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devjk | 19 points | May 26 2016 12:25:20

[ANIME] Naruto Kai Episodes 1-70 | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Naruto Kai Episodes 1-70

For those unaware, Naruto Kai is basically a stripped down version of Naruto where all filler arcs are scrapped and follows just the manga. There are already mega links available but figured I'd compile them all in one folder for dl. https://mega.nz/#F!4tJClaZb!V_Xls9yxc4jjb22-12Tdkw


[-] kaching335 | 3 points | Oct 27 2016 17:00:53

Wow, the original series is really short without filler


[-] DaenerysTargaryen69 | 2 points | Sep 03 2016 21:33:24

episode 71 when?
Also on what shippuden episode does kai episode 70 end at?
Edit: Naruto kai episode 70 ends at 459 I believe.


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | May 26 2016 17:33:57

Thanks so much!


[-] heatproofmatt | 1 points | May 26 2016 20:46:43

Is this a fan project? I haven't followed Naruto for a while.


[-] SiulOdracir | 1 points | May 27 2016 00:36:40

I googled it and found out that it is a fan project indeed:

Who created this project? | Megalinks MegaDB Who created this project?

As far as i can tell, there's never been a consistent person/group working on it. The earliest links I could find are by a user named CajNatalie on Narutoforums, back in 2007. She posted up to episode 17, so I assume at some point, somebody else picked it up and continued working on it. I downloaded all of my episodes from this thread. Starting at episode 61, I started to make the episodes myself, because I wanted higher quality video and cleaner edits than what was already being released. I named it Naruto Kai so that people wouldn't be confused with the Naruto Cut to Manga that is being released simultaneously.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Naruto/comments/3izru6/naruto_kai_all_episodes/