20:09

Related to your unrelated: Is 10:10 about the right time for a GoT upload generally? Asking because lowkey scheduling a viewing session with friends relying on that timing.


[-] BWANT | 3 points | Jun 26 2016 13:53:04

Well, today's episode is 69 minutes long. So I began looking one minute after the show was supposed to stop airing. It's usually uploaded here within 10 minutes, though.


[-] llnl | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 12:52:23

Usually, yeah. Give or take 5 minutes but I've found that that's actually the average.


[-] Vepanion | 7 points | Jun 26 2016 07:26:56

I love /u/vcdupper for his frequency of uploads, and yes, they're usually 1080p.

They're not high quality though. For the majority of movies it's barely noticeable, but for some it is. The files are often <2GB, for a >2h movie. BluRays usually have a bitrate between 15000 kbit/s and 20000 kbit/s. Netflix at 1080p has a bitrate of 5800 to 7200 kbit/s. Vdcupper uploads have 1500 to 2000 kbit/s. That is lower than DVD, which only has to deliver 576p. A bitrate of 1500 kbit/s will lead to artefacts and other noticeable loss in quality, more so at x264 instead of x265.

So, again I don't want to complain about free uploads from someone who spends a considerable amount of time on doing nice things for strangers. But if we're talking about video quality this has to be said.


[-] shruber | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 18:47:43

I do not really mind 720p. And one of the nice things about /u/vcduper 's posts are his filenames. They are always accurate, so having that knowledge combined with see the actual size of the file, I always know what I am going to get. I like that alot, knowing I can trust that with any of his links. I also notice a lot of time in the comments if someone asks for another quality of the file, he will post a link to it if he has it, or other users will if they do. I think posting links to multiple qualities would be great , since you only see that occasionally in the same post. I do not think it would be a great idea for the majority to only post 1080p links. At my old home I only have 200 gb of data month. My rental place I have 1tb of data per month and double the speed. So my point is some users do not have a high data cap, have slower internet, and limited storage space. So having 720p or even 480p is preferred or even necessary depending on their situation. For the most part his links do not contain any imbedded subtitles you cannot turn off or annoying watermarks. I understand for movies still in theatres and/or not released there is not much you can do about that. But in other forums or sites I seem to run across alot more videos with that issue, videos with corrupt segments, and even videos that just stop partway since the file was not complete. Everyone on this sub seems to actually preview what they put up and screen out most of the crap which is amazing!


For me not having 1080 is not the worst since I mainly download movies that are not released or tv shows (some of which only release dvds anyways as far as quality goes when purchasing physical). Anything that I want in super good quality I buy a copy of. I have been renting a place a few hours from the home I own to live at during the work week and I just do not have enough space here for my giant dvd and Bluray collection. I end up downloading a lot of movies I own so I can watch them whenever and I do not have to worry about what house my movie is at, which rules because I am a spontaneous movie watcher. So I just want to thank everyone here, especially /u/vcduper for allowing me to enjoy media I own in a convenient format which currently prevents a lot of hassle. And immediately allowing me to see new episodes of tv shows I missed when they aired, watch movies that are still in theaters that I will never see in theatres (hate them only go for things I really love), and discover all kinds of new movies and tv shows that are not on streaming services or I would be on the fence about purchasing. I love the people in this sub and once my collection grows more I want to give back by contributing. Sorry that got ranty but this place is so great! : )


Edit: Is there a way to tag posts/links as dead? It would be nice so people realize they are not posting a duplicate, and the original uploader might notice (especially if they get a message when their post is tagged if that is possible)?


[-] mikewilzn | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 20:14:35

That's another good idea. Flair posts with [Dead Link] or something if the link is dead.


[-] shruber | 1 points | Jun 28 2016 17:27:15

Is there a way for users to tag requests as fullfilled? And then maybe have people put a link to the post someone fullfilled.

I just did my first request and it was fullfilled the next day. However, I would not have seen it if I didnt happen to browse by it. Maybe we could figure out some kind of tagging system for posting a link for a request? So if people see the request and click it, it redirects to the requested item if someone posted it. And the request would be tagged fullfilled so they would see that and open it bec they know there is a link to the content. I think a bot could be setup to do most of that. We maybe need to tweak the rules for posts and maybe requests to help the bot out a bit.


[-] Jaques_Naurice | 4 points | Jun 26 2016 09:00:12

I just tagged those guys in RES as "Awesome Mega-Uploaders"


[-] Lego349 | 3 points | Jun 26 2016 07:44:30

I'd be more inclined to do Trusted Uploader flair. Guys like VC or I6A, who we as a community can say "this persons shit is reliable and exactly what they say it is". People who uploaded a lot of stuff, fill requests, consistently upload, have built up trust with the community, that sort of thing. Like a ML seal of freshness, you know?


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 13:16:20

Yes i have to agree with this. Even though they may not be the greatest possible quality, you can rely on them to be consistent quality. i.e. all episodes of a series are the same bitrate and resolution and also roughly the same size.. every time. And ive never downloaded something from VC or I6A and not gotten what i had expected. Which has happened from other uploaders before


[-] mikewilzn | 0 points | Jun 26 2016 20:16:35

As I said in another comment, by quality I mean what /u/ohnoitsdownagain said.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 04:52:20



[-] mikewilzn | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 05:58:16

Well there's opinions on whether 1080p is worth it over 720p and that sort of thing. But what I mean by quality is, if the post says it's a 720p file then it is in fact a 720p file and the file doesn't have any skipping or frame stutter or that sort of thing. Plus you could just go off the comment section. Ultimately, the mods should be able to figure out who posts good content. Not necessarily basing it off of specific variables.


[-] Probate_Judge | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 19:12:25

Ultimately, the mods should be able to figure out who posts good content

If a mod can figure it out, so can users. Mods are just people after all.

Handing out titles eg making it more satisfying for ...casuals... is what gets a lot of things shut down.


[-] mikewilzn | 1 points | Jun 26 2016 20:11:27

I'm not saying that the mods are the only ones who could figure it out. But they are | Megalinks MegaDB are the ones who can give users flairs.


[-] Apansy | 2 points | Jun 26 2016 04:57:21

I think this this is a good idea, and support it.